Win a cruise around Venice and its islands with CroisiEurope

October 2017 Prize Draw

Date published: 30 Sep 17
Grand Canal, VeniceThis prize draw is now closed.

This month’s prize comes from our European cruise partner, CroisiEurope. Our prize winner and partner will be staying onboard one of the comfortable river cruise ships from the fleet for 5 days in 2018, cruising around Venice and its islands, with opportunities to explore the city to your heart’s content. The islands are certainly worth discovering too, with Murano and Burano being of particular interest. 

Venice has long been the ultimate romantic city, with canals meandering between extraordinary buildings – palazzos and villas with stories to tell. St Mark’s cathedral is a true architectural delight, and the Doge’s Palace displays the tale of a city so powerful and important over the centuries. If art is your passion, think Renaissance, Byzantine and Baroque. You’ll be delighted with the magnificent churches, such as Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, famous for its works by Titian. St Mark’s Square is a delight by night, with musicians playing, restaurants open and flower sellers tempting you to buy roses. Wandering across pretty footbridges, finding quiet corners as well as the main tourist attractions, mean Venice is a city for everyone. Photographers will find a perfect picture every few yards!  

MS Michelangelo - salon bar © CroisiEuropeCroisiEurope offer a range of guided excursions, with headsets included, around Venice and beyond, to Padua, home of St Anthony, for example. The ship is French owned, so meals are a real homage to fine cuisine and gourmet dining: these are all included as are drinks with meals and at the onboard bar. The lucky winner will enjoy a Gala Dinner one evening, and welcome cocktails on embarking. There’s free Wi-Fi in lounge and bar with a complimentary Samsung Galaxy Tablet for guests' use. Evening entertainment is varied, with musicians and the crew keeping the atmosphere lively! Flights are not included in the prize, leaving the winner and partner free to make their own way to Venice by air or rail and extending the holiday by a few days if they wish.

This month the Silver Travel Book Club is reading One Summer in Venice by Nicky Pellegrino, to get you right in the mood for a visit. Join our forum thread to find out more and to be in with a chance to win a copy of the book too. 

Back to our main prize, it's a fabulous opportunity to enjoy Venice from the water, which is just what the locals do – you’ll be staying in your own floating hotel!

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Venice with CroisiEurope


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Other Members' Thoughts - 411 Comment(s)

  • Cafas
    8 months ago
    The last time i went to Venice was on a cruise and i had a migraine so i couldn't go out in the evening into the square which i would have loved to have done
  • wendybiv
    9 months ago
    How fabulous - I love Venice <3
  • SilverTravelUser_3660
    9 months ago
    Please let it be me!
  • carolsdiao
    9 months ago
    wow would love to win this competition and take my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary
  • zippy1909
    9 months ago
    Great prize! Would love to win.
  • Fuzzyclare
    9 months ago
    Wonderful prize!
  • Deborah1
    9 months ago
    Would love to win what a amazing christmas present that would make
  • Livlee
    9 months ago
    It's always been my dream to see Venice before I die
  • grandmajess
    9 months ago
    Only ever had one day in Venice, would love to see more
  • Mims
    9 months ago
    A most unusual and interesting approach to visiting such a popular destination.
  • SilverTravelUser_2669
    9 months ago
    Last visit was 15 years ago. Would love to go back. Stunning place
  • littlebob
    9 months ago
    5 days cruising around Venice would be fabulous for my 60th birthday next year. I love Venice.
  • mabelicious
    9 months ago
    What a fabulous prize , would be wonderful to win , fingers crossed
  • Nanarossi
    9 months ago
    I've always wanted to visit Venice. What a wonderful prize.
  • miketerry
    9 months ago
    Venice - The Jewel of the Adriatic. As God made the Garden of Eden, the Venetians made Venice,
  • grannybiker_1
    9 months ago
    Venice is one of many places on my "Must do!" list.
    (I already like you on FB ;) )
  • Clarejh
    9 months ago
    Two firsts-Venice and a cruise. Would love to fulfil these lifelong dreams.
  • mummy89
    9 months ago
    I've never been to Venice although the my 21 yr old daughter went on a month tour of Europe during the summer holidays, stopping at Venice for two days. They had the best hot weather also and said it was stunning and that I should go. So here's hoping, with your help, I will!
  • SilverTravelUser_564
    9 months ago
    This is my dream cruise.
  • Springhead
    9 months ago
    This would be a really different way of seeing a beautiful city
  • Michelle_1
    9 months ago
    Always wanted to go on a cruise around the beautiful Venice and its Islands
  • Moonraker
    9 months ago
    To win such a prize would be awesome!
  • atodd
    9 months ago
    I have wanted to sample to delights of Venice. At least some Saga reader will be blessed!
  • SusannaC
    9 months ago
    I would love to re-visit Venice and I can't think of a better way than this cruise. I want to find some beautiful glass, take stunning photographs, revisit some of the sights and mainly, simply be there again.
  • Tabbaz
    9 months ago
    I have so wanted to see Venice and to cruise would just be amazing