Win one of five Senior Railcards and get out on the train!

Date published: 01 Feb 19

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Senior RailcardThis prize draw is now closed.

A Senior Railcard is for anyone over 60 and saves you 1/3 on most rail fares anywhere on the National Rail network. That means you can go from Inverness all the way to Penzance, if you fancy it. Savings even apply on first class tickets, so is a great way to upgrade your normal travel. Whether you use it to get out more, visit family or explore the parts of Great Britain you haven’t yet seen, a Senior Railcard is the travel buddy you need.

Once you have a Railcard the savings don’t stop at rail fare. You will have access to Railcard’s exclusive partner offers including discounts on theatre tickets, weekend stays and even rail trips in Europe. You can even get 2FOR1 entry into over 250 attractions when you travel by train with

How to Enter

So, to help you celebrate (one of the many) perks of getting older, we’ve partnered with Railcard to give away five Senior Railcards. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a Senior Railcard, is tell us in the comments box below where you’d use the railcard to go and why you’d like to travel there.

The competition closes on 28 February 2019 and the 5 winners will be notified in early March.

Senior Railcard

23 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 125 Comment(s)

  • MrsSmit
    6 months ago
    On the train to London to see shows or visit the Galleries.
  • nualaroberts
    6 months ago
    I would use my Railcard to travel up to London more often, as I love theatre productions, and nothing can beat seeing a show in the West End.
  • Sararose
    6 months ago
    I would use a railcard to visit my distant cousin and a number of friends in Sussex. Although I was born there I haven't visited for 5 years when I actually camped on the farm where my father was born, We had a family reunion, meeting up with newly found cousins from Australia and we have all corresponded regularly since, It is along drive from the Midlands and I think I would enjoy the train journey. It would also remind me of the times my sister and I travelled by train to stay with my granny and were put "in care of the guard"!! We were under 10 years old when we first went to stay near Brighton!
  • MrCasey
    6 months ago
    Would love to visit friends and family in North Wales who i have not seen for a while and practice my Welsh.
    The railcard would be very helpful planning a railway based holidays up the East coast line a down the West coast line.
  • Linart
    6 months ago
    Competitions are popping up on Facebook all the time and I have been lucky enough to win my first ever holiday! I am now hooked and spend spare moments filling in forms to ‘win a weekend break in Cornwall’ or ‘discover Shropshire’...the list is endless. But as a reluctant driver (anything outside of a 20 mile radius to home is considered a no-go area) a senior railcard would be just the ticket to hopefully enjoy my forthcoming wins! If not - I shall use it to visit beautiful gardens around the country. It will not go to waste!
  • KidlingtonYellow
    6 months ago
    I would love to go to Penzance. The Cornish scenery is spectacular and it would be lovely to see it from a train.
  • Thelly
    6 months ago
    I really want to go to Edinburgh to see a friend not seen for 10 years - too far to drive, rail would be great.
    London by train is great too.
  • LondonJan
    6 months ago
    Winning a senior railcard would open up travelling to a vast number of fabulous destinations from Cornwall to Scotland and everything inbetween! Perfect travel, watching all the amazing countryside from a comfortable window seat to explore the magnicent railways.
  • LexGeoff
    6 months ago
    My first trip would be to Teignmouth to see my lovely friend, Wendy. Thereafter the world's my oyster!
  • C.a.k
    6 months ago
    I would go to Wales to visit my brother a nd his wife ,this would be my first time of travelling alone
  • Lottie
    6 months ago
    I would travel to southern seasides, coastal corners, scottish borders, city breaks and more. Just the ticket to go.
  • rondav
    6 months ago
    great offer would love to win to see frinds and family
  • aj18
    6 months ago
    would love to travel to sussex and S Wales to visit family
  • Vicky11
    6 months ago
    I love to travel to Scotland by train. I have not been there for a few years.I love to visit the castles in Scotland
  • Rielly
    6 months ago
    I would use it to travel to London, I love visiting the Museums and the Theatres.
  • john-waind
    6 months ago
    I would love to travel to London..So many different things to do.. So many different things to see.
  • Lucie
    6 months ago
    I’d love to travel more in this country. I’d go up one side of the country and back down the other. Just love trains. So civilised.
  • katie4563
    6 months ago
    I would love to go back to Edinburgh
  • Pat_26
    6 months ago
    I would like to visit Edinburgh to see the underground streets.
  • Momi1947
    6 months ago
    I would use the Railcard to visit London and further afield
  • Anne-Vince
    6 months ago
    I would like a rail card to explore lots of the beautiful places in our country without all the stress of using the roads.
  • Judergn
    6 months ago
    I would use it to access all the amazing ukulele festivals we go to, it would mean that we could afford to go to more but most importantly we would use it to visit my daughter in London, two hours away from us and a bit pricey on full fare!
  • Sheila56
    6 months ago
    I would use the card to travel to London to see ove of what our capital has to show
  • Garxfield
    6 months ago
    I'd go to Edinburgh to see my daughter run in the Edinburgh marathon
  • Marpau
    6 months ago
    I would travel to Inverness the scenery on the east coast line is the most breathtaking I have ever seen anywhere in the world.