Win a holiday for four worth up to £1,000 at a Eurocamp parc

February 2020 Prize Draw

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EurocampWe are delighted to present you with this month’s prize from our partner, Eurocamp. Our lucky winner will be heading off to Europe on a 7-night 2020 holiday worth up to £1,000, for up to 4 adults at a Eurocamp parc of your choice, with return ferry crossing too.

Eurocamp have parcs in ever-popular France, Italy and Spain, with further parcs in Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The parcs offer a tremendous range of amenities – swimming pools, golf, tennis, football, pampering spa, bike hire, restaurants and bars. And of course, location is key: whether you’d like to be close to beaches and the sea for a spot of windsurfing or sunbathing, near historic cities for cultural and historic explorations or in the countryside for walking or canoeing. Wherever you go, there’ll be great restaurants for those foodie moments, both on the parc and locally, as well as wine tasting to enjoy in many European countries.

Accommodation is in well equipped mobile homes, available with 2 or 3 bedrooms and you’ll have outdoor space too so you can enjoy peaceful al fresco moments. You have the freedom to do just what you want, just when you want. Eurocamp offers the perfect base for exploring a region, or ‘downing tools’ and spending quality time together!

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97 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 196 Comment(s)

  • SilverTravelUser_3603
    about 15 hours ago
    Looks lovely - fingers crossed!
  • Libbit
    about 21 hours ago
    The last time I was at a Eurocamp in France I was young enough to go topless & had boobs that didn’t droop down to my stomach, a very distant memory lol
  • mrs-maureen-walsh
    1 day ago
    Would be wonderful to celebrate our Diamond Wedding Anniversary
    60 years is a long time!
  • Ian-T
    1 day ago
    Looks like a great prize for our family.
  • denisdenis
    2 days ago
    Never been to France so would love to win this and go there
  • Mewsy
    2 days ago
    Always up for a trip to France
  • Caroles2311
    3 days ago
    This sort of camping looks like real luxury! I would love to try it.
  • stcuthbert
    3 days ago
    what a brilliant venue for a great holiday
  • greatgran8
    5 days ago
    Euro camps sound much better than the basic camp sites we used 40 years ago. The only question is 'Would we have as much fun?" It certainly sounds as though we might be able to.
  • Dannydog
    6 days ago
    I went camping in France over thirty years ago, and would love to go back
  • Rodder
    7 days ago
    Would love to see Austria!
  • woodlet
    7 days ago
    Croatia is such a brilliant place to visit, very friendly people too
  • KEITH1957
    9 days ago
    Love Harlem in Holland.
  • JamesBarnard
    9 days ago
    Hope the driving wouldn't be too much, especially on the wrong side.
  • june21
    9 days ago
    Great for a party
  • Brendan2563
    10 days ago
    This would be great to win
  • GypsyWanderer
    10 days ago
    I and my husband camped near Cap d'Agde, France, many years ago. A coach from London meant we soon made friends with fellow travellers. Just as well when we discovered my husband had left his wallet at home. no credit cards, no cash apart from the little in my purse. One couple leant us money until his wallet arrived. I am still friends with them and we still meet up.
    It was end of season so not many people on the beautiful beach and, being in France, we did as the French and bravely went topless. One of our fellow travellers took some persuading and we all wandered what our mothers would think.
    Then there were the walks along the length of the beach to discover that Cap d'Agde is a nudist centre. We were amused by the sign outside the supermarket, 'No Cameras!' Cap d'Agde is a very rich resort and we watched old men, assisted by beautiful young women, washing their yachts, in the nude of course.
    Eurocamping would certainly bring back all those memories and, i am sure, would give me more but no, I won't be going topless again!
  • stuart1973
    10 days ago
    Ive never visited a Eurocamp but after reading everyones experiences i think it will definitely be one for the future , fingers crossed
  • broughton
    10 days ago
    One of our best family holidays was at a euro camp in France. It was early in the season and very quiet but the children had tons of fun, seeing wildlife like adders and birds, entering a hat competition celebrating the fact that we were on Napoleons route and enjoying the food and the sunshine. We were in a tent with beds, mine was on a slope so I spent some energy clinging on during the night! The pool was just opening and was icy cold, filled directly from the mountain springs by the feel of it. Happy days!
  • butterfly42
    11 days ago
    When the children were young we used to have fabulous camping holidays in France, would be lovely to take our two grown up boys now
  • Carolsi
    11 days ago
    25 years since we last camped in France - would love to return in what looks like extra comfort now we are older!!
  • KellyB
    11 days ago
    Did this type of holiday in the South of France during our first year together, 18 years ago. It was fantastic. Would love to win this!
  • Silvernomad
    11 days ago
    Sounds like a great way to spend a week with my grown up children reminiscing about our camping and caravanning holidays when they were young!
  • AndyMc
    11 days ago
    I've never thought of a 'camping ' holiday abroad but. This sounds fantastic and a great way to see the local
    Area and sights.
  • dragonfly63
    11 days ago
    Someone is going to have a nice time. Thanks for the chance to dream.