Win a midweek break for two to Thessaloniki

July 2017 Prize Draw

ThessalonikiThis month our prize is a midweek break for two, including flights, to Thessaloniki, in Greece in partnership with the Thessaloniki Hotels Association.

This is a great opportunity to explore a city that’s bursting with interest – a remarkable history, full of cultural treats and superb food from laid-back cafes to extremely smart restaurants. Perhaps what really gives the city its character is the lively population, many of whom are descended from the returnees in 1923. The city’s motto ‘many stories, one heart’ gives testament to this. Thessaloniki is anything but homogenous: around each corner you bump into something unexpected – a Turkish hammam (there are many), the busy flower market, the Greek forum remains, the poignant Jewish quarter and the vibrant sea front, with splendid promenade and of course, the White Tower.

ThessalonikiThessaloniki hotels have an enviable reputation for hospitality, although you simply must try eating at different places in the city. And if you can find a rooftop bar, you’ll be treated to fabulous sunsets over the sea, with Mount Olympus in the distance. The hotel spas are first rate and offer a range of treatments that match any at major destination in Europe. 

Our winner and their companion will stay for 4 nights, midweek, at a 4-star hotel (breakfast included) in the city, with flights from the UK as part of the prize too.     

This destination is a favourite with our writers:

Jennie Carr visited in December, she loved it, and Andrew Morris had a wonderful trip in the spring.  Type Thessaloniki in the search box to find more articles and reviews.



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Other Members' Thoughts - 299 Comment(s)

  • Brizy83
    about 1 hour ago
    Fantastic giveaway .. I would love a holiday to Thessaloniki. My wife and I honeymooned in Greece 35 years ago !
  • cloudzulu
    about 8 hours ago
    To win would be a dream come true!
  • Rainbow
    about 9 hours ago
    oh yes just what the doctors ordered would love this!
  • elizwai
    about 10 hours ago
    It sounds divine! what a lovely place for a holiday.
  • Karla
    about 10 hours ago
    This is a great place to visit - hope to win!
  • Hunter
    about 15 hours ago
    Sounds great - love to go!
  • rosiej
    about 17 hours ago
    I have visited many of the greek islands but never the mainland. I recently read the Thread by Victoria Hislop and thought wow I know so little about Thessaloniki and would love to visit
  • Firtree
    1 day ago
    Sounds great, love Greece.
  • Shepesky
    1 day ago
    Always wanted to go there ! Love Greece.
  • Fluffy1
    1 day ago
    Sounds great, I have been to a couple of the islands but not Greece itself. Would love to have Patstitsio again, it was declicious.
  • jimsalmond
    1 day ago
    Wow! Looks amazing. I have never been to Greece before.
  • Minefield
    1 day ago
    Have been to Rhodes and Corfu in the past. Would love to go to the mainland.
  • famille
    3 days ago
    Everything you need for a Mid Week break, a wonderful part of Greece ,lots of history and places to explore,I may be a silver haired traveller but still have lots of energy to do all the things that I love to do. Greek travel being one of them .
  • bdavies
    3 days ago
    Looks fabulous.
  • RogerImp
    3 days ago
    I have flown to/from the airport for a holiday in Halkidiki. It would be great to visit the city also. Have always enjoyed Greek hospitality
  • Gigi21
    3 days ago
    Would love to win this fantastic prize. Haven't been to Greece...yet! Fingers crossed!
  • Janet_j
    3 days ago
    A holiday in Greece is on my wish list! Love Greek food and hospitality!
  • june
    3 days ago
    The greeks have always been my favourite people..
  • sables
    3 days ago
    should give it to me i need some sun after a wet week in wales :)
  • Bejar001
    3 days ago
    I've not had a holiday this year and I would love to visit Thessaloniki with my sister xx
  • DiggyBluComper
    4 days ago
    First holiday in Greece and the old gent in the village shop wouldn't serve you unless you repeated after him the name of the item you wanted in greek. A brilliant way to either learn the language or starve!
  • cm0
    4 days ago
    Love Greece. Many years ago we did sailing round the islands. Have been to 28 islands. Would love to win this holiday. Not been to Greece for over 10 years.
  • Lynette
    4 days ago
    Love Greek food, haven't had any for ages, love to win!
  • Happy-Feet
    4 days ago
    Thessalonika -what a wonderful place for a great holiday. Fabulous prize - am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Fivestar
    4 days ago
    I have never been to Greece - my adult son would love to go with me as he loves archaeology/history