Wonderful Rail Journeys


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Wonderful Rail Journeys
  • Trans-Mongolian often sited as the world’s greatest train journey from Moscow to Beijing. It’s not a train, but a route that many companies organise trips on.
  • Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz, the world’s slowest express with possibly the most spectacular views.

  • Yorkshire Moors Railway Whitby to Pickering March to November.

  • The Bernina Express Switzerland to Italy, The Alps & St Moritz.


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  • discerning-traveller
    over 4 years ago
    Anyone done a rail tour of the Higlands? On the point of booking one. Looking at Newmarket and great rail discoveries. Thanks.
  • ESW
    over 6 years ago
    I've done five of them....so there's still plenty to do. My top favourite for the UK is still the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.