Prize Draw - a Greek holiday home for up to 8 people courtesy of CV Villas

September 2018 Prize Draw

Date published: 31 Aug 18

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Villa Cassia - CV VillasThis draw is now closed.

This month’s prize draw is truly special: a week for up to eight people in a gorgeous villa in Corfu, thanks to our partners at CV Villas. You could take a group of friends, or make it a three generation holiday with your grandchildren.

Villa Cassia is a contemporary stone village house with all modern amenities necessary for a peaceful retreat. Conserving its traditional charm and decorated with crisp white furnishings, each room is elegantly appointed with comfort in mind. The property is raised above the classic rectangular pool encircled by olive trees, with views looking out to the countryside. This comfortable property is a short stroll away from the thriving harbour of Kassiopi and its popular beaches. Villa Cassia - CV Villas

The winner can take up to eight people to stay at Villa Cassia from 13th May 2019 for 7 nights. A wonderful choice for families or a group of friends, Villa Cassia provides a perfectly relaxing holiday within strolling distance of shops and tavernas in vibrant Kassiopi.

Read about CV Villas - Corfu by Glynis Sullivan

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Plus there are three beautiful Travel Journals to be won, courtesy of Marco Polo for three runners-up as well as a guide book. Read more

Villa Cassia - CV Villas



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116 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 290 Comment(s)

  • GafferG
    over 1 year ago
    What a fabulous prize - I have everything crossed!
  • Jan-McConkey
    over 1 year ago
    What an amazing competition prize
  • SilverTravelUser_3660
    over 1 year ago
    Would love to win this holiday in beautiful Corfu.
  • Liz500
    over 1 year ago
    Oh this would be soooo great!
  • GranAnn42
    over 1 year ago
    What a great prize! Never had a Greek holiday, Love to take the grandchildren who would show me what I really must do.
  • SueJH
    over 1 year ago
    Oh Mamma Mia... what a prize. Never been to Corfu but it looks simply gorgeous. How wonderful it would be to have a holiday with my sons and grandchildren. One of my wishes come true. Good luck to all x
  • jjon
    over 1 year ago
    Hubby and I have travelled the world...... and he's never done the Greek Islands.... any of them! this article made me realise there are still so many places to explore
  • WendyWoo22
    over 1 year ago
    I love Greece and Corfu is one of the islands that I've still to visit. I'd love to take my family there...
  • Derbyjule
    over 1 year ago
    Mamma Mia here we go again, love, love, love, Greece.
  • amalum
    over 1 year ago
    I'd love to go to Greece, as never been before and as an added bonus, I'd be able to take all my immediate family!
  • boxford
    over 1 year ago
    Never been to Greece. Corfu looks so beautiful!
  • BanditBear
    over 1 year ago
    Great prize for one lucky person and their family
  • GypstWanderer
    over 1 year ago
    Nov. 15th. 2006 my life collapsed, plunging me into shock and despair, terrified of the future, alone for the first time ever. Then the steep learning curve, becoming independent, learning to trust and believe in myself.

    Since then I have traveled to 30 countries plus, visiting friends and family, home exchanging, tours and independent travel, sometimes with friends but also solo, staying in 5 star hotels down to hostels and camping.

    I have white water rafted, micro lighted, ballooned, canopy trailed, etc. etc. but the best experiences are the unexpected like wading waist deep through fast flowing murky rivers in order to reach our transport.

    The gems are watching the lone fisherman, rowing with his feet while casting his net; silently watching a cremation from the other side of the river bank; playing Bridge with Nepalese ladies and the invitation to a sons coming of age ceremony. These are experiences guide books don't mention. You have to find them yourself.

    And Corfu, what adventures, experiences and memories await for me there? I will be searching.
  • Deliah
    over 1 year ago
    Absolutely fabulous luved liked and shared fantastic prize x
  • MaisyH
    over 1 year ago
    Greece is stunning, this would make a great holiday.
  • bonzo
    over 1 year ago
    Wonderful prize I've never been to Corfu so fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win this fantastic prize
  • Fuzzyclare
    over 1 year ago
    Absolutely wonderful prize!
  • Sharyboo
    over 1 year ago
    Sounds and looks perfect to me xxx
  • jaynealicia
    over 1 year ago
    The Durrell made it look gorgeous. Really think I should give it a visit
  • javentura
    over 1 year ago
    Sounds like my perfect holiday.
  • PropertyInvestor
    over 1 year ago
    A great opportunity - good luck everyone x
  • JulieAAA
    over 1 year ago
    Corfu sounds wonderful, and I'd love to visit.
  • barney
    over 1 year ago
    Corfu looked so lovely on the Durrells, it would be an amazing place to gather our family together for a wonderful get together.
  • Summer5un
    over 1 year ago
    Wow, this would allow my whole family to holiday together and Greek is one of the few foods we all agree on. The men would love to munch their way through kleftico and us women would take our time over a meze and a proper Greek salad, a little ouzo to finish off the meal whilst we sit back and watch the sun setting over the Ionian sea. It would also allow me a more mature view of the Island enabling to me to make a more informed decision on its natural beauty in contrast with the Greek isles.
  • PollyJ4
    over 1 year ago
    Corfu is an island not yet visited but somewhere I want to visit very much. The clear warm waters look so inviting.