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City of AngelsThe Donmar Warehouse’s Olivier Award-winning production of CITY OF ANGELS hits the Garrick Theatre in the West End this March, starring Hadley Fraser, Theo James, Rosalie Craig, Rebecca Trehearn, Jonathan Slinger with Nicola Roberts and Vanessa Williams.

A screenwriter with a movie to finish.

A private eye with a case to crack.
But nothing’s black and white when a dame is involved.
And does anyone stick to the script in this city?
This is Tinseltown. You gotta ask yourself: what’s real...and what’s reel...

Josie Rourke’s “ingenious, stupendous revival” (The Telegraph) premiered in 2014, when it was hailed as “a blissful evening” (The Stage) that’s “smart, seductive and very funny” (Evening Standard). With a swinging score by Cy Coleman and David Zippel and a brilliantly witty book by Larry Gelbart, CITY OF ANGELS is a musical love letter to the glamorous world of old Hollywood and film noir.

City of Angels is playing at the Garrick Theatre until 5 September subject to restrictions from coronavirus. To book your tickets (from £20) visit or call 0330 333 4811.

How to win a pair of tickets

Simply add a comment below (you’ll need to register or sign-in first) and tell us which is your favourite Hollywood movie and why. Our judges will decide on the best entry in the first week of April and notify the winner.

Terms and Conditions: Three winners will receive a pair of band A tickets to see City of Angels, valid for Monday-Thursday performances until 30 September 2020. The prize is subject to availability and to developments in the Coronavirus situation. Travel and accommodation not included. No cash alternative.

91 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 36 Comment(s)

  • you
    8 months ago
    the only film i have seen is walt disney 'Fantasia'
  • Faff
    8 months ago
    Has to be Jaws for me. The shark looks a bit rubbery these days but the guy popping out of the boat underwater still makes me jump. Plus there's that unique soundtrack :)
  • Rosebuddy
    8 months ago
    The Godfather . Never a finer story , portrayed so brilliantly on the Big Screen. Whenever it’s on TV ( and that’s quite often ) ......Just have to watch .
  • Fannyannie
    8 months ago
    My favourite films 'While you were sleeping' I love the characters and I get completely lost in the romance, it's my feel good movie.☺️
  • Caroly
    9 months ago
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a sizzling performance from the beautiful Paul Newman.
  • Bulldog
    9 months ago
    My favourite is the wizard of oz takes me back to my childhood, good memories
  • Bee
    9 months ago
    Gone with the Wind. First film I can remember seeing more than 70 years ago.
  • 1234mll
    9 months ago
    The water diviner. So very moving.
  • maggie226
    9 months ago
    A recent favourite is "Judy" - beautifully acted and quite emotional.
  • Rowsie
    9 months ago
    My favourite film is Spartacus, I watched it again this Christmas and it never fails to amaze. They had so little special effects in those days but it was still a block buster and with Charlton Heston dying recently it was lovely to see him at his prime.
  • biggrandma
    9 months ago
    West Side Story made me realise Shakespeare is for everyone
  • cherries
    9 months ago
    Duel - Speilberg's brilliant unsung drama where the tension rises and rises
  • SilverGal
    9 months ago
    Dr Zhviago - Dreamy music, great story of romance and danger in a brilliant setting.
  • DiB
    9 months ago
    Field of Dreams. Just takes my heart out and wrings it every time I watch it .?
  • maggie226
    9 months ago
    Fatal Attraction for me. Sassy sexy and still relevant.
  • Jearico_1
    9 months ago
    My favourite film is the is the Good the Bad and the Ugly because it's got a great storyline of war and greed
  • powderpuff
    9 months ago
    A difficult ask, there are so many, but I’ve never been more moved by a film than Schindler’s List, I was almost chewing the carpet with overwhelming emotion.
  • Jules123
    9 months ago
    My favourite film is Mary Poppins from my childhood but still love it today
  • SiWe
    9 months ago
    My favourite film is the Great Dictator, especially when I realised when it was made (1940) .
  • John5
    9 months ago
    Schindler's List - not sure I 'enjoyed' it but probably the most powerful piece of cinema I ever watched and what fabulous John Williams musical genius to go with it.
  • Ken-Baines
    9 months ago
    I watched The Green Mile on the plane out to Cuba last year and loved it! A great film that portrayed racism in the US as it was.....
  • zatuns
    9 months ago
    Sabrina...the original cast with Audrey Hepburn. I love the old style glamour not a tracksuit in sight. I was torn between this and Breakfast at Tiffany's but I loved the role Humphrey Bogart played in this in love with a woman who loves his younger brother instead.
  • HazelP
    9 months ago
    My all time favourite is West Side Story. The music and choreography was way ahead of its time and the movie still makes me cry no matter how many times I have seen it!
  • Daisydog
    9 months ago
    The Green Mile. Having lived in Louisiana and Arkansas in the 70s I witnessed true racism right in my face. The ignorance of humans never ceases to amaze me. Every time I watch this movie I cry, it's so moving and the acting is incredible.
  • jeanblew
    9 months ago
    Doctor Zhivago, I just loved the history, the tenseness, the sadness, the whole love story. When I was younger and first watched it I never thought a man could love two women equally, but he did and for some reason I thought it was alright to do so. Also Lara's tune is so memorable.