Win a midweek break for two to Thessaloniki

July 2017 Prize Draw

Date published: 29 Jun 17

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ThessalonikiThis prize draw is now closed.

This month our prize is a midweek break for two, including flights, to Thessaloniki, in Greece in partnership with the Thessaloniki Hotels Association.

This is a great opportunity to explore a city that’s bursting with interest – a remarkable history, full of cultural treats and superb food from laid-back cafes to extremely smart restaurants. Perhaps what really gives the city its character is the lively population, many of whom are descended from the returnees in 1923. The city’s motto ‘many stories, one heart’ gives testament to this. Thessaloniki is anything but homogenous: around each corner you bump into something unexpected – a Turkish hammam (there are many), the busy flower market, the Greek forum remains, the poignant Jewish quarter and the vibrant sea front, with splendid promenade and of course, the White Tower.

ThessalonikiThessaloniki hotels have an enviable reputation for hospitality, although you simply must try eating at different places in the city. And if you can find a rooftop bar, you’ll be treated to fabulous sunsets over the sea, with Mount Olympus in the distance. The hotel spas are first rate and offer a range of treatments that match any at major destination in Europe. 

Our winner and their companion will stay for 4 nights, midweek, at a 4-star hotel (breakfast included) in the city, with flights from the UK as part of the prize too.     

This destination is a favourite with our writers:

Jennie Carr visited in December, she loved it, and Andrew Morris had a wonderful trip in the spring.  Type Thessaloniki in the search box to find more articles and reviews.



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288 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 344 Comment(s)

  • Climate
    about 3 years ago
    I'm not keen on beach holidays lying in the sun all day so this definitely looks like a fabulous destination for exploring, discovering, and enjoying gorgeous food!
  • grandmajess
    about 3 years ago
    Yes please, make me a winner!
  • tr0picalgaming
    about 3 years ago
    Great prize!
  • platinumphil
    about 3 years ago
    Thessaloniki is one of the destinations on my Go To list, fingers crossed!!
  • roy-rogers
    about 3 years ago
    Would love the opportunity, but I never win anything !
  • Seahorse
    about 3 years ago
    I visited Crete 22 years ago the local people gave me great advice which culminated in a memory filled holiday, It would be nice to visit Thessaloniki
  • boxford
    about 3 years ago
    I've never been to Greece. Would love to try it out!
  • ReggieNN
    about 3 years ago
    Such a lovely country with kind welcoming people. Would love to visit again.
  • cindylou
    about 3 years ago
    Something fabulous again ,absolutely love Greece and the Greece islands.Not been here though.
  • Hantslady
    about 3 years ago
    Found just in time to enter!!!! What a fabulous prize. Photos look great.
  • Fivestar
    about 3 years ago
    I have never been to Greece; my adult son and I were planning to go this year but had to change our plans. This would be a fabulous prize as we love history, architecture and all the marvellous sights.
  • sandra63
    about 3 years ago
    I have never had the chance to visit Greece so this would be a treat to say the least!
  • Summerdaze3
    about 3 years ago
    I have yet to have been on a trip with you but would love to.
    Thix holiday would be a wonderful mid week break .
    How about you Rachel Wright xx
  • JulieAAA
    about 3 years ago
    I'd love to win a holiday here!
  • Ali11
    about 3 years ago
    Have just joined . Wonderful site . I have also entered the holiday competition.
    It would be wonderful if I was lucky enough to win as I would be ale to take my husband on a well deserved break as he has was poorly earlier on in the year.
    Thank you for the chance of such a fabulous trip.
  • palmer75
    about 3 years ago
    Would love th opportunity to travel to Thessaloniki
    Thank you for the competition
  • HeatherandSteve
    about 3 years ago
    We would love the opportunity to visit Thessaloniki, as we have never been and would love to give a truethful review on the City with it's many places of interest to visit x
  • Beatlejan
    about 3 years ago
    Had some amazing holidays with our children in Greece when they were young. The Greeks love children. Would love to go again and enjoy in a different way
  • Lifeisonebigholiday
    about 3 years ago
    Many years ago we enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Greece. Then about 5 years ago we decided to 'recapture the magic' with a trip to Kefalonia and Zante. I'm sorry to say the trip was an unmitigated disaster from start to finish (largely due to the tour company which organized it) and we have never been back to Greece. Reading about Thessaloniki, I feel those old stirrings again and sense the time is right to visit Greece. Fingers crossed.
  • janash1959
    about 3 years ago
    The one thing that really makes a good holiday is the quality of the food! We recently stayed in a hotel in Kidderminster in the UK (The Granary). The deal that we were on included breakfast and an evening meal.
    The food served at both meals couldn't be faulted. It was well cooked, beautifully presented and tasted delicious. It was fresh food, using local ingredients where possible and tasted all the better for it.
    My husband always says that you can judge a good breakfast by the sausages served - The Granary serves sausages from a local butcher that certainly added to the meal. I would recommend this place, and we will certainly be returning.
  • jimsalmond
    about 3 years ago
    would love to visit greece
  • carolacr
    about 3 years ago
    Never been to Greece, but looking at the above photos of Thessaloniki it looks absolutely beautiful. Going to look on the travel sites now.
  • forestheather
    about 3 years ago
    What a great chance to experience the vibrancy of Thessaloniki
  • Silvertravellerfan
    about 3 years ago
    I would love to go there in order to try some bougatsa. Never tried it but it looks tasty. I can see myself sitting in a square near the water, enjoying the breeze and eating some (hopefully) yummy bougatsa.
  • javentura
    about 3 years ago
    If I won this holiday it would be the first I have had in about 3 years. What a wonderful place to go. It has always been out of my price range, but I can dream, for what is life without dreams.