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Marco Polo Cruise Ports guides

Sail away with Marco Polo’s brand-new collection of Cruise Port guides – we have two copies of each to give away!

Marco Polo Cruise Ports guidesWith cruises becoming ever more popular, these timely publications, written by the Marco Polo experts, are the perfect introduction to ports across the world.

The first 4 titles cover the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, Caribbean and Canary Islands.

Filled with advice for optimising each stop – from the local delicacies that should not be missed to shopping streets with the best bargains and secret mansions off the tourist track. Up to date with entrance prices, website details and tips on enjoying your holiday when on land.

Inspiring days ashore await with these handy, pocket size guides. They are crammed with Insider Tips revealing the hidden gems and little-known secrets that offer a real insight into these fascinating cruise ports. Marco Polo Cruise Ports guidesThe cruise ports are organised by country so you can easily plan your trip. Discover your ‘aft’ from your ‘bow’ with the super-handy glossary of key maritime terms. And once you’ve set sail, the useful phrases will help you get by in each destination along with 2 pull-out maps which offer street maps for all the port cities so you can wander to your hearts content and never miss the boat.

Explore beautiful ports, stunning coastlines, fascinating culture, wonderful architecture and incredible food with these tailor-made guides. The comprehensive coverage and unique insights will ensure you experience everything these wonderful cruises have to offer and more - just set sail and enjoy.

How to win Marco Polo guides

We have two copies of each guide to give away. To win, please add a comment below telling us which is your favourite cruise port and why. Our judges will select the best comments at the end of February and winners will be notified in early March.

89 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 42 Comment(s)

  • Dopey
    4 months ago
    Miami - fabulous place to spend time before cruise especially the art deco area .... then sail off with guaranteed hot weather to the blue blue waters of the Bahamas .
  • Dream-Maker
    5 months ago
    Southampton, it has to be Southampton.
    Cruise ports don’t get any better.
    Pull up in car by your ship, someone takes bags and someone else takes car to park.
    On holiday within minutes!
    And the sail away, past historic sights, Queen. Victoria’s house, forts in the middle of the Solent ( now hotels) , past Cowes the home of sailing, and the Hamble home to yacht building. And eventually past historic Portsmouth.
    Sadly not really enjoyed the sail in as usually happens in the early hours.
  • HaddiesMum
    5 months ago
    Struggling to decide my favourite but Venice, as a port, takes some beating. Sailing down the Grand Canal is etched on my memory. I was mesmerised as we sailed out, just as the sun was going down. I could not pull myself away from the deck.seeing history up close then getting to see the Venice skyline was truly magical. Sailing back into Venice as the sun rose on our last day comes a close second, breathtaking.
  • CharlieC
    5 months ago
    So many ports you could choose - but I think I'll opt for Cartegena (Spain). Beautiful city, not heaving, and easy to find more local experiences.
  • ukspeedy
    5 months ago
    Barcelona as not only do you have it to explore but up and down the coast where it is and to places of interest inland too.
  • Chrisonholiday
    5 months ago
    Going to the Caribbean for the first time so would welcome the Marco Polo guides. That being said I loved Dubrovnik.
  • scrumpy
    5 months ago
    My favourite port is Stanley, the Falkland Islands.
    Our ship was there on Remembrance Day 2018, 100 years since the end of WW1, so I joined the procession to the cenotaph after the cathedral service, very special!
    But, more special for me was seeing the penguins on the beach at Bluff Cove, close up!
  • KenPoole
    5 months ago
    Going to stop in Puerto Rico during April cruise but know nothing about it yet so Marco Polo could be just the ticket
  • susan_13
    5 months ago
    So Many favourites ports and not enough time to spend in them. Lisbon was interesting, Tromso beautiful in the snow, St Petersburg mind blowing and Barbados fun in the sun!
  • you
    5 months ago
    Heavenly prize for me... i will read any book i can lay hands on..EXCEPT novels
  • Nexus
    5 months ago
    Tauranga walk to beach and cafes so relaxing, as most guests head off on trips.
  • LizCraw5
    5 months ago
    i have not dona a cruise yet, so i don't know a port to recommend, but I would imagine for me it would be a Caribbean one that is right on the beach
  • Trees18
    5 months ago
    Tallinn, Estonia. A beautiful place, wonderful food and lots of lovely things to buy
  • budutbaa
    5 months ago
    Cape Town is my favourite port city. Would love to return asap!
  • Teggie
    5 months ago
    Singapore also: so many different cultures.
  • Janet-from-Inverness
    5 months ago
    Singapore. Would love to return to this fascinating city.
  • woodentops
    5 months ago
    We have only been on one cruise along the Californian coast but would love to do more! A favourite port was San Francisco, such a wonderful city with so much to do and see. Best part is you dock very near Pier 39, so many attractions are within walking distance. Just wonderful!
  • Gumby
    5 months ago
    Tough decision. Cape Town or Sydney? Decision made: Sydney. The dock is in a fab location between the bridge and the opera house, and there's so much to see and do within a mile or so's radius. Been before? Then catch a ferry to Manly and walk the peninsula there. Can't wait to go back!
  • Ozdevon
    5 months ago
    Cadiz.....history everywhere, close to sherry tasting & perhaps even a trip to Seville. We will conveniently forget that the English attacked the town several centuries ago. Your ship or river cruise usually berths right in the centre of town so you can make the most of your time there.
  • Sandrac
    5 months ago
    It’s got to be Venice. Controversial but it’s absolutely fabulous. You feel like you are sailing above the world , the journey in and out of the port is incredible - so many beautiful buildings,palaces, sites to behold.
    How much longer will we have this wonderful place to visit ?
  • PaulM99
    5 months ago
    Favourite port? Not so easy. Loved Lisbon for its trams, carriage museum and (mostly) pastel de nata. Gibraltar for wondering whether to buy a bottle of honey bourbon, then looking at the price and seeing it less than cost of one drink on board. Stavanger for sharing some time with locals in their houses, or Kristiansand for it's open air museum of historic buildings.
    No, favourite still was first port we ever stopped at on a cruise - La Coruna. For its history, for the shining windows around the port, the pharos and for the medieval market which just happened to be on. Fabulous.
  • IamHappy
    5 months ago
    I may be biased but LIVERPOOL is my favourite port. You sail up the Mersey, seeing the famous Liver Buildings as you dock and you are in the heart of the city in a few minutes. Its possible to walk the whole city centre and visit many historic buildings, sites remembering the Beatles, museums and two cathedrals and spend nothing!.There is even a Grade 1 Listed pub!!!
  • RobL
    5 months ago
    Looks like a good read!
  • Helsbells
    5 months ago
    We had a change in our itinerary, instead of going into St Johns we berthed outside Falmouth harbour and we were taken ashore by tender within walking distance of Nelson's Dockyard.
  • CaroleAngela
    5 months ago
    Leningrad - as it was then - after a cruise from London via Bremerhaven and the Baltic.