Win an 8 day Dutch Delights & Charms of Flanders River Cruise with Shearings

August 2017 Prize Draw

MS A-Rosa AquaThis month our lucky winner (who may bring a partner as part of the prize of they wish) will be heading off to Europe for the highlights of the Low countries, which are charming, friendly and full of interest.

Travelling from the UK by coach, you’ll board the beautiful A-Rosa Aqua from Shearings, in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands. Onboard this luxury ship, you’ll enjoy full board and complimentary drinks - beer, wine, selected spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, water and speciality coffee and teas, as well as two included excursions to Bruges and the Medemblik to Hoorn steam train. Further extra cost trips are available at your ports of call, or you can choose to go exploring on your own.

AmsterdamYour voyage will take you to Amsterdam, a city that is fun, lively and yet full of culture, with endless bars and cafes, good shopping too! Then you’ll visit Rotterdam, whilst a major port, it’s full of quirky interest, with art galleries and museums. After a night sailing, Ghent is the next stop and tour of Bruges too: both historic Flemish towns replete with style and gentle sophistication, not to mention lace and medieval buildings. Further treats follow with a stop in Antwerp, the main square and cathedral are stunning, with the cruise finishing in Cologne.

You’ll have the chance for exploration and discovery in these lovely cities, returning each evening to the comfort of your ship, the great cuisine in the dining room and awesome views from the panoramic lounge or sundeck. What a superb way to travel!

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Enjoy this review on river cruising in Hoorn and Amsterdam

Dutch Delights & Charms of Flanders River Cruise with Shearings


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Other Members' Thoughts - 319 Comment(s)

  • HeatHeather-Don
    about 1 hour ago
    I have never been on a cruise before.This looks like the perfect place to start.
  • Kevin-4
    about 1 hour ago
    This would be just the thing to celebrate my 65th birthday with my lovely wife of 35 years.
  • David-Guy_2
    about 3 hours ago
    This is a fabulous prize. I have such wonderful memories of my time in Belgium and Holland, mostly Army days back in the 1960s/70s, and have revisited both countries a few times since as well as a trip to Lille (French Flanders). Hugely underrated area of Europe, friendly people and amazing food especially for a 'moules et frites' lover like me. Like everyone else I would love to win this.
  • Deborah-Martin
    about 5 hours ago
    Would love to win this and take my lovely mum as she would get seasick on a sea cruise! I would love the beer and chocolates of course :)
  • KathyM
    about 19 hours ago
    This sounds wonderful, we took our first holiday abroad this year on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, so to have the chance of going on a river cruise would be the icing on the cake!
  • ValC
    about 21 hours ago
    This sounds lovely. Have often wondered what a river cruise would be like and the ports if call sound fascinating. I have never been to any of the places mentioned so would be lovely to discover these.
  • happytraveller
    about 21 hours ago
    Sounds lovely, gentle cruising along the waterways and stops to visit all the interesting cities, and no driving along busy roads.
  • Amee
    about 22 hours ago
    Fantastic prize, would definitely float our boat! We have never been on a cruise before (and our last holiday was over 10 years ago) - so would love to win this amazing scenic Dutch river cruise. It sounds like a lovely unique way to experience the beauty and architectural history of this wonderful country.
  • Chamaco
    about 22 hours ago
    Beautiful prize! We've been to Holland many times and have friends there. We've mainly had Ocean Cruises but have also had a river cruise on the Mosel. Enjoyed all the wines and vineyards an the journey.
  • simbasmum
    about 23 hours ago
    This is a wonderful prize. Have been on a river cruise before and it is so relaxing.
  • FionaC
    about 23 hours ago
    Have cruised the Nile and it was fabulous. So enjoyed watching the world go by as we sailed along. Nothing to see at sea!!
    Brilliant prize
  • Bernadette-Willis
    1 day ago
    I'd love to go on a river cruise, particularly this one as it's so long since I last went to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It certainly seems more appealing than a sea cruise, , I went on one many years ago and found there's only so much sea that I need to see.
  • Karinu
    1 day ago
    We've never been on a cruise before as the thought of days on the open sea does not appeal to me .
    But a river cruise, that could be really enjoyable! Watching the beautiful Flanders countryside pass by, seeing Holland from a river rather than a motorway, it all sounds very tempting.
  • MaryCanary
    1 day ago
    My husband served in the Royal Navy for 32 years and says he doesn't want to go on a cruise. This would be a great chance to show him he is wrong-it would not be like work at all!
  • Pebblesmum
    1 day ago
    Just Love Silver Travel Advisor gives me the details i want to know. Keep up the great work
  • roy-rogers
    1 day ago
    Would love to win, this looks wonderful.
  • VanAli
    1 day ago
    I've done sea cruises and loved them but I feel there may be a lot of road travel at either end to get me to and from any river. I would be happy to be corrected on this as I'm seriously tempted.
  • Butterfly
    1 day ago
    I think I could persuade my reluctant husband to try a river cruise and who knows, maybe a longer sea going one if he tries it and likes it. I know that I would - and to win this wonderful prize might open up new horizons for us as we head towards our diamond wedding.
  • Heather51
    1 day ago
    Have been trying to persuade my husband to have a go at cruising without success so far. If we won this he could hardly say no!!!
  • obag
    1 day ago
    Have done lots of Ocean Cruises so would like to try a river cruise.
  • Daya101
    1 day ago
    Although I have visited the Netherlands before I didn't get the chance to cruise the waterways which would be absolutely wonderful.
  • PhilM
    1 day ago
    Have never done any cruising .. unless cattle class on a Channel Ferry counts ! Would love our first experience to be an experience such as this. Fingers crossed.
  • schroedie
    1 day ago
    Waterway to have a holiday: this sounds wonderful! I'd love to go Double Dutch on this holiday with my partner, taking in the culture and cuisine as we cruise the waterways of northern Europe.
    1 day ago
    A dream holiday. Unpack once and wake up somewhere new every day. Bliss.
    Plus no cooking and washing up!
  • Vonnim
    1 day ago
    My friends have been river cruising and loved the wonderful experience. I would like to win so that we can exchange views. A great competition - thank you.