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Date published: 30 Sep 17

MediPAL Medical ID CardsDo you take any medications, and love to travel? Would you like a way for your medical details to be readily available in case of an emergency?

Silver Travel Advisor have partnered up with MediPAL Medical ID cards to offer two lucky winners a great prize!

MediPAL is designed for anyone who takes medications and/or has a medical history. It is a hardwearing waterproof plastic card displaying clearly an emergency contact, medication details and medical history, which can be kept in a wallet or purse or held in a clear plastic wallet on a lanyard.

Any Silver Travellers with a medical history or taking medications would benefit from carrying a MediPAL card, in case of an emergency, where details need to be found quickly. All medical details are clearly displayed on the card.   

MediPAL cards can also be translated into most foreign languages which give peace of mind whilst abroad.

MediPAL Silver PackageSilver Travel Advisor and MediPAL are giving away two MediPAL Silver Packages which include lifelong membership, silicone wristband, key fob, window sticker.

Simply post a comment below as to why you feel MediPAL would be useful to you when on holiday, and the judges will award the prizes to the best two entries.

The competition closes on 31 October 2017. No cash alternatives, and the judges’ decision is final.

Read more about MediPAL Medical ID Cards.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 9 Comment(s)

  • barney
    9 months ago
    This is a brilliant idea that would stop the constant worry of carrying paper prescriptions, in case of illness or accident whilst away home or abroad.
  • RHVW
    9 months ago
    I have been looking for a medical ID which would meet my needs as a solo traveller - and this seems to fit the bill. My consultant has advised me to wear/take one with me at all times as I have a pituitary problem and need to take steroids for the rest of my life. It is essential that in the case of accidents/collapse medical staff need to know this fact before administering any other medication.
  • City-dweller
    9 months ago
    I travel quite often, with a plethora of medication. This would be so helpful and reduce stress levels when going through security at the airport.
  • mrsrwalsh
    9 months ago
    What a wonderful idea and so simple for the owner to use.
    Well thought out.
  • Arminda
    9 months ago
    One of these would be very useful. I have a neural stimulator, which involves electrodes fixed to my spine controlled by a pacemaker battery in my abdomen, all to manage severe sciatic pain following back surgery. In addition I take medication for high blood pressure and am prescribed painkillers for periods when my pain levels are high. My husband also takes blood pressure medication and we like to travel. I often feel very panicky in airports due to all my wiring and am frequently taken into a cubicle with female security officers so anything to ease the process would be most welcome.
  • LH
    9 months ago
    MediPAL is a wonderful idea and would be particularly useful to me because I have allergies to many medications which are commonly used in an accident. I am unlucky enough to be allergic to pain killers from Paracetamol to aspirin, to all of them tried so far including Indocid, distalgesic, Nurofen etc. Plus I am also allergic to antibiotics too - I have reacted to 4 different types of antibiotics from Penicillen to Trimethoprin etc, so I do not take painkillers any more and have not tried antibiotics for many years. I also have food allergies and intolerances, plus an eye disease which is controlled with steroids (luckily I can still take these!).

    A scheme like this would give me and my family peace of mind when travelling in the UK or abroad, as I always hope I will be conscious or have someone with me to say no painkillers or antibiotics please whatever the emergency.
  • Quod
    10 months ago
    Brilliant idea. How really useful, covers all sorts of circumstances. Allows medical staff to know at a glance the persons medical conditions and required medication. Whether the person is unconscious or unable to speak the local language. This gives piece of mind for the person and their family and friends. Excellent.
  • Accidentalnomad
    10 months ago
    A card for my husband would be a gift for me. It takes up so little room to pack - far less than the medications - and will be just as essential. Priceless for peace of mind. A definite upgrade to my packing list.
  • barney
    10 months ago
    This would be a godsend when travelling at home or abroad, it's always a great worry as I take so many types of medication.