Win a Solos Holiday this month – 7 nights in Santorini, flight included

June 2018 Prize Draw

Date published: 31 May 18

SantoriniThis month we are celebrating single travellers with a wonderful prize from our partner, Solos Holidays, who have over 30 years’ experience taking those travelling by themselves on marvellous holidays, whether it be a short break in the UK, a golfing holiday, a European exploration and activity trip, or a journey further afield. You’ll be in safe hands! 

Our winner will be travelling for 7 nights to truly gorgeous Santorini, which has captivated travellers for years, to stay at the welcoming Villa Maistrali, an exclusive-use ClubSolos property, in Perissa. With comfortable, cheerful accommodation, this family-run hotel is just yards from the Blue Villa Maistrali, SantoriniFlag beach and boosts 2 rooftop pools on a spacious terrace, perfect for relaxing or a companionable evening drink. Santorini is an enchanting island, famous for magical sunsets, white-washed houses, vivid blue domes and towering cliffs to the east, all surrounded by the sparkling azure Aegean Sea. It has stunning panoramic views which offer superb photo opportunities. The island’s interior is dotted with vineyards and traditional villages, such as Pyrgos, far away in atmosphere from the more populated coast and well worth a visit.

Solos Holidays provide a tour manager with each of their holidays: someone to manage the logistics of your trip, suggest the best days out or restaurants and share their local knowledge. Often, they’ll accompany the group on a spontaneous evening outing, so you don’t have to worry about being alone with strangers. And very quickly, your fellow holidaymakers will become friends!

This is a really wonderful prize for all single travellers.

Villa Maistrali, Santorini

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Other Members' Thoughts - 126 Comment(s)

  • Leddymac
    14 days ago
    I went there once many years ago unfortunately I had injured my ankle so was unable to go ashore and visit.If I won this it would make up the last time I was in Santorini
  • suzie2858
    14 days ago
    Santorini looks a lovely place to visit and keep returning
  • sunshine2
    14 days ago
    After retiring early due to illness, I passed a travel agent and on the spur of the moment I popped in and asked them to book me a cruise so that I was somewhere nice on my birthday. 10 minutes later, the travel agent had booked me on an eastern med cruise which stopped at Santorini. What a good experience the cruise was and the whole day in Santorini was magical!
  • CisC
    14 days ago
    When I first visited Santorini many years ago there was only a military airport. Arriving by ferry at the small port in the centre of the giant volcanic lagoon was an experience that I will never forget. Oia was still full of buildings demolished in the 1956 earthquake. The excavations at Akrotiri were in their infancy. I would love to return to Santorini to see how it has changed since my first visit.
  • Pauline56
    14 days ago
    After a break up of a relationship I ventured off on holiday on my own for the first time earlier this year and proved to myself that I can do it. Santorini in Greece is one of my dream destinations and what better way to travel than to go with Solos Holidays who will make this a holiday to remember, I can rest assured that I will be well looked after. To be able to experience the wonderful landscapes and enchanting villages would be a dream come true and what better way to experience these than to go with such a wonderful caring Solos Holidays.
  • Lizbee
    14 days ago
    Retiring and divorcing this year............That would be an absolute dream restorative recuperation!
  • JenniferM
    15 days ago
    I would absolutely love to go on a Solos holiday and Santorini would be the most fabulous destination. I am going to dream about the possibilities!
  • RuthE
    15 days ago
    I have never been to Greece and Santorini would be a stunning place for a first visit !
  • Skewen
    15 days ago
    Its one place thats on the bucket list. Seen so many times on tv, just have to visit.
  • Tracy58
    15 days ago
    Would love to win. Solo travel is so enriching.
  • christine22
    15 days ago
    I stopped off at Santorini on a cruise some years ago and would love to go back on my own and really take it all in without having to please someone else. I have a photo I took as a screen saver on my PC so see it many times a day when I log in. I have visited many places but always use this as my memorable place when asked! I have it in my heart that one day I will return so to win this would be amazing.
  • Antony
    15 days ago
    Highly recommended by my friends so would ❤️ to try it
  • clarkb2
    15 days ago
    What a great prize..yes I'd love to win
  • Patfatty
    15 days ago
    I would do like to try a club solos holiday i have my been on a decent holiday in years because I didn't want to go on my would be good to be with people who you could share your interests with
  • Lil5
    15 days ago
    I would so love a restful holiday after a tough year Santorini sounds beautiful & I have never been there
  • welshgirl
    15 days ago
    I would love to return to this beautiful island and experience a solos holiday .
  • susiem69
    15 days ago
    I have many friends who have stayed on this island and said how they enjoyed its beauty so I would really like to try it for myself.
  • SJ_VA
    15 days ago
    Always wanted to visit Santorini, but as a solo traveller its not been easy to organise, so this would be perfect!
  • anotherpersonhere
    15 days ago
    I would like to win this trip, as I have been looking at solo travel holidays recently.
  • juliered
    15 days ago
    always wanted to go to Santorini .looks a lovely place . never been on a solo holiday either. looking forward to New experiences , New places and new friends .
  • schroedie
    15 days ago
    Last time I was in Santorini was on a School Cruise at Christmas 1973! We sailed on the SS Uganda and visited historic sites around the Eastern Mediterranean including Dubrovnik, Ephesus, Knossos, Beirut, Athens, Naples and Santorini - those were the days. I remember everyone riding donkeys up the steep hill from the boat to the town - and the dormitories smelling of donkeys for days afterwards. If I win the prize I promise to leave the poor beasts alone and make my way around under my own steam as I see how things have changed :)
  • Theresa
    15 days ago
    I have never been to Santorini or joined a solos holiday. Clearly this is a bucket list experience for the likes of me. The comments from others make this a tempting experience so I shall live in hope of getting there one day.
  • Su
    15 days ago
    We were meant to be visiting Santorini, whilst on a cruise , going around the Greek Islands. Unfortunately because of very rough seas, our captain thought it too dangerous to drop anchor, and launch the tenders, so we skipped this lovely port of call. I’ve always regretted not having ever visited this beautiful island. It’s still on my bucket list!
  • Rambler587
    15 days ago
    Many people visit Santorini – or would like to - for the beaches and bars, but these islands apparently have some amazing landscapes from being formed from a volcanic eruption. There are even theories that they were involved in the Exodus described in the Bible (the parting of the Red Sea), or connected with the lost city of Atlantis. And I’d recommend Solos to anyone worried about holidaying alone. I’ve been with them several times, met some great people and always been impressed with Solos reps - well-organised and professional.
  • Rowsie
    15 days ago
    I once went to Santorini to be my sisters "plus one" at a wedding (she had just broken up with her husband). However two days before the wedding she got together with the bride's brother and I felt like a gooseberry for the whole week! It would be nice to go back and have a more enjoyable time!