Win a pair of tickets to see five-star show The Comedy About A Bank Robbery!

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The Comedy About A Bank RobberyBreaking into its fifth year, Mischief Theatre’s smash-and-grab hit The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is a fast, fabulous comedy caper and the funniest show in the West End. 

Summer 1958. Minneapolis City Bank has been entrusted with a priceless diamond. An escaped convict is dead set on pocketing the gem with the help of his screwball sidekick, trickster girlfriend, and the maintenance man. With mistaken identities, love triangles and hidden agendas, even the most reputable can’t be trusted. In a town where everyone’s a crook, who will end up bagging the jewel?

Book now for this dynamite comedy. Final heist 3 May 2020, it would be criminal to miss it!

★★★★★ ‘This is the funniest show in the West End’ The Telegraph
 ‘This fast and fabulous comedy caper is a joyful night out’ The Times

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is playing at the Criterion Theatre until May 2020. For more information and to book tickets (from £10) call 03333 202 895 or visit

How to win tickets

To celebrate the show's fourth birthday, one lucky reader will win a pair of tickets to see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery.

To enter, simply add a comment on this page and tell us who is your favourite comedian and why. Our esteemed panel of judges will pick the best entry at the end of February and the winner will be notified in early March.

Terms & conditions: One reader will win a pair of Band A tickets to see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, at the Criterion Theatre. Prize valid for valid for Tuesday to Thursday performances until 23 April 2020 and are subject to availability. Travel not included. No cash alternative.

50 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 33 Comment(s)

  • Hollytam
    1 day ago
    Tommy Cooper was a comic genius he only had to walk on stage and me and my Dad would be in fits of laughter.
  • binks
    3 days ago
    My all time favourite comedian What Ken Dodd l loved him and when to see him once and l laughed so much my ribs hurt the next day!
  • boats12
    3 days ago
    Very popular but Morecambe & Wise are my absolute favourites. They remind me of Christmas's past and wonderful family times. They still make me laugh and Eric Morecambe is the only celebrity I have ever had any desire to meet and have a conversation with.
  • ggdino
    4 days ago
    I'm going to cheat and pick two, the unforgettable Eric Morecombe and Ernie Wise. Even now when their shows are repeated the do not show any signs of age and the material is as funny now, as it was when it was first shown.
    Their Brilliance is forever
  • Monika
    10 days ago
    Best comedian ever Tommy Cooper. Recorded all his shows, even the final act. Priceless!
  • Mingyums
    10 days ago
    Allie Wong! She's so unique and utterly relatable.
  • Honee
    10 days ago
    Ken Dodd was the master of comic timing. I saw him at the Palladium and his patter was so fast that you were still digesting the previous joke when he was halfway the next one. He was a master of his craft
  • FlyingFlish
    11 days ago
    Billy Connolly. Billy is invariably damagingly funny. Damaging in that my stomach muscles hurt after a show from laughing too hard. He takes real life, gives it a twist and then makes you do a lot more than smile, you laugh out loud. OK, he does swear a bit (a lot?) and I probably could have done without seeing him galloping naked around an ice flow on his TV series but he is clearly top of the comedy ladder - and remains there despite having to deal with Parkinsons.
  • Math
    12 days ago
    Tommy Cooper........comedy made easy
  • sackm
    13 days ago
    Jimmy Carr, I like his laugh.
  • scrumpy
    15 days ago
    Victoria Wood was the best!
    She was so clever at making up those characters, sketches, sitcoms & great songs to play along on the piano!
  • seashelly
    16 days ago
    would love this. Sadly she is no longer with us but my favorite comedian is Victoria Wood
    17 days ago
    Peter Kay - funny because its true
  • Hardyplant
    17 days ago
    Most of the current batch of comedians rely on words, they are clever and have a quick wit - Lee Mack for example - but I guess The Comedy About a Bank Robbery is visual comedy, like The Play That Went Wrong, which I've seen and thought was hilarious. Comedians in the past who made me laugh just by looking at them were Eric Morcambe and Tommy Cooper: not easy to pick anyone now although Rowan Atkinson at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics made me laugh - all down to meticulous timing.
  • Val_21
    17 days ago
    Rowan Atkinson
    He doesnt need to rely on scripts or any words at all - all he needs is his marvelous interchangeable facial expressions and dont forget those twitchy ears !!! makes me laugh every time.
  • pengwen
    18 days ago
    Ronnie Barker, a master of comedy and wit.
    Porridge Porridge and Open all hours are timeless .
    The two Ronnies with Ronnie Corbett is a treat every time.
  • you
    18 days ago
    Love theatre... love comedy...Sounds interesting....
  • clarkb2
    18 days ago
    Jimmy Tarbuck.. he told a few stonkers!
  • budutbaa
    19 days ago
    Sounds really great fun.
  • CazGuffers
    19 days ago
    Billy Connolly is my all time favourite comedian.
    He made me laugh out loud the first time I ever saw him on The Michael Parkinson Show many years ago, I bought all his videos on vhs, then replaced them all with dvds so I could always watch them over, such a naturally funny man and such a shame that he is unwell now
  • Rowsie
    19 days ago
    Victoria Wood was my favourite comedian. She was hilarious, I saw her at The Royal Albert Hall once and she kept the whole place laughing for hours. She was never rude or smutty just very very funny.
  • Janet-from-Inverness
    19 days ago
    Take every chance I can to see Milton Jones!
  • SilverTravelUser_1602
    19 days ago
    loving the TV series. Once again, Milton Jones - short, punchy, but very clever too.
  • Boxty
    19 days ago
    It sounds a fast paced, punchy play - a jewel of a comedy . Not dissimilar traits to my favourite comedian who is the fabulous Jo Brand.
  • PaulH
    19 days ago
    Sounds great- my favourite comedian is Milton Jones...