Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen Hardy in the Southern Yorkshire Dales

October 2019 Prize Draw

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Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen HardyThis prize draw is now closed.

This month we have a glitterball of a prize for a lucky winner and their partner to brighten up the start of the year: it’s time to join the marvellous, award-winning Karen Hardy from Strictly Come Dancing for a short break of ballroom dancing. All levels of dancers are most welcome, so beginners get ready to shine and master those shimmies, whilst those with experience can take their twinkle-toes to another level!  

HF HolidaysHF Holidays are renowned for their friendly, sociable short breaks, with an incredible range of special interests which include photography, painting and crafts, singing, cookery, yoga and of course, walking, all taking place in the UK in country house hotels or overseas in welcoming hotels.

Prize highlights:

The dates are 24 January 2020, for 3 nights, join a ballroom dance class led by Strictly legend, Karen Hardy and enjoy a weekend of ballroom dance hosted by HF Holidays dance professionals. No partner necessary and all abilities catered for from beginners to experienced dancers. Dress up for dinner and have a chance to dine at Karen's table.

You are welcome to be a winner of this prize whether you are part of a couple who both dance, a solo dancer or part of couple where one of you is a dancer, and the other is not.   

More details

What’s included

High-quality full-board en-suite accommodation and excellent food in Newfield Hall country house.

More about Karen Hardy and the Dance Break

Win an HF Holidays dance break with Karen HardyKaren won a host of national and international titles during her illustrious professional dance career. She won over the nation when she starred in the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and lifted the glitterball trophy with Mark Ramprakash. She then delighted us all when she taught living room audiences to dance in ‘It Takes Two’ from her ‘Choreography Corner’. Enjoy a weekend of dance with HF Holidays’ instructors and also a small group masterclass led by Karen. This break is for all as tuition sessions will be grouped by ability. This will be a fun weekend in one of our country houses practicing on a proper dance floor. Karen is looking forward to meeting you!

Malhamdale - Yorkshire Dales



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134 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 49 Comment(s)

  • brianwaldie
    10 months ago
    Would love to win this generous prize, even if just to be shown the American smooth dance (my favourite) by a true professional
  • Granmaz
    10 months ago
    Hubby and I had dancing lessons 25 years ago and although we can successfully get round the floor to slower music, we’d love to be able to look good dancing to the more upbeat be able to jive, before our sons wedding next May, would be amazing!!!
  • Eeyorebev
    10 months ago
    We have always wanted to learn to dance so we can take to the floor with grace and elegance rather than the shuffling round we do currently, so this prize could be the opportunity we have Ben looking for.
  • AnnB
    10 months ago
    I have a friend who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He would love to learn to dance and this would be a golden opportunity while he is still fit and active enough to do it.
  • PMG
    10 months ago
    I can bring my 2 left feet. Hopefully remain standing. Great prize.
  • Gwinnett
    10 months ago
    Would love to win,my dancing partner would have to wear steel toe caps !!!!
  • Silverbill
    10 months ago
    I and my partner love to dance, which we are able to enjoy Ballroom Dances on cruise ships, but find that these days dance seems to involve shaking arms and shuffling around not neven touching your 'partner'. That is not for us, as I don't even call that dancing!!
    Some years ago we won a Bronze medal, but that was before my partner had 2 hip replacements. Now we manage to dance at family weddings and birthday events. At the last wedding, in Glasgow, we two were the only couple on the floor dancing a quickstep ! At least we got a loud applause at the end !!
    We would love to win this competition so we can get on the floor again.
  • silverp
    10 months ago
    Best weekend I had was a dancing weekend with Anton du Beke and Lilia. Would love to win this....
  • you
    10 months ago
    My husband likes to dance
  • obag
    10 months ago
    Haven't danced for many years but would be a good way to start again.
  • Lois
    10 months ago
    Trying to persuade my husband to come dancing with me!!!i
  • Treesa
    10 months ago
    Can’t dance for toffee but would love to learn some steps x
  • SilverTravelUser_208
    10 months ago
    Although I was a competition dancer and champion during the 50’s and 60’s, I married a non dancer and don’t have the opportunity to dance now that I am in my mid 70’s. I would very much like to win this prize to enable me to spend three days brushing up my dancing skills, which would also bring back happy memories of those times.
  • Sararose
    10 months ago
    I love HF holidays. I went to Malham Cove on a group holiday soon after I had a hip replacement. Although everybody else went on walks i managed to hobble around on crutches! It was a lovely place to be as it was lambing time and the staff were very helpful. However now I am able to dance and would really enjoy a weekend of dance tuition.
  • laughalot
    10 months ago
    I would love to learn to dance. My dad took it up when he was about 60 and absolutely loved it. I've not been brave enough to try yet but this looks a great way of having a go.
  • Pinknan
    10 months ago
    Ballroom dancing is something I have always wanted to do and at 63 my time is running out x
  • laughalot
    10 months ago
    I would love to learn to dance. My dad took it up when he was about 60 and absolutely loved it. I've not been brave enough to try yet but this looks a great way of having a go.
  • Stonedecroze
    10 months ago
    Been thinking about, but not doing anything about dance lessons for years. Winning this would guarantee it.
  • Judand
    10 months ago
    This would be a super prize, had dancing lessons when I was a child but it would be incredible to learn again with my husband
  • LynneH
    10 months ago
    What a lovely prize.
  • Geoff
    10 months ago
    Love the idea of learning the waltz properly, somehow its elegant, effortlessness, as danced by professionals, escapes me. I'd be so pleased to have Karen teach me the correct way to do this
  • Lollee
    10 months ago
    I so need to keep myself moving and this is such a pleasurable way to begin doing so. Who knows I may have a talent I didn't know about!
  • RichardBenson
    10 months ago
    Always been interested in trying to learn to dance properly but so worried about the fact i am so clumsy - they always all welcome but ....
  • JSZ
    10 months ago
    You are never too old to take up dancing!!