Silver Travel Advisor mini-guide for the Solo Silver Traveller

Date published: 29 Jul 15

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View guide onlineTravelling on your own can be exciting and exhilarating and is often a lifestyle choice. It can also be a daunting experience especially when life takes a new turn and you find yourself embarking upon a solo trip for the very first time.

At Silver Travel Advisor, we want to take the trepidation out of single travel and to offer a range of tips and experiences that will tempt even the most nervous solo traveller to give it a try.

Solos HolidaysIn partnership with Solos Holidays, we have researched some of the best companies for single travellers. Those who go out of their way to minimise or even avoid the dreaded single supplement, and those who provide a great service for people travelling alone.

To request a printed version of the FREE Guide for the Solo Silver Traveller, or one of our range of helpful mini-guides, please click here.

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334 people found this feature helpful

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