Win a Solos Holiday this month – 7 nights in Santorini, flight included

June 2018 Prize Draw

Date published: 31 May 18

SantoriniThis month we are celebrating single travellers with a wonderful prize from our partner, Solos Holidays, who have over 30 years’ experience taking those travelling by themselves on marvellous holidays, whether it be a short break in the UK, a golfing holiday, a European exploration and activity trip, or a journey further afield. You’ll be in safe hands! 

Our winner will be travelling for 7 nights to truly gorgeous Santorini, which has captivated travellers for years, to stay at the welcoming Villa Maistrali, an exclusive-use ClubSolos property, in Perissa. With comfortable, cheerful accommodation, this family-run hotel is just yards from the Blue Villa Maistrali, SantoriniFlag beach and boosts 2 rooftop pools on a spacious terrace, perfect for relaxing or a companionable evening drink. Santorini is an enchanting island, famous for magical sunsets, white-washed houses, vivid blue domes and towering cliffs to the east, all surrounded by the sparkling azure Aegean Sea. It has stunning panoramic views which offer superb photo opportunities. The island’s interior is dotted with vineyards and traditional villages, such as Pyrgos, far away in atmosphere from the more populated coast and well worth a visit.

Solos Holidays provide a tour manager with each of their holidays: someone to manage the logistics of your trip, suggest the best days out or restaurants and share their local knowledge. Often, they’ll accompany the group on a spontaneous evening outing, so you don’t have to worry about being alone with strangers. And very quickly, your fellow holidaymakers will become friends!

This is a really wonderful prize for all single travellers.

Villa Maistrali, Santorini

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Other Members' Thoughts - 126 Comment(s)

  • deniselj
    about 2 hours ago
    Oh the chance of relaxing in the sun on my own but knowing there are others with me as well. A fab combination. Never been to Santorini
  • yd1556
    about 11 hours ago
    My last visit to Santorini was over 30 years ago with my late husband. I feel it’s time to return to maybe relive some very happy memories.
  • Tracy58
    1 day ago
    This is the first year I have lived alone, the first year that I have lived on my own money. I would love this to be the first time to Greece on my own x
  • june
    2 days ago
    have j st finished a PP on santorini . I really do need to go and spend time there to check out everything I have said!! Seriously I would love to go there and see it all for myself. fingers crossed.
  • Endy
    3 days ago
    When I was at my local Charity Shop yesterday, I saw a Haematite bracelet. The packaging said it was "thought to be" good for Inspiration and Courage.
    I wonder if one would help lone travellers to feel braver?
  • sonseyface
    4 days ago
    Please count me in
  • gale
    4 days ago
    best holiday I ever had was on zante would love to see this place too
  • gillespie815
    5 days ago
    Yes please!!!!
  • Dave-Thomas
    5 days ago
    Great prize, love Greece but never been to Santorini, good luck everybody.
  • buster16
    6 days ago
    Looks beautiful, never been before. What a great experience. Brilliant prize.
  • westiewarrior
    6 days ago
    would love to visit Thira, the capital which is perched on top of the caldera rim. I went to Greece many years ago to visit my daughter who was working there for a while, and vowed I would one day re-visit and go to some of the places I didn't get to go and see.........maybe this is the time (fingers crossed)
  • june
    6 days ago
    I forgot to say It is a very small island. Very small.
  • june
    6 days ago
    do you know the history of santorini. last year 2 Million passengers went to the island by plane .On wed 27of june next there will be 5 cruise boats delivering 12,000 passengers between 7 am and 2 pm.. that's not to mention the ferry.
    choose when you go and enjoy an unique place but do read about it first..
    I would love to go again . I have along list of all the things to see that I missed when I was there two years ago - just for one day.
    Now I would need a month to see all there is to be seen.
  • Donna
    6 days ago
    Sand and sea for a solo traveller sounds great
  • Joodles
    6 days ago
    Wonderful prize for a single traveller like me!
  • summers
    6 days ago
    Awesome prize x
  • Jill30
    7 days ago
    Would love to go on a solo holiday and Santorini would be an amazing place to visit.
  • Liz_8
    8 days ago
    Liz 8

    Islands and the sea are my favourite holiday destinations. As a widow I would love this opportunity
    to try out my first singles holiday and visit beautiful Santorini, so brilliantly captured by my favourite
    historian Dr Bettany Hughes in one of her memorable documentaries.
  • SilverTravelUser_93
    9 days ago
    Have always wanted to go to Santorini. I was on a cruise scheduled to go there, however there were bad storms so we were diverted to Piraeus instead, I was so disappointed ! For those who are nervous re Singles holidays, take that step and you will be so glad that you have. Part of the excitement of the holiday is making new friends too, I love it.
  • ChrisBFC56
    9 days ago
    Had a lovely holiday in Perissa 15 years ago, and surprisingly very cheap given the popularity of the island; look forward to winning the prize and seeing how things have changed ! Lovely little fun boat trip round the headland to Kamari combined with a walk over the small hill in between the two resorts.
  • JanetC
    9 days ago
    Santorini looks a fascinating introduction to the Greek Islands for someone who has never been to Greece. An excellent opportunity for a travel-loving widow.
  • Rozina-Tolan
    9 days ago
    Santorini is very spectacular visually but also very crowded with tourists.
    It can be more expensive to stay there than most other Greek Islands.
  • keithg22
    9 days ago
    Mmm nice
  • Ron_16
    9 days ago
    Looks fabulous, beautiful, clean and sunny. It would be fantastic to be able to enjoy a week there
  • tracy-BIRRELL
    9 days ago
    My dream place......