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Easter BunnyThe clocks have sprung forward and spring flowers are popping up everywhere, blossom adorns the trees, so Easter is just around the corner. And that means it’s the moment for treats, so why not leave us a comment below about your favourite Easter time memory, and you could be in with a chance to win this hamper filled with goodies – an scrumptious Easter egg, a bottle of champagne, luxurious Elemis toiletries, Holland America Line fabulous beach bag, commemorative MS Koningsdam plate and art book plus more! 

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How to enter the prize draw

In the comments section below, tell us about your favourite Easter time memory, perhaps a day out, a holiday abroad where you experienced a ‘different’ Easter or a super staycation (I’m thinking balaclavas on the beach in Wales one year) and we’ll pick a lucky winner in early May.

The prize draw closes on 30 April 2019.

More prizes to be won

Our main holiday prize draw to win a week’s Italian holiday for two, with flights, transfers and most meals included, a UK three-night break for two, or car hire for one week anywhere in the world is still open!

Read about how to enter here.

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Holland America Line
Holland America Line

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Other Members' Thoughts - 157 Comment(s)

  • ajl123
    about 23 hours ago
    My mum used to boil us eggs for breakfast using food colouring in the water so we all had different coloured (well, red or green) eggs for breakfast. We thought that was an amazing treat!
  • ceejayen
    1 day ago
    My fondest memories were times spent at my grandparents house with I was very young, taking part in easter egg hunts around their gardens with my sister and cousins - happy days.
  • karenr
    2 days ago
    Even though Easter Eggs were always welcome as a child, my favourite thing was that we got a new outfit every Easter. This was so exciting - we didn't have much so it was a big thing! Oh the year (mid 1960's) I got my first pair of patent-leather shiny shoes with a teeny, tiny heel was so exciting. New dress, cardigan, socks, shoes and bizarrely, one year, a straw hat and white lace gloves!
  • aklar
    3 days ago
    As a child, that first taste of Easter Egg chocolate after a period of Lenten abstinence - Even now, as a "slightly older child"!
  • Fischbowl
    3 days ago
    An Easter weekend in Luxembourg, the highlight of which was the Easter Monday market in the plaza outside the cathedral, featuring local crafts, including pottery bird whistles and figurines molded and painted for this festival only.
  • Pamholding1965
    5 days ago
    Easter is a time where my mother and I relax at home or go and visit different places to do some shopping or to do other things than to food shop. With me working it’s a time to unwinded and relax together my mother is 82 years old and whilst off work we do jobs that we can’t always do. Since my father passed away 8 years ago in July my mother has had a lot on her plate and items that needed fixing or replacing so she need a rest once in a while. It would be lovely to win something for a change.
  • Tonkatol
    5 days ago
    My favourite Easter memory is when I was 11. My mum, step-dad and I spent a few days staying at a B & B Farm in Devon. I was an early riser and my parents enjoyed a lie-in. We were in rooms on opposite sides of a corridor. Each morning at about 6am, I would get up, put on some warm clothes, creep downstairs, grab my wellies and head out to the milking shed to find the farmer. There, I would be handed bottles of milk and get to feed the orphan calves and orphan lambs. I would spend ages feeding and petting these young animals and can still remember the feel of the lambs sucking on my fingers, getting any drops of milk off. Once finished, I would return to the farmhouse, go upstairs and get washed and changed and then knock on my parents' door, when we would all go down to enjoy a hearty cooked breakfast. We repeated the experience the following Easter and I enjoyed the same amazing feeling.
  • Lancinggirl
    6 days ago
    I had been raffling huge Easter eggs round the town in aid of the Lions charity. One person donated his winning egg back to the club. I took it round to a young family who were experiencing financial and health difficulties. The expression on the children’s faces when they saw this giant egg and realised it was for them was wonderful to see and made my Easter. .
  • Sararose
    7 days ago
    My favourite memory was receiving a huge parcel in the post containing the biggest Easter egg I had ever seen. I was probably about eight years old and had to share the egg with my two sisters but it still lasted us for more than one day! The egg was sent by my granny and aunty and was a wonderful surprise but alas it was a one off, Maybe Granny had had a win on the horses that Easter!
  • Noahsark
    7 days ago
    My favourite Easter memory is of going to Battersea Fun Fair with my parents & seeing everyone so happy. It was sunny & we had candy floss. It was a magical day simple compared to what children expect these days
  • Ceejay
    7 days ago
