Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen Hardy in the Southern Yorkshire Dales

October 2019 Prize Draw

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Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen HardyThis prize draw is now closed.

This month we have a glitterball of a prize for a lucky winner and their partner to brighten up the start of the year: it’s time to join the marvellous, award-winning Karen Hardy from Strictly Come Dancing for a short break of ballroom dancing. All levels of dancers are most welcome, so beginners get ready to shine and master those shimmies, whilst those with experience can take their twinkle-toes to another level!  

HF HolidaysHF Holidays are renowned for their friendly, sociable short breaks, with an incredible range of special interests which include photography, painting and crafts, singing, cookery, yoga and of course, walking, all taking place in the UK in country house hotels or overseas in welcoming hotels.

Prize highlights:

The dates are 24 January 2020, for 3 nights, join a ballroom dance class led by Strictly legend, Karen Hardy and enjoy a weekend of ballroom dance hosted by HF Holidays dance professionals. No partner necessary and all abilities catered for from beginners to experienced dancers. Dress up for dinner and have a chance to dine at Karen's table.

You are welcome to be a winner of this prize whether you are part of a couple who both dance, a solo dancer or part of couple where one of you is a dancer, and the other is not.   

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What’s included

High-quality full-board en-suite accommodation and excellent food in Newfield Hall country house.

More about Karen Hardy and the Dance Break

Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen HardyKaren won a host of national and international titles during her illustrious professional dance career. She won over the nation when she starred in the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and lifted the glitterball trophy with Mark Ramprakash. She then delighted us all when she taught living room audiences to dance in ‘It Takes Two’ from her ‘Choreography Corner’. Enjoy a weekend of dance with HF Holidays’ instructors and also a small group masterclass led by Karen. This break is for all as tuition sessions will be grouped by ability. This will be a fun weekend in one of our country houses practicing on a proper dance floor. Karen is looking forward to meeting you!

Malhamdale - Yorkshire Dales



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136 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 49 Comment(s)

  • cherries
    9 months ago
    Lovely prize
  • Honee
    9 months ago
    Loving this year's Strictly and all ballroom and Latin dance. To win this generous prize would be amazing!
  • Redwineaje62
    9 months ago
    Excellent prize! Thank you!
  • emziemay
    10 months ago
    This would be my perfect break! Fabulous prize x
  • LynneP
    10 months ago
    I'd love to win this prize. It sounds fabulous darling!
  • mouseki9
    10 months ago
    Fabulous prize
  • Hunter
    10 months ago
    How different....and what a challenge!
  • gossboss
    10 months ago
    Help, I think I have two left feet ! I need either confirmation or assistance in helping me to dance. So, this would be great!
  • Lottie
    10 months ago
    Yes, this is a very interesting prize. We recently went on an Emerald Waterways river cruise and there was a surprise addition to the itinerary. We were joined by Vincent and Flavia who gave a private performance followed by a question and answer session. The following morning after breakfast guests received a wonderful tuition session from the pair.

    A ballroom session with Karen and Co in lovely surroundings sounds perfect.
  • MeMyselfI
    10 months ago
    Great prize.
  • Dannydog
    10 months ago
    Would love to dance with my new partner
  • Hardyplant
    10 months ago
    A brilliant prize for someone. I'm a Strictly fan and wasn't a bad ballroom dancer way back in the 60's with my first husband. For all his good points my second husband is definitely not a dancer and has no wish to be one but I do miss it: when I'm out shopping with my friend and there's music playing in a shop the rhythm gets me jigging along.
  • Mangle
    10 months ago
    What a fantastic prize! I'd love to win this as I do FitSteps every day and fancy myself as a bit of dancer (not!).
  • LynetteH
    10 months ago
    We really want to learn some ballroom dancing. This prize would really help kick start our learning!
  • orionleah
    10 months ago
    we have both got two left feet :( , but still willing to give this a go, it is long time since our left feet tango on the dance floor..
  • boats12
    10 months ago
    What a unique prize and experience! My husband and I used to love dancing and dressing up but seldom get the chance these days as things are much more casual. This would be an amazing thing to look forward to after all the joy of Christmas. Keeping everything crossed.
  • Fizgil
    10 months ago
    All fabulous prizes - I’ve been a fan of Karen since early days of Strictly and just dipping my toe in to trying some dance fitness - and eco doesn’t love a cottage break in song of our wonderful countryside!
  • Jeannies
    10 months ago
    As a dancer would love to win this great competition
  • Dippybird2
    10 months ago
    A fabulous prize. Would love to win.
  • jeanblew
    10 months ago
    This would be a dream come true.
  • nalini
    10 months ago
    Love to trip the light fantastic!
  • jeanniep
    10 months ago
    HF is such a good holiday company. I have tried many a walking holiday but would like to try this one.
  • SheilaL
    10 months ago
    Lovely prize.I am a strictly fan and enjoy.listening to Karen Harry's comments on Strictly It takes two.Would love a dancing break at this well respected hotel
  • LizCraw5
    10 months ago
    would love this prize as i have 2 left feet
  • JanMF
    10 months ago
    I think Karen would have her work cut out with my husband and I, my husband can do the pogo and I can follow a tune and hear the beat . We would LOVE to learn to dance rather than just going round in circles on the dance floor as we’ve done for the last 40 years.!!