Win a fabulous short break to the Isle of Man!

June 2019 Prize Draw

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Isle of ManThis prize draw is now closed.

This month our prize is an extraordinary 3-night break for two to the Isle of Man!

Visit the place that reminds you how life should be: dive into the Island's rich heritage, explore ever-changing landscapes and enjoy delicious Manx delicacies before retiring to the comfort of your hotel.

Stay in a choice of 3-star or 4-star Gold hotels, with return travel, transfers to your hotel, dinner, bed and breakfast and daily lunch vouchers at selected eateries across the island all included. 

Isle of ManLet your story unfold and explore the sights with free Go Explore and Heritage passes, giving you unlimited use of the steam railway, mountain railway, horse drawn trams, electric tram and buses on the island, plus there is unlimited access into all Manx National Heritage Sites.

It’s the ideal way to start making extraordinary stories on the Isle of Man.

The prize can be taken at any time between 30 September and 1 November 2019 and includes the return ferry journey to the Isle of Man from Liverpool or Heysham or flights from any UK airport with a direct route to the Isle of Man. And there’s a super selection of hotels to choose from:

Find out more about the benefits of the free Heritage pass

Discover more about the Isle of Man

Isle of Man
Isle of Man
Isle of Man


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382 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 277 Comment(s)

  • Nannoo
    11 months ago
    Wonderful prize near and yet so special
  • Borodianne
    11 months ago
    This is such a fabulous prize and happens to be on my bucket list! My husband and I try not to go anywhere twice (although the calm to return to some places is too strong).
    The next 12 months we plan to knock a few of our UK dreams of the list and this would help us so much!
  • Dannydog
    11 months ago
    Love to visit the home of the Manx Cat!
  • Jacki
    11 months ago
    Another amazing holiday to add to my list of places to see.... perhaps sooner than later?
  • monk
    11 months ago
    Have never been there but a place would love to go to. Love visiting islands the way of life always feels more relaxed than mainland fingers crossed.
  • Rielly
    11 months ago
    I would love to win this and go to the Isle of Man for a few days.
    I have been there on a day trip about 20 years ago but a day was not long enough .
    My Husband has never been, and I'm sure that he would love it.
  • Itsinthebag
    11 months ago
    Manx delicacies, steam and mountain railway, horse drawn trams, electric tram and buses, along with
    tantalizing scenery - bring it on - one needs to visit this awesome ISLE OF MAN! Oh Yes Please - Pretty Please with A Cherry on the Top!!!
  • HazelP
    11 months ago
    I have never visited the Isle of Man and would love the opportunity to find out what it is like.
  • PSmithy
    11 months ago
    My Mum and Dad had their honeymoon on The Isle of Man and fell in love with it, although they never had the chance to go back there. We lost my Mum in 2009 and Dad lives on, age 93 now, thinking about her every day. I would love to take my own wife to The Isle of Man. She has never been, but I would love us to see all the beautiful, magical places on the island that enthralled my Mum and Dad and take back some pictures and memories that would trigger my own Dad's love of the island and his time there with my Mum.
  • Blingerama
    11 months ago
    I went on a day trip with my mum when I was 11. Im now in my 50s and my mum is im her 80's. Id love to go with jer again amd relive the excitement we felt all those years ago.
  • Lilyk
    11 months ago
    We would love to visit the Isle of Man, as we had a trip cancelled at short notice a few years ago and have not been able to go there since.
  • AndyMc
    11 months ago
    Yet another competition we'd love to win, would love to explore the Isle of Man
  • heatherp58
    11 months ago
    Spent an all too brief weekend on IoM a couple of years ago. Beautiful place - reminded me of rural mid-Wales of 40-odd years ago. Would love to go and explore more.
  • CaroleD
    11 months ago
    I've never been to the Isle of looks delightful.
    I'd love to ride the steam railway and discover this lovely looking Island.
  • ktmd
    11 months ago
    Haven't been to the Isle Of Man for years and would love to retrieve the happy memories I had there with my dad.
  • Ian70
    11 months ago
    Yet another great prize from a great site.
  • Elgee
    11 months ago
    This would fulfill one of the wishes on my retirement Wish List of visiting more places in the UK - thank you Silver Surfers for your great Website
  • LL
    11 months ago
    I'd love to visit this island!
  • suzybe
    11 months ago
    I'd love to visit the Isle of Man to explore the heritage of the island. The horse drawn trams and the Laxey Wheel would be my first and second stops.
  • LB
    11 months ago
    This looks a wonderful surprise for Richard's 70th - he volunteers with steam trains and this would knock his socks off!
  • Rottweiler
    11 months ago
    Great to read about all the great places to go.
  • june21
    11 months ago
    I'm told they have their own language too.even more interesting
  • straysuzi
    11 months ago
    We have never explored much in the UK and want to start seeing more of it The Isle of Man looks like it has some great cultural experiences
  • Nikit
    11 months ago
    Wow hadn’t really been on my list of places to visit but this article makes me now rethink and make plans for a visit.....unless I am lucky enough to be the winner and I will then be going sooner than later.....
  • Jockalei
    11 months ago
    Enjoyable article never been to Isle of Man. Hopefully that can fulfilled.