Win an immersive 8 day tour of France with Trafalgar

April 2018 Prize Draw

Date published: 31 Mar 18

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HonfleurThis prize draw is now closed.

This month’s lucky prize winner and partner will be heading off to enjoy The Treasures of France, including Normandy, on a Trafalgar guided holiday.

Trafalgar offer immersive holidays, travelling with a Tour Director, with excellent hotels and special additional experiences, such as a Be My Guest lunch and wine tasting in a fabulous 17th century château. On the 8 day tour, you’ll have a day on the Normandy beaches, visit the Loire Valley, take in Monet’s Honfleur, tour the Mont Saint-Michel and of course, explore Paris, where the trip starts and ends. Several of the excursions are included, however if you wish to take additional tours, these are available from local specialists. ParisOvernight stays are in 4-star hotels with breakfast included and in addition 4 dinners with local wine. So you have the chance to try out restaurants of your choice and sample regional dishes. 

This holiday will really allow the prize winner and their partner to experience the heritage and culture of France, visiting famous historical towns as well as the unique châteaux of the Loire Valley. And Paris is a city that always rewards visiting, time and again.

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Mont Saint-Michel 


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310 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 308 Comment(s)

  • schroedie
    over 2 years ago
    French writer Victor Hugo said: “To err is human; to loaf is Parisian.” I'd like to enjoy this trip, relying on my guide to deal with any errors while I stylishly loaf my way through the historic highlights, whilst wining and dining through French cuisine. Magnifique!

  • Blainalass
    over 2 years ago
    This trip includes some of the places I haven't visited yet, including Mont Saint-Michel.
  • Waine
    over 2 years ago
    Proper France,better than the usual tourist traps.
  • sackm
    over 2 years ago
    This would be a wonderful prize to win. Fingers crossed.
  • SueH53
    over 2 years ago
    A delightful trip to La Belle France.
  • Kar24
    over 2 years ago
    Great comp, good luck to everyone.
  • BDT
    over 2 years ago
    8 days of French hospitality, food and wine. What a delight.
  • Riversiderouge
    over 2 years ago
    I am practicing my French in anticipation. Here we go then. FANTASTIQUE! SUPER! UNE BELLE PAUSE! MERCI DE ME CHOISIR! JUSTE DANS MA RUE! I VIL ONLY ZAY ZIS VUNCE!