Head to open spaces in 2021 with Eurocamp, win a prize for up to 4 adults!

October 2020 Prize Draw

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EurocampThis prize draw is now closed.

We are delighted to present you with this month’s prize from our partner, Eurocamp. Our lucky winner will be heading off to Europe on a 7-night 2021 holiday worth up to £1,000, for up to 4 adults at a Eurocamp parc of your choice, with return ferry crossing too.

Eurocamp have parcs in ever-popular France, Italy and Spain, with further parcs in Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The parcs offer a tremendous range of amenities – swimming pools, golf, tennis, football, pampering spas, bike hire, restaurants and bars. And of course, location is key: whether you’d like to be close to beaches and the sea for a spot of windsurfing or sunbathing, near historic cities for cultural and historic explorations or in the countryside for walking or canoeing. Wherever you go, there’ll be great restaurants for those foodie moments, both on the parc and locally, as well as wine tasting to enjoy in many European countries.

Accommodation is in well-equipped mobile homes, available with 2 or 3 bedrooms and you’ll have your own private outdoor decking space too so you can enjoy peaceful al fresco moments. There are pet friendly homes, and those adapted for wheelchairs too. Plus Eurocamp have introduced a range of enhanced health and safety measures as part of their All Points Protection Programme to ensure you can holiday with complete peace of mind. Eurocamp offers the perfect base for exploring a region, or ‘downing tools’ and spending quality time together.

Eurocamp - Best Self-Catering Travel CompanyEurocamp is the winner of this year’s Silver Travel Award for Best Self-Catering Travel Company as voted for by the general public of mature years.  Always popular with our readers, these articles show why Eurocamp is a favourite.

Wonderful holiday in Spain by evief

Glamping at Eurocamp Park Playa Bara Campsite by Glynis Sullivan

Visiting the dog-friendly Loire with Eurocamp by Natasha Blair



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You can also enter our Silver Travel Book Club prize draw this month to win a copy of Into the Tangled Bank by Lev Parikian, and our Silver Travel Cook Club prize draw to win a copy of LOLA'S: A Cake Journey Around the World and a goody bag from Emerald Waterways.

554 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 174 Comment(s)

  • PaulineandJohn
    11 months ago
    This would be an amazing break - would take my sister who has a special birthday next month.
  • SilverTravelUser_3660
    11 months ago
    Great prize!
  • Hollowhead
    11 months ago
    What a great prize! Thanks for the chance.
  • Allie
    11 months ago
    Always open to new travel experiences (circumstances permitting....) so would love to give Eurocamp a try.
  • Tabbaz
    11 months ago
    We love the great outdoors and have never been on a Eurocamp holiday so would truly relish the opportunity to have something good to look forward to in 2021
  • ptak5566
    11 months ago
    Have never tried Eurocamp but would love to experience it with my guys!! Thanks
  • cherries
    11 months ago
    As always, Eurocamp are offering a wonderful holiday prize. Would love to win
  • Helyn
    11 months ago
    This looks a wonderful prize. I'd love this to take my partner and my adult daughter away: we should have all gone away together for the first time this year but Covid cancelled everything, as it has for so many.
    One day it will be normal.again ;)
  • wendybiv
    11 months ago
    I would love to try a Eurocamp holiday after reading others comments
  • Bev146
    11 months ago
    Have never been on holiday with Eurocamp, so would be interested to give it a try with the family
  • patorace
    11 months ago
    Would love to go to Eurocamp.
  • Bigfella
    11 months ago
    Sounds like a great getaway but does anyone have specific views on Italian location(s)?
  • suzybe
    11 months ago
    Once took OH's mum and her sister to a Eurocamp in France. A good time was had by all of us and I'd love to go again
  • susanh
    11 months ago
    I've never been to a Eurocamp but it sounds great
  • Leonardo
    11 months ago
    Went to Eurocamp in France with my two boys several years ago... really loved it and would highly recommend it.
  • dwgw62
    11 months ago
    We’ve never been to a Eurocamp, but have been looking to take the grandchildren, so we’d love to win this prize.
  • Caspersnan
    11 months ago
    The grandkids love Eurocamp so the rest of us do too!
  • JennieSilver
    11 months ago
    carterdunn - you will enjoy Umag, we were there a couple of years ago and had a great time. Peschierra del Garda is good too, however Umag should not disappoint. Just a tip, many places in Croatia, bars, restaurants etc did not take cards when we were there, cash only. That may have changed due to Covid, however thought I'd mention it just in case.
  • carterdunn
    11 months ago
    We love Eurocamp.
    We had to cancel our trip to Peschierra del Garda because of the COVID-19 situation.
    Luckily we've managed to book for Umag in Croatia in June.
  • Mangle
    11 months ago
    Would really love to win this.
  • gretgreen
    11 months ago
    As always, a wonderful prize from Eurocamp.
  • smnrose
    11 months ago
    Would love to try a Eurocamp adventure, we need something to look forward too next year
  • AlisonM
    11 months ago
    Would love to stay at a Eurocamp in France, and visiting the Loire valley sounds perfect.
  • LynetteH
    11 months ago
    We have always wanted to stay at a Eurocamp resort. It would be so wonderful to have something positive to look forward to at this time.
  • Terry
    11 months ago
    At this moment any holiday would be marvellous, but this Europcamp does sound wonderful. I do miss scenic places. It's not really camping, it would be quite luxurious.