Win one of 3 copies of Travels with my Granny by Juliet Rix and Christopher Corr

Date published: 01 Oct 18

Travels with my Granny by Juliet Rix and Christopher CorrThis prize draw is now closed.

This month we have 3 copies of this beautifully illustrated children’s book to be won.

Granny has travelled all over the world to India, Egypt, China and Peru. And she still travels - in her mind and in her stories. The grown-ups say Granny doesn’t know where she is, but her grandchild can’t wait to go on another adventure.

This is a sensitive introduction for children to old-age confusion and dementia, through the loving and imaginative relationship between Granny and her grandchild – and their colourful journeys. 

You can buy Travels with my Granny here and in all good bookshops.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, please sign in and add a comment below, telling us which destination you’d like to travel to with a youngster and why.

'Travels with My Granny' by Juliet Rix and Christopher Corr

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Other Members' Thoughts - 18 Comment(s)

  • Kittyme
    8 months ago
    I think I'd start with a staycation in the UK, there are so many wonderful places at home. I'd like to take the little ones to the beautiful Lake District, to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Alli
    8 months ago
    It is a good idea to educate children early but we must also be aware of the pyschological damage awareness
  • breezybobs
    8 months ago
    Oh golly, it would have to be the Natural History museum, as my grandsons are Dinosaur mad atm. By train of course, to add to the adventure!!
  • almonds
    8 months ago
    We're planning on going to London to see the sights when our granddaughter is old enough to be away from home for a few days. She is planning now which sights we will see on our first visit. Looking forward to our mini holidays in the future.
  • nac69uk
    8 months ago
    I will take them to Spain, the most child friendly country in the world.
  • Brinscombe
    8 months ago
    I would like to take my younger two granddaughters to the Isle of Mull to see where Balamory was filmed!
  • lee8000
    8 months ago
    This prize would be welcomed by my grandchildren.
  • Shortman
    8 months ago
    I would love to take my grand daughter to the Galapagos islands - she loves tortoises and would love to see the biggest tortoise in the world
  • GypstWanderer
    8 months ago
    I have travelled with my eldest granddaughter many many times and have so many wonderful memories. The first trip was to Disney Paris. I had given her a Children’s book on Disney and Paris and she had shown it to her friend saying, ‘The characters won’t be real but people dressed up’. Her first cuddle with Mini and her face lit up, ‘They are real Nana’. And then to Lapland at age 7 when she was beginning not to believe until she sat on Santa’s knee and saw he was holding her letter.
    I will always remember that little girl in her red coat pulling her small trolly case.
    She is 21 this month and the trolly case has turned into a backpack and the little girl into an adventurer and World traveller. We still travel together and she wants me to join her Exploring Europe by train in a couple of years time.
    Grandchildren are a true gift and this book sounds perfect to share with my much younger grandchildren who I hope to travel with soon.
  • GeminiJen
    8 months ago
    I'd love to take my daughter and grandsons to New Zealand. There's so much I'd love to share with them from my own visits there over the years: exploring this 'Land of the Long White Cloud', appreciating Maori culture, enjoying the wide open spaces, walking the Milford track, whale watching, visiting Hobbit country....We've had such fun reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.... And. of course, for their Mum and me, sampling a few vineyards on the way ;-)
  • CPS
    8 months ago
    This prize would be welcomed by my grandchildren.
  • Rowsie
    8 months ago
    When all my grandsons reached 10 years old I took them to Disney World, Florida and I also did the same for my nephew. All of them had a wonderful time and have never forgotten their trips. Now my nephew has a son himself and although he is only 2 now I am hoping that he and I will visit Mickey Mouse together in the future!
  • gloucestergirl
    8 months ago
    We took our two granddaughters to London on the coach and walked around outside of Buckingham Palace, bought souvenirs in the shop, went to Trafalgar Square and much, much more! Just making memories. Wonderful.
  • Susangilley
    9 months ago
    I should love to take my grand children up to London and for us to have a tour of the sites on the top of a red doubledecker
  • Flickers
    9 months ago
    What a beautiful book! The illustration reminds me of my travels with my two little granddaughters Zoe 7 and Lilly 6. They live in Adelaide, Australia so every couple of years we visit them or they come to the UK. When they last visited, we spent a few days in London and then on to Disneyland, Paris. It was Christmas time, and none of us will ever forget the Disney Christmas tree At St Pancras. It was made entirely from Disney characters but even more exciting for the girls was the snow that fell on the tree and them. They had never seen ‘real’ snow so you can probably imagine their reaction. The only downside of that trip was when Granny (me) managed to drop Zoe’s ‘Frozen’ suitcase onto the railway line at Waterloo Station. The train was still in the station, and we had to wait for a member of staff to rescue it, poor Zoe was in floods of tears. Whenever I speak to them, they remind me of that incident but say it’s OK Granny it’s because you are getting old!

    Next time we visit we hope to take them to Kangaroo Island to see the echidnas. The girls have seen them in a Zoo but never in a natural habitat (and neither have we).
  • Hunter
    9 months ago
    Love to take my 11 year old granddaughter, Poppy to Northern Cyprus. She could enjoy the natural world and wonderful sea and beaches on the peninusula with it's wandering donkeys. History and architecture, with fairy-tale castles and tasting local foods to enhance her taste buds. She has a fantastic singing voice so could sing to her hearts content while enjoying the wonders of life.
  • Jdlluce
    9 months ago
    I would love to take my ten year old grandson to Borneo.. Our family are on a quest to boycott foods containing palm oil.. so would love to see the work being done at the orangutan park.. we are both looking for adventure, wildlife and culture with the locals!
  • Geoff
    9 months ago
    I would love to take my great nieces to Victoria Fall and on safari in Africa to show them a beautiful and very different part of the world.