Win a locally-made trip to Greece for two!

August 2019 Prize Draw

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Mount Lycabettus, AthensThis month our partner, Evaneos, is offering a super trip, visiting Athens and two of the Cyclades islands, Paros and Naxos, with flights included. For two people, this tour will last a week and be created by Albert, Evaneos’ hand-picked local expert in Greece, ensuring the prize winner and their companion get real insights into the area.

Boasting UNESCO-listed historical sites, whitewashed houses, world-renowned gastronomy, and exquisite beaches, Greece is a favourite destination for all travellers looking for culture, adventure, and relaxation.

The Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheion, Acropolis, AthensAthens: The cradle of Western civilization

After landing in Athens, depending on your arrival time, you can begin to discover the highlights of some of Greece’s most magnificent ruins with your local guide, and witness the heritage that still courses through its streets. Learn about the fascinating history of the ‘Acropolis’ and ‘Pantheon’, and indulge in some shopping at the Monastiraki market while you sip on some tsipouro (pomace brandy or marc).

Paros: Island paradise in Paros

Naoussa, Paros

A short ferry ride from Athens will take you to the island of Paros, where you’ll have the chance to put your feet up at any one of these beautiful spots: Golden Beach, Kolymbithres or Santa Maria. After re-energising yourself, discover the charming traditional villages of Parka, Lefkes, and Naoussa with your guide, and ditch the afternoon crowds by taking a boat to the small island of Antiparos for a fix of crystal-clear water and Cycladic architecture.

Naxos: An underrated treasure

Apollo Temple, NaxosThe last stop of your trip before returning to Athens is the island of Naxos, one of Greece’s most wonderful hidden gems. This region offers sites and activities for everyone: food enthusiasts can indulge in some Mediterranean cuisine at Chora, the capital of Naxos, while explorers can go on an excursion to the traditional villages of Apiranthos and Halki with a local guide to gain an insight into Greek traditions. As for our adventure enthusiasts, Naxos has plenty of hiking trails to explore, as well as the opportunity to kitesurf in Mikri Vigla.

Locally-made trips

Evaneos is an award-winning platform that allows travellers to create tailor-made tours with hand-picked local travel agents based around the world. Through this direct-to-local approach, travellers are given access to unparalleled local expertise, middleman-free prices, and 24:7 on-the-ground assistance throughout each trip. All of the local agents Evaneos works with are English-speaking professionals who specialise in creating customised trips, and who are passionate about helping travellers discover the amazing destinations in which they live.

Validity: The prize trip (including flights) will be valid a year from the date of winner chosen, subject to availability.

Find out more about Evaneos

This prize draw closes on 31 August 2019 and the winner will be notified in early September.


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82 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 203 Comment(s)

  • MessyJ
    14 days ago
    Would love to explore these areas of Greece. Sounds wonderful!
  • Sarah1271
    14 days ago
    What a wonderful prize
  • Glam01
    14 days ago
    Would love to win this. Have not yet been to Grece
  • Lisap2603
    14 days ago
    This is a wonderful prize. Many years since I have visited Greece.
  • RWB
    15 days ago
    Ah yes I really remembered my trip as a teenager when reading Jackie99's post. I went 40 years ago with Dave my student friend, sleeping on beaches, eating at little tavernas and drinking ouzo and retsina. We had a wonderful time but no mosquito issues for us. We slept on the decks of the ferries too [without airbeds]. Ah those were the days of carefree life. It would be so good to go and experience this trip in a much more civilized and comfortable way!
  • janetm
    15 days ago
    would love to go to greece
  • june21
    15 days ago
    Greece has alwsys been special for me. Travelled many times to many different islands And each had a special character and each one enchanted. Never got to paros or naxos and would love to do this.
  • Missing_Lincs
    15 days ago
    Greece is high up on the 'to visit' list, what a fabulous prize :D
  • clicker2
    15 days ago
    Never been to Greece before, would be a fabulous adventure
  • pier54
    15 days ago
    Fingers crossed. i love very much greece.Thanks to Evaneons for offering trip to Athens, Paros and Naxos
  • Treesa
    15 days ago
    Fingers crossed
  • sackm
    15 days ago
    I have never been to Greece so this prize would be great.
  • SB
    15 days ago
    I last went to Greece in 1981. It was Benitses in Corfu a bit lively even back then but in a good and civilised way. Don't think I would fancy it now. However Athens, Naxos and Paros sound very inviting.
  • Lilyk
    15 days ago
    We visited Athens some years ago on an excursion . It would be wonderful to visit again and perhaps see more.
  • JSZ
    15 days ago
    Have never had the opportunity to visit Greece, this would be really nice.
  • a_person
    15 days ago
    There aren't many places with more sites of historical significance. I would love to go back.
  • raspberryqueen
    15 days ago
    It's a few years sincet went to greece. I'd love to go back - it's a wonderful country.
  • alberto59
    15 days ago
    Would love to win this splendi Holiday to the Greece !!!
  • Jooly777
    15 days ago
    I did a tour of Classical Greece with my late husband some 30 years ago. It was amazing - highlight were (obviously) Athens - the Acropolis - but also loved Olympia and particularly Delphi, a magical place with the most amazing views. Would love the opportunity to visit again.
  • SingleSue
    15 days ago
    What a fabulous prize! I love the Greek Islands. I have never visited Athens, Paros or Naxos so to win this amazing prize would be a dream come true ☺️
  • Terri55
    16 days ago
    Would love to win this holiday xx
  • Judand
    16 days ago
    Love everything about Greece! It’s been a long time since we were last there, my husband and I spending our first holiday abroad without our children! Would love to visit again
  • Lewkins
    16 days ago
    I do love the Greek Islands for holidays.
    As a solo traveller I have visited a ffw tines, I love the temperatures and can gauge my dates.
    The scenery is obviously so green and lush, I find the people so friendly and welcoming.
    My main attraction is also the food, I adore Olives and Olive Oil - there in abundance. I have spoken to locals about the benefits to health and also beauty and skincare.
    The lifestyle there suits me and I do enjoy my visits, proving to be good for me with many more to come hopefully !
  • Jackie99
    16 days ago
    We went to Paros 45 years ago as students, sleeping on beaches, eating at little tavernas and drinking ouzo and retina. We had a wonderful time but one night we chose a bad spot to sleep near a marshy area and I woke up in the morning with loads of mosquito bites around my eyes . My eyes were half closed and it looked like I had been badly beaten up. As we walked around the little town the locals gave Dave my partner now husband awful looks as I think they thought he had been hitting me! We also still have some very cheap plastic air beds which we bought to shield out the engine vibrations as we slept on the decks of the ferries too and from Pireus. Ah those were the days carefree and adventurous. What a brilliant holiday but it would be so good to go back and re experience the trip in more civilized and comfortable conditions.
  • yannis954
    16 days ago
    when this draw ends?