Prize Draw - 'Starry Nights in Provence' leisurely, self-guided cycling holiday courtesy of Cycling for Softies

October 2018 Prize Draw

Date published: 30 Sep 18

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Starry Nights in Provence by Cycling for SoftiesThis prize draw is now closed.

For this month’s prize, you have the chance to win a fantastic five-night half-board cycling break for two in Provence, France. Our partner Cycling for Softies curated this tour based on client feedback, taking the very best bits from a longer cycling tour to create a unique, leisurely experience with inspiration drawn from Van Gogh’s famous painting, ‘Starry Nights’.

You will cycle between beautiful Provençal villages and stay at luxury 4 and 5-star boutique hotels. You will also have the option to upgrade to an e-bike if you want to.

Begin in the beautiful town of St Rémy de Provence, with its historic square, winding streets and Van Gogh heritage. The next day, head toward the hilltop fortress of Baux-de-Provence. Here, the cobbled streets are lined with lovely cafés and the views from the medieval ‘Citadelle des Baux’ are magnificent.

Starry Nights in Provence by Cycling for SoftiesOver the next few days, you will cycle west to meet the Rhône river at the twin towns of Beaucaire and Tarascon (with its stunning castle not to be missed). The route then continues southwards, following small roads to Arles. You will head south into the Camargue Nature Reserve, which covers Europe’s largest river delta. The beautiful wetlands and salt water lagoons here are a haven for a wide range of wildlife.

Finally, you will return to St Rémy de Provence, taking you past Château de Barbegal and winding around the southwestern corner of the Alpilles.

Read more about Cycling for Softies.

Starry Nights in Provence by Cycling for Softies



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2 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 111 Comment(s)

  • Ozdevon
    8 months ago
    We may not be competing in the Tour de France but we would see more of the captivating scenery as we would be travelling at such a slow pace!
  • kidznof
    8 months ago
    Right up my 'chemin'
  • truckermercedes
    8 months ago
    Oohhh yes me and hubby would love to do this ...we hop on our bikes whenever we get chance #both love cycling
  • GeminiJen
    8 months ago
    Commenting on the article...I've just spent a happy half hour on the "Cycling for Softies" website, which just shows how effective the article was in making me want to find out more...Merci beaucoup!
  • GeminiJen
    8 months ago
    I was a keen cyclist in my youth...There were very few cars around then! After a long gap I'm trying to take it up again but find the traffic on our congested roads takes some getting used to ;-( However, Cycling for Softies sounds perfect for me, especially with an upgrade to an e-bike! What better way to truly experience the pleasures of Provence: its fields of lavender, regional foods, wine and, not to be missed, the famous ponies of the Camargue....Bonne chance!!
  • gloucestergirl
    8 months ago
    Wish I had learned to ride a bike!!! Never had bike when I was child, we lived in the centre of town above a shop. Often thought I should try to learn but never have. At times like this I realise what I have missed. Good luck to whoever wins this lovely prize!!!
  • RedRacer
    8 months ago
    Sounds like a wonderful way to see the Provence area of France, and the chance to get exercise and enjoy beautiful scenery!
  • BottesfordBev
    8 months ago
    Exactly what I've been looking for. Arrive by TGV & hop on electric bike - perfect hassle free holiday!
  • JanMF
    8 months ago
    Fantastic prize .... the e-bike upgrade would be a bonus too, what a great way to see and experience beautiful Provence !!!
  • BigDreamer
    8 months ago
    I have the competition bug now. I won last month's competition Singapore Nights, held at Bluebird Chelsea. Wonderful evening,my guest and I were looked after superbly by Debbie from Four Communications Travel. So thanks to Silver Travel Club for making this possible. Have decided I really need to go Singapore to sample and see all the culinary delights and sights this Country can offer.
    8 months ago
    This would be a lovely trip in beautiful Provence.
  • boats12
    8 months ago
    The thought of cycling through the amazing picture of Van Gogh's Starry Night leaves me tingling with excitement. How creative and romantic that would be, I love the picture as it always reminds me of Christmas and the story of the wise men following the star to Bethlehem! However, we loved Provence when we visited many years ago but this trip would be so different with such a relaxing itinerary giving much more time to enjoy the scenery and ambiance. What's not to love?
  • you
    8 months ago
    We do not visit very often
  • Mumajb
    8 months ago
    Need to do this just not sure we would do it unless we won,
  • Jadore
    8 months ago
    Ooh la la! Sore derrières here we come! But what a fabulous idea, we would absolutely love this! France is our favourite place to visit. It’s a vast, diverse country, with so much to offer. To explore on 2 wheels in the fresh air, to areas never visited before, would be brilliant!
  • Debs.G
    8 months ago
    Fabulous prize, perfect for my husband and I
  • Ziggyj
    8 months ago
    This sounds like such a beautiful relaxing holiday but with some gentle exercise
  • LyndaH
    8 months ago
    Haven't cycled for at least 60 years,but would love to give it a go in beautiful Provence.Volunteered in Cambodia this year & helped build a house,so I'm game for anything.
  • Sophielily
    8 months ago
    Wow some beautiful scenes in France! Literally the perfect cycling holiday
  • Kaye
    8 months ago
    Cycling for softies is just what I like
    just got to get my man to get on a bike
    off to provence france in a trice
    he wouldnt have time to think twice
    I'll lure him on with wine and cheese
    that should help us with our dodgy knees

  • gabu
    8 months ago
    that will be lovely
  • lwaxanatroi
    8 months ago
    What a fantastic opportunity, lovely prize
  • Stevenev
    8 months ago
    This would take me back to the last time in Provence- a school trip to improve our French. The lavender fields are still in my memory.
  • MessyJ
    8 months ago
    What a lovely idea for a holiday, would love to try it out!
  • chloeclogs
    9 months ago
    Would love to win this as I've always wanted to go and photograph the lavender fields with the stunning landscapes behind. cycling would be the best way to do it as every corner will have a different view.