Win a fabulous short break to the Isle of Man!

June 2019 Prize Draw

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Isle of ManThis month our prize is an extraordinary 3-night break for two to the Isle of Man!

Visit the place that reminds you how life should be: dive into the Island's rich heritage, explore ever-changing landscapes and enjoy delicious Manx delicacies before retiring to the comfort of your hotel.

Stay in a choice of 3-star or 4-star Gold hotels, with return travel, transfers to your hotel, dinner, bed and breakfast and daily lunch vouchers at selected eateries across the island all included. 

Isle of ManLet your story unfold and explore the sights with free Go Explore and Heritage passes, giving you unlimited use of the steam railway, mountain railway, horse drawn trams, electric tram and buses on the island, plus there is unlimited access into all Manx National Heritage Sites.

It’s the ideal way to start making extraordinary stories on the Isle of Man.

The prize can be taken at any time between 30 September and 1 November 2019 and includes the return ferry journey to the Isle of Man from Liverpool or Heysham or flights from any UK airport with a direct route to the Isle of Man. And there’s a super selection of hotels to choose from:

Find out more about the benefits of the free Heritage pass

Discover more about the Isle of Man

Isle of Man
Isle of Man
Isle of Man


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111 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 218 Comment(s)

  • Mangle
    16 days ago
    I so need a break and this would be perfect!
  • Riqm30
    16 days ago
    Isle of Man, need to go back to experience the TT circuit again
  • LynneH
    16 days ago
    What an amazing prize. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t got around to yet
  • Chris-H
    16 days ago
    The Isle of Man is on my wish list and this would be a great way to push it to the top.
  • Terri55
    16 days ago
    Would love this prize please. Always wanted to go to Isle of man.
  • Pinknan
    16 days ago
    Haven’t explored the Isle of Man yet. It’s on my list though. Being an army brat and wife my travels have mainly been on the continent.
  • bikerbill
    16 days ago
    My husband has visited the Isle of Man and he tells me it is a beautiful place, especially when the TT racing is on!
  • LynneP
    16 days ago
    I've always wanted to visit the Isle of Man.
    Can't think of anywhere nicer to visit.
  • Greygoose
    16 days ago
    A place we have never been and would love to explore! The inclusion of heritage passes is right up my street, whilst my husband will be intrigued by the plethora of transport options to sample.
  • buster16
    16 days ago
    Like everyone else would love to win this prize. Never been to the Isle of Man, looks stunning. Would rather fly than sail as I gather the sea can be rather rough, my husband is no sailor. Hope whoever wins has a great time.
  • Lollyo
    16 days ago
    Just the perfect location to explore with my husband. Never been before
  • KateM
    16 days ago
    A friend has just been to the Isle of Man for the TT and said it's the the friendliest place he's ever been. Would love to visit as well!
  • Itchy-Feet
    17 days ago
    Never been to the Isle of Man, sounds like a really good prize destination.
  • JackieL
    17 days ago
    I really must give the Isle of Man another visit, I have heard so many good things about it. I went on a day trip from school over 45years ago and it was not a good experience - the ferry left me feeling sea sick and then it rained the whole day !
  • Lighthousekeeper
    17 days ago
    Since first being taken as a child to the Isle of Man for the occasional holiday from about the age of three I fell in love with the Island - it was the nearest we ever came to being 'abroad'! and have been back as an adult for a number of holidays and I still love the place. We came to live in Fleetwood in 1983 from which there were regular day trips by ferry, or the 'Ise of Man boats' as they were (and still are) aways known. Needless to see quite a lot of day trips were taken until the service was permanently ended a few years ago. We still watch the daily service to and from Heysham across Morecambe bay and still think "... if only... ''). Therefore I can think of nothing better than winning a week's holiday in one of my favourite places. Did I mention, my Mum and Dad spent their honeymoon there, sailing from Fleetwood?
  • seashelly
    17 days ago
    It is 22 years since I went to the isle of Man and I thought it was fabulous. My grandfather went to school there and my mother knew the island well from family holidays. It is a wonderful prize and whoever wins will have a great time.
  • williamsgwynfa
    17 days ago
    I have always wanted to explore the Isle of Man, and learn about the Islanders heritage, culture and history. I would also like to see the wildlife and marine life that live in the waters surrounding the Island :D
  • laurieem
    17 days ago
    I have never been to the Isle of Man, winning this prize will give me the opportunity to visit this beautiful island.
  • swgrapefruit
    17 days ago
    Would love to go to the Isle of Man. Was brought up in the North West, but never made it over there. I'd like to take a friend from down here in Portsmouth so we can make comparisons with the Isle of Wight!
  • senajpet
    17 days ago
    My much loved Aunt - sadly no longer with us - loved the Isle of Man. She would take a group of blind/partially sighted men and women to the Isle of Man annually and she always said how lovely a place it was. We have always said we must visit , but as yet , not had the chance so this would be rather special !
  • Nannoo
    17 days ago
    Would love this as my holiday this year
  • lisa-rickard
    17 days ago
    I would love to treat my partner to this lovely trip
  • Jooly777
    17 days ago
    Our country is surrounded with beautiful islands like the Isle of Man and I’ve visited many of them, but never this one with its fascinating history and lovely scenery.
  • audrey-spratt
    17 days ago
    I’d love to visit the Isle of Man with my mum- she would love to go there! ❤️
  • Valkel
    17 days ago
    One of the many places on my bucket list! Always wanted to go for TT week and I've still never managed to get there. Maybe one day...