    As a child I only like soft centre chocolates, like coffee cream or orange cream. When I received Easter Eggs I used to put the hard centred sweets side and wait for a visit from my Unvle Harry who seemed to be able to use magic to turn them into soft centres.
  • Chutneycat
    7 days ago
    My Dad gave us three children a walnut each and I felt so sorry for my sister's friend, who was staying, about not getting a walnut so I gave her mine. My brother whispered to me that there was money inside so I took it back! My Dad had carefully cracked the walnuts in half, popped in £5 then glued them together again - better than chocolate he thought and he was right!
  • bikerbill
    7 days ago
    We used to go to a nearby green area where there was a hill and we rolled our hard boiled eggs down to crack them before eating them as our picnic
  • littlebob
    7 days ago
    We used to go to Bournemouth to stay with our grandparents. Easter morning was spent walking to Hengistbury head, then back to posh Easter eggs from a shop called Audreys
  • Amee
    7 days ago
    One of my favourite childhood memories of Easter was going to London to see the Easter Parade, Our parents would take us every year, along with my aunt, uncle and cousin, come rain or shine. I remember one year seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, with Truly Scrumptious and Dick Van Dyke sitting inside. Very happy memories.
  • wallers
    7 days ago
    Easter in Martinique with my sister on the beautiful island of flowers. Easter is quite important in France & they had a lovely Parade through the town. we went out in their boat & my brother in law went diving for Oursin, sea urchins which we ate with our picnic of stuffed crab backs, rattatouille & Boudin. Homemade Petit Ponches followed by ice cool Rose & a siesta under the Canopy, later followed by a long swim. I dream of that time.
  • Lunchtimelady
    7 days ago
    Easter in Sorrento; arrived too late for the 3am White parade on Good Friday but the processione del cristo morto passed our hotel balcony in the evening. A fantastically moving sight(and sound). We went straight out and followed it around the streets for several hours. Wonderful free concerts/art exhibitions in several historic chapels/villas during the following week and food to dream about when home. Now if only it hadn't been so cold and with frequent showers!
  • psalmody
    7 days ago
    Many years ago my mother and I went to Madeira over Easter, it was a wonderful holiday, but Easter Sunday was awesome in the English church, which is lovely, but on that special day the decoration was absolutely superb, using white arum lilies, some 740 of them, just everywhere in the most glorious arrangements. It lifted me to praise even before the celebration began! Then the glorious cry, Christ is risen, He is risen indeed rang out not only from the congregation but all the floral beauty around us ..... simply wonderful!
  • MrsNotgotalot
    7 days ago
    My favourite Easter memory was in 1981 when my daughter was Christened on Easter Sunday. She was my first child and we lived in a tiny village and the church was filled with local well wishers. What a wonderful welcome into the church.
  • SilverTravelUser_192
    7 days ago
    My favourite memory is Easter in Hungary. It`s totally unique, from painted eggs to dousing women in water!
  • Debbie-Bird
    8 days ago
    My favourite memory is Easter Sunday as a child.We always got a magic boiled egg for Easter breakfast.We used to watch my mum put the eggs in to boil then a few minutes later she would fetch in beautiful decorated eggs, we really believed it was magic
  • sted
    8 days ago
    When I was little my uncle and aunt came to stay. They were a bit better off than my mum and dad and as it was Easter they bought some treats to share. I will always remember the cake, which came from a bakers, and had rabbits on it in a green field, with "Happy Easter" in chocolate icing. It was a masterpiece, none of us wanted to cut it but we all wanted to taste it... We kept it in state for a day, but then the deed had to be done. It was delicious, all the more so for the wait.
  • Jan-McConkey
    8 days ago
    many years ago Badminton Horse trials was always at Easter. We would go with family and friends. I would bake a Simnel cake for the adults and Easter egg fairy cakes for the children
  • Amlahsglory
    8 days ago
    Dreams came true on Easter Monday in 1997!
    After a nail biting photo finish we were privileged to celebrate as racehorse owners (part of the In Touch racing syndicate) when Mudahim ridden by Jason Titley took the honours. The day was made extra special as this was training legend Jenny Pitman's first Irish National winner and completed the Grand Slam of Grand Nationals for her with the Jameson's Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse that year! We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the photo finish image ... and Mudahim won by a nostril! Hurrah! Happy memories :)
  • Polly54
    8 days ago
    We went to a place called Golden Sands,it was my very first holiday in a caravan,I wasn’t very old and we didn’t have much money but as it was Easter mum had painted some hard boiled eggs and hid them in the sand dunes we had a great time looking for them,when we found them we had them had them with a picnic...glorious day