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Date published: 30 Sep 17

A Cheetah's Tale by HRH Princess Michael of KentThis month you could win one of two copies of a really fascinating book, in which HRH Princess Michael writes about her experiences in Mozambique, as a young woman, bringing up an orphaned cheetah cub. This is a story not only about the relationship between Princess Michael and Tess, the young cheetah, but also about Africa, its magnificent wildlife, unique wonders and the remarkable pull the continent exerts over all who visit. 

"What makes this book stand out is the princess’s very personal account of her own young life, re-connecting with an estranged father and meeting a loving step-mother, and adopting this small lost animal which she nurtured until the time to release it back into the wild. It is a window into her own world, as much as a really comprehensive study of cheetahs. Beautifully written and vividly recalled, this story is immensely touching and illuminating: her descriptions of Africa are fresh and painterly. I loved it."

Joanna Lumley - Actress, author and activist

With Laurie Marker at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in NamibiaAmong the many charities she supports, Princess Michael is currently Royal Patron of the Endangered Species Centre in South Africa (predominantly cheetahs) and also of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.

To buy A Cheetah’s Tale, go to the Bradt website.

Find out more about the launch event at the Royal Geographical Society on 17th October, where Princess Michael will be speaking and signing books, and buy tickets here. The literary festivals at which she’s giving a talk are Henley on 6th October and Cheltenham on 9th October.

How to enter the competition to win a signed copy of A Cheetah’s Tale

Please add a comment below or join the forum thread, telling us about your favourite wildlife experience when travelling. The competition closes on 30th October 2017 and we will select two winners in early November.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 13 Comment(s)

  • Rowsie
    9 months ago
    I went to Kenya on Safari once. As we were driving around, our jeep broke down near a Masai village. Our driver was fixing the car but the villagers came out to see us and invited us into their village. The Masai people raise cows and each night they take them into their village enclosure to keep them safe from wild animals. As we followed our hosts into the Village my friend commented how muddy it was inside the was only when we climbed back into the jeep that we realised that wasn't was cows dung that we had been wading through!! We smelt awful for the rest of the drive!
  • Happy-Traveller_3
    9 months ago
    I really like animals and would love to read this book. I have never been on a safari so can't comment about an experience of seeing the big animals! However we have recently returned from a holiday in Istria, Croatia and whilst visiting one of the islands we saw 2 very large rodents that looked quite like beavers but definitely weren't. We did some research on the internet afterwards and think that these animals were muskrats - although they live in America some have apparently been brought over to Europe. It was rather exciting to see them! Whilst writing, I would definitely recommend Istria as a place to visit!
  • Silvertravellerfan
    9 months ago
    I have been lucky enough to have done a couple of safaris - Africa being my favourite continent - however the one animal that I haven't been able to see close up is the cheetah much to my frustration. So I would love to read this book while I dream of being able to go on safari again and being able to visit Mozambique.
  • wallers
    9 months ago
    I went with my sister for my 70th birthday to the Serengetti, Masai Mara etc. & had the best time ever. It would be wonderful to have A Cheetah's tale to re awaken the memories of that amazing time we had & I admire HRH Princess Michael.
  • sil
    9 months ago
    Yes - its on the bucket list
  • Ken-Baines
    9 months ago
    I was in Zimbabwe, and saw cheetahs on an early morning game run, mother and cubs silhouetted against the sunrise - magical!
  • mrsrwalsh
    9 months ago
    This would be so interesting - not a subject often brought up in conversation!
  • Milli
    9 months ago
    It sounds wonderful, growing up in Mozambique, the expiriences she must have had
  • Jeannies
    10 months ago
    I would like to win the great prize offered in this competition.
  • Warren132
    10 months ago
    great prize - would love a copy!
  • Quod
    10 months ago
    Inspiring book, would love a copy.
  • foecatch
    10 months ago
    Beautiful animals ...
  • Manzara
    10 months ago
    When we were on holiday along the Garden Route in South Africa, we stayed a few nights at a small game reserve. Here they were looking after several Cheetahs who were suffering from a genetic spinal cord disorder and so they could not run fast and, in the wild, would be easy prey! I stood just a few feet from these beautiful creatures....inside the enclosure with them! This was all strictly organised by the keepers - a memory I will never forget!