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Date published: 31 May 18

Lake Bled - courtesy InghamsWe have thousands of fascinating reviews across the website, all contributed by people like you - mature travellers who’ve taken a holiday, enjoyed a cruise, had a good meal or a great day out or even seen a super play. Type the name of what you’re interested in, into the Search box (Edinburgh, for example) and all the relevant reviews will pop up.

Many of our regular readers add a comment to the reviews, and even start a conversation to find out more about the subject reviewed, or add their own thoughts, which can be very interesting! Here at Silver Towers, we’ve decided to reward the most interesting comments each month with a £25 M&S voucher, so do join in. You could be shopping for a tasty supper or a new swimsuit for your next trip!

How to add a comment

In order to add a comment you need to sign in, see the orange/red button at the top of each page. If you’re not already a member, please register and then you’ll be able to sign in, again see the orange/red button at the top of each page.

At the end of each review you’ll see a section headed ‘What are your thoughts?’. Next comes the forum threads, followed by ‘Comment on this article’, click on the orange ‘Add comment’ and a box will appear – in this you add your words of wisdom, questions, thoughts, then press Submit. And your comment will be live. You can see it by pressing the refresh symbol (curled arrow) at the top of the page.

Should the reviewer reply, this will be notified to you at the email address you use for Silver Travel Advisor, and you can comment further, if you wish.

Wonderful Winners

We will notify the winner of the £25 M&S voucher at the beginning of each month. Good luck and we look forward to your comments. 

Left: Yosemite National Park courtesy Collette - Right: St Hilda Sea Adventures

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