Win a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords with Cruise & Maritime Voyages

May 2019 Prize Draw

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Olden, NorwayThis prize draw is now closed.

This month our prize is a fabulous 8-night Autumn Fjordland cruise for two people onboard Columbus, leaving from London Tilbury on 26 September 2020. 

Travelling via Rotterdam up to the most stunning fjords, you’ll enjoy full board (three delicious meals a day) on the ship and fabulous evening entertainment too, staying in a Superior Twin Ocean View cabin.

Your Cruise & Maritime Voyage takes you to one of The Netherlands most interesting cities, and then on up to Sognefjord and Flam, a sweet little village beside clear, deep water which has a remarkable railway, one of the steepest in the world and a serious feat of engineering which provides spectacular views. Nordfjord is next and a visit to the town of Olden, surrounded by farmland.  Breathe in deeply to thoroughly enjoy the clear, pollution-free air.  Immense Jostedalsbreen Glacier and its offshoot Briksdal Glacier are magnificent natural wonders, creating waterfalls and lakes in the jagged mountains and fertile valleys.   

Geiranger, NorwayGeiranger and its eponymous fjord are total contrasts – an attractive village, set in dramatic scenery and the fjord with still, mirror-like waters, plumbing fathoms deep.  

Bergen, with its historic, colourful Bryggen wharf, is your final port of call, where you can take a funicular ride to the summit of Mount Floien to enjoy panoramic views to the coast across the city. 

Columbus is a mid-size ship, dedicated to cruising in the traditional style, with Formal and Informal evenings, speciality restaurants and wonderful deck parties, as well as the show lounge and various watering holes. Read more

Cruise guru Alan Fairfax travelled with Cruise & Maritime Voyages to the Norwegian Fjords.

CMV Columbus
Lido Deck-CMV Columbus
Raffles Main Deck-CMV Columbus


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39 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 332 Comment(s)

  • Librarian
    4 months ago
    Always wanted to go on a cruise and a trip to the fjords would be an ideal way to experience a holiday aboard ship. Coming up to retirement, so this would be perfect and a special treat for my sister
  • samjoesma
    4 months ago
    Always wanted to do the Flam Rail trip, missed out when we went to Norway before. Love Norway.
  • Silverbaglady
    4 months ago
    Big birthday coming up, would be perfect.
  • Jane999
    4 months ago
    Love to go
  • Ozdevon
    4 months ago
    The land of fjords, Vikings, fabulous coastal scenery, too much daylight or not enough & legends of trolls, plenty to contemplate before your next port of call!
  • liz.jones58
    4 months ago
    One of the joys of being retired is that you can be on the lookout for all the last minute deals .this is especially true of cruise deals as they do not want to travel with empty cabins
  • Julez
    4 months ago
    My husband and myself had a wonderful week in Bilbao last September we loved everything, the people the food, the culture. The Guggenheim museum was breathetaking. The public transport cheap and efficient, all in all an amazing week.
    So January comes round and we decide to go back. I cannot begin to tell you the difference. The wages there are comparitably lower than here in the UK but the utilities are about three times higher. Everywhere we went bars, restaurants cafes, friends homes we were constantly cold
    They simply cannot afford to heat their homes and businesses like we do. When we stayed with friends and visited other friends their homes are so cold. They wrap up warm and sit with blankets over them. Every restaurant we went to was so cold our food was cold before we finished.
    For us it was a learning curve, Bilbao only in the summer. Saying all this it's definitely worth a summer visit. Their history is so interlinked with ours it's interesting. Be sure to visit the old town too.
  • JacAnn
    4 months ago
    One of our best memories is sailing through Geiranger Fjord while enjoying a window seat in the restaurant and a wonderful meal. That was many years ago and reading your article brought all the great memories back. It would be a dream to enjoy this beautiful location again with a 60th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary to celebrate this year.
  • Mellica
    4 months ago
    My husband and I were going to book a
    Norwegian cruise in 2018 but he became ill and died that year I have looked at several
    Cruises going to the Norwegian Fords this year but the prices are double those stated because I am only one person occupying a cabin for two people which is way over my budget so fingers crossed might be lucky with this prize but I Don’t normally win an argument Ha Ha I just wish we would have had more time together after only a year into his retirement.
  • barney
    4 months ago
    We have never been to Norway or on a cruise, but woud love to correct this with this brilliant prize.
  • Richardlionheart
    4 months ago
    Never been on a proper cruise, this would one of the ones I would choose and a great way to celebrate my 80th next year. There, I've said it! 80 years next year!
  • Lois
    4 months ago
    on my bucket list! great prize
  • Jazzyb123
    4 months ago
    Wow! A fantastic prize I would absolutely love this ❤️
  • Bird
    4 months ago
    A very good prize, to cruise the fjords is the best and most beautiful way to see them. It is picturesque, tranquil and has clean air. You finish this cruise feeling refreshed with clean lungs.
  • Jacko6251
    4 months ago
    What an amazing prize, would love to win this, although I would have to find someone to join me ! lol
  • KarenTB
    4 months ago
    Wow! The fjords look and sound so stunning, and, as a big Nordic Noir fan, a Norwegian cruise would be an amazing way to celebrate my 60th birthday.
  • LolaHola
    4 months ago
    It looks so vast. Pristine nature. I just feel like I'd want to breathe deeply. Fingers crossed to win!!
  • june
    4 months ago
    I have wondered about Columbus I have been to geiranger and up to the top of the mountain . Wrap up for that It was cold ,
    Have not not seen the rest of the cruise and I do love what I have seen of Norway. Would love to do that.
  • Redwineaje62
    4 months ago
    Excellent prize that I would love to win! Thank you!
  • poolepirate
    4 months ago
    What a great prizes, would be wonderful to win just a couple of days before my 65th birthday
  • Mel1960
    4 months ago
    What a wonderful prize - I've never been on a cruise but would love to sample one
  • Treesa
    4 months ago
    I have never been on a cruise or visited Scandinavia so fingers crossed !!
  • Shinysheen
    4 months ago
    I really love cruising & last one went to China & Far East. Never been to fjords so would love this prize
  • HazelP
    4 months ago
    I absolutely love cruising and have never been to the fjords. This would be a great prize for my 70th birthday next year.
  • fionat
    4 months ago
    What a fantastic prize! I haven't cruised for years and would love to win this.