Win 2 tickets for The Military History Walk in Windsor

May 2018 Competition

Date published: 30 Apr 18

If you are a visitor to Windsor, with the Royal Wedding taking place there this month, and want to learn more about its history you can now take the 'Military History Walk', which brings to life the notoriety of the Royals and the Military in the town. You will have the unique opportunity of being accompanied and led by an Ex Royal Guard, who has served as a soldier in Windsor Castle, St James Palace, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

The Military History Walk is a one to one and a half hours walk that is full of renown and notorious history. Discover more about the lives of Windsor's Victoria Cross recipients, the Armies of Windsor, Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army, King Edward III and the Black Prince, the Saxon Royal Palace, Bad King John, and of course - The Royal Guard. Find out why Windsor has been so important to Monarchs over the years.


How to enter

To win 2 tickets on this fabulous new walk, with Paddy McNeil, tell us about your memories of Windsor or why you’d like to discover more of its military history, in the comments box below.

More about Paddy McNeil

Paddy McNeillPaddy McNeill served in the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards from 1978-1987. He carried out many ceremonial duties like Changing the Guard, Trooping the Colour and Guards of Honour for Heads of State, like Ronald Reagan and the Emir of Qatar. His job whilst on ceremonial duties was posting the sentries at their sentry boxes in Buckingham place, St James Palace, The Tower of London and Windsor Castle. Other postings away from London saw him in Fallingbostel, Germany for three years as part of NATO's commitment to Western Europe, where he was involved in communications in a mechanized infantry battalion. He also completed training in Canada, Cyprus and Kenya. He spent nine years in the army and finished in July 1987. He also attended LRRP School - Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School.

Terms and conditions

  • The Competition is solely organised by Silver Travel Advisor. Royal Windsor Tours plays no part in the actual competition or draw of the tickets. Tickets can only be used in connection with Royal Windsor Tours Competition and not another Competition.
  • Royal Windsor Tours will make two tickets available for the Military History Walk only. No other event is included in the ticket.
  • Tickets are not to be sold on to another party.
  • Tickets are to be used between 1 July and 31 August 31 2018.
  • There are no redemptive values connected to these tickets. Tickets cannot be resold or exchanged for money.
  • The competition closes on 31 May 2018 and the winner will be advised in early June.
  • This competition is governed by English Law.
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Other Members' Thoughts - 14 Comment(s)

  • MNathan
    10 months ago
    The last time I went to Windsor was a day out with my children 32 yrs ago. I remember it well as my youngest daughter, who had been asleep in her pushchair woke up and nearly levitated out of her pushchair when the guards suddenly moved and stamped their feet. It was hilarious even the guards smiled.
  • janeyjane
    10 months ago
    My Dad did his National Service at Windsor Barracks in 1956. He was with the Horseguards. He signed up with his twin brother. I am assuming they were stationed together. It would be great to find out more if possible about his life during his National Service.
  • CarmenB
    10 months ago
    I grew up nearby and spent many happy hours exploring Windsor Castle, but having moved away when I was 17, I haven’t been back. I would love to revisit, especially with someone who could give me the history lesson I never had!
  • Will.i.am2
    10 months ago
    "What dreams are made of and brought to reality with all the pageantry of a timeless experiences!"
  • LH
    10 months ago
    My first childhood memories of Windsor are of exploring the stunning Castle and being amazed by Queen Mary's doll house with miniature paintings, books, tea service and even Christmas crackers, all arranged in the Lutyens house. I love the view of Windsor as you go along the River Thames, we hired a boat recently and it is spectacularly peaceful as you float along watching the Castle come nearer over the Thames water meadows. I have watched The Royal Guard Change the Guard both at Windsor and Buckingham Palace, and it makes you proud to be British watching the precision of the movements in such smart red uniforms, we would really enjoy a Military History Walk and would learn a lot.
  • ladylurkalot
    11 months ago
    Although a superannuted 'silver traveller' I'd never visited Windsor - until one weekend early last April when my husband broke the habit of a lifetime and suggested a spontaneous trip away (the good weather forecast may have had something to do with it!) Before he changed his mind, I quickly booked a room at a well-known budget chain hotel, threw some clothes into an overnight bag and we were off. It was great - the forecast was right and Windsor Castle surely never looked more glorious in the sparkling spring sunshine. After our guided tour of the castle and grounds we strolled around the town and stopped at a local hostelry for liquid refreshments. There we got chatting to some locals, who recommended a superb Indian restaurant - we need to go back to thank them!
  • NedtheRed
    11 months ago
    Visited Windsor with my then brand new girlfriend in 1975. Went rowing on the river and I fell head over heels in love. Wandered around Eton college where she told me that she was going to marry a good friend of mine. Think I can honestly say I have mixed emotions about the place. Hope our Prince has more luck than I did starting a relationship in Windsor although it IS the home of the “Merrie Wives” so maybe the girlfriend from across the pond will be merry. I certainly wish them both all the luck in the world, but nit good fortune, they already have that in bucketloads
  • you
    11 months ago
    VISITED for a few hours earlier this year......would like to spend more time to learn history and see the sights.
  • Flickers
    11 months ago
    Yesterday I met a Nigerian doctor working in this country; I congratulated him on his grasp of the English language. He was insulted, I was mortified! I should have known Nigeria is part of the Commonwealth; I should also have been aware that more than 50% of the population speak English, but I didn’t. He was gracious enough to laugh and say I’m not the first person to make that mistake. I apologised for my ignorance and determined to educate myself. A Military History Walk in Windsor could be the perfect place to start.
  • Cat26
    11 months ago
    My recollections of Windsor are from my childhood as this was the last time I visited. At the time, with relatives living in Hounslow and Henley we often had family outings, with fond memories of visits to Winndsor. I feel that I would now appreciate a visit to Windsor in a completely different but equally fulfilling way and to win a prize would be my prompt to make this happen. My husband is a complete history buff and I’m sure would find a trip enjoyable and rewarding.
  • JEG
    11 months ago
    Yes! please enter me in the Competition, As only few hours spent there, an a day trip: love to do the tour:
  • SA-Takkies
    11 months ago
    When we last went to Windsor it was 1980 and having travelled via family in Kent where we had a wonderful catch-up, unfortunately the detour made us late, so we were denied access. Although we have talked about going back there and doing a tour, we have not been, so this prize, if we were lucky enough to win it, would be beyond expectations.
  • Jeannies
    11 months ago
    Last went to Windsor 10 years ago to watch my Husband in a canoe race on the Thames . Would love to go back.
  • Aniea
    11 months ago
    Went to Windsor two years ago to the Windsor horse show it was cancelled because of wet conditions but would love to go again. My husband would so enjoy the military history.