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Date published: 01 Feb 18

Finding Your FeetThis prize draw is now closed.

There are times when we enjoy a super treat, and so it was when Cox & Kings invited us to see the soon to be released film (23 February), Finding Your Feet.  We laughed, we cried (just a little) and totally enjoyed this film featuring the best of British actors, all past their first flush of youth!

Set in London, Surrey and ever glorious Rome, the all-star cast – including Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall, David Hayman and Joanna Lumley – of this hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy reminds us that it is never too late to find your feet and create new life experiences. Which in this case, involves an over 50s dancing flash mob raising money for Age UK.

Trevi Fountain, RomeTo celebrate the UK cinema release of Finding Your Feet, Cox & Kings has introduced a new short break to Rome, following in the steps of the cast's weekend trip to the Eternal City.

Cox & Kings’ 5-day Finding Your Feet in Rome tour visits the major sights across the city with a private guide and also includes a visit to a local market with a chef to source fresh ingredients for a private cooking class, followed by a tasty lunch of the dishes you have prepared. Stay in the sumptuous art deco surroundings of the Hotel Baglioni Regina, reminiscent of scenes from the classic Italian film 'La Dolce Vita', and where the film’s characters stay during their own adventure to Rome.

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How to win

To win two cinema tickets to see Finding your Feet (or another film of your choice at your local cinema), simply tell us about a special memory of a visit to Rome, or why you would like to visit the city one day. Add a comment below, and the best entry will be selected after 28th February.

Finding Your Feet

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Other Members' Thoughts - 40 Comment(s)

  • Rowsie
    11 months ago
    I think every woman should visit Rome! When I was younger I had to go there on business. I had one day of meetings and then had 2 days to myself. As a woman alone in Rome I was amazed at how much attention I got from the local men. It wasn't creepy or threatening, it was just that they paid attention to me wherever I was. They just seem to love women! In restaurants they would offer me drinks and when I was sightseeing I had numerous offers of help. It did my self confidence good and I came back feeling like a new woman. I keep meaning to go back but, at 68 years old now, I am not sure I would get quite as much attention!
  • Juniper
    11 months ago
    Sadly I have never had the opportunity to holiday in Rome.
    I have a couple of friends and also family who have visited Rome and they have said how fantastic it is, with lots of history, they also found it sophisticated and so cosmopolitan. I would love the chance to go there and experience this for myself
  • CarmenB
    11 months ago
    Rome has been near the top of my bucket list for a while. I’m sure that watching this film would pin it to the top.
  • Dinah
    11 months ago
    My husband and I visited Rome from a cruise trip. It was a beautiful stunning place. We did laugh though when the tour guide said if you put your wallet in your back pocket it's counted as a DONATION! :-)
  • Dronny
    11 months ago
    Wherever I ROME I would find my feet paddling in the fountain ⛲. The eternal city would be eternally embedded in my mind.
  • Dronny
    11 months ago
    I would love to visit Rome. Its looks so romantic and is full of history and lovely buildings and ⛲
  • welshgirl
    11 months ago
    Maybe A Roman Holiday would give me the chance to toss Three Coins In The Fountain and live The La Dolce Vita .
  • Moonkhan
    11 months ago
    I would love to visit Rome. It combines everything I enjoy - history, culture, food and fun and it has long been an ambition of mine to go.
  • Boxy
    11 months ago
    Spent two fabulous but very busy days in Rome for my 50th birthday before boarding the Orient Express to take us to Venice. The most fantastic short break I have ever had.
  • Devonsun1
    11 months ago
    Rome....ancient but beautiful, yet vibrant and full of life, the new definition of old!
  • reader_1
    11 months ago
    I would love to visit this city as there's so much history and culture to enjoy. It's definitely on my 'to do' list.
  • LARY48
    11 months ago
    Have always wanted to visit Rome and do all the usual tourist activities including throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain.
  • Sueo
    11 months ago
    Never been to Italy so would love to visit Rome to throw coins in the Trevi Fountain, drink wine ,eat Pizza walk the Spanish steps take in the sights and architecture and eat loads of ice cream.
  • Stevestrish
    11 months ago
    Would like to visit, such a feast for the eyes with so much to see and experience.
  • PamelaP
    11 months ago
    We have Rome firmly on our bucket list. The colosseum, Trevi fountain, Vatican city, wine, pasta, sunshine.....sooner rather than later I hope :-)
  • Timetraveller
    11 months ago
    I would love to visit Rome. I'm not sure what has stopped me so far. Maybe it is the thought of the crowds. It sounds so romantic and plenty of history. I really must go there.
  • Mid-West_Maray
    11 months ago
    It has always been my dream since I was 20 to tour Rome on a moped with a friend. I have yet to visit Rome since the last time I was in Italy, I took a detour to Pisa when I discovered my classmate could not meet me as planned since she had been taken away to Milan to meet her fiancee's parents. I would love to see the architecture and then take off to the coast and take a few days to sunbathe on the rocky beaches. Then see where that leads, possibly away on a ferry to Sicily.
  • zanguide
    11 months ago
    Loved Rome - the Vatican, the Spanish steps, spaghetti in a small cafe. BUT don't go on a bank holiday as, unlike Britain, all the main sites such as the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel are closed. Oh and the catacombs are amazing but slightly claustrophobic (which is obvious really).
  • Geo
    11 months ago
    Having never been to Italy, I would love to make Rome my first visit. The architecture and ancient sites look amazing. The film looks fab, the hotel looks fantastic and I’ll look amazing with a bit of sun and a few treatments in the Roman Baths!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sue55
    11 months ago
    Rome on a very hot day in August...finding a restaurant in the shade... with my family - perfection
  • Ozdevon
    12 months ago
    Rome means to me coffee bars on just about every corner. You soak up the Italian way of life (including coffee of course!) & test your knowledge of the language by overhearing conversations; good practice for when you see Italian or Italian themed movies!
  • Silverexplorer
    12 months ago
    I've seen a trailer for this film and it's on my must see list. My must visit list includes Rome, Venice and other parts of the beautiful country that is Italy. A film and a city that embraces life, what's not to like!
  • richard-olner_1
    12 months ago
    Would be nice to take my fiance to see this for valentines day
  • NedtheRed
    12 months ago
    Went to Naples for a four day weekend when I was in the Navy. Early on the second morning we caught a coach for a very long day whizzing around the eternal city. Saw the colluseum (impressive ruin) St. Peter’s (huge), various fountains and piazzas and arrived back some sixteen hours later for a quick kip before doing Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Capri the next day. Utterly exhausting but somehow I never managed to go back, but I would love to do it a slightly less frenetic pace, one day.
  • you
    12 months ago
    love a good musical