You are not a Tourist, you are ...

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We ran a competition to win a book about Travelling for the Over 60s, by Timothy Hewitt, and asked our members to complete this sentence.

We were so impressed by the wise words and sentiments which embody the spirit of travel and all that awaits us.

Here are the prize winning entries and all of the runners-up.


Maria Meredith - Hungerford/Golden Jubilee Bridge in LondonThe Two Winners

You are not a Tourist, you are ...

"… an ambassador for the growing band of open-minded, big hearted, Silver Travellers."
Janet Wood

"… a witness to the world’s grandeur; a keeper of outstanding memories."
Christina Hunt

The runners-up

You are not a Tourist, you are ...

"... coming with the intent and purpose of soaking up the heritage and the history. To feel the Enigma of arrival the joy of stepping out on to new soil and mingling with a culture different from your own..You are here to feel the soul of the surroundings and the people you meet along the way. To embrace a different way of life to take away with you a picture that will be everlasting."
Chris Penfold

"... the cartographer of your own life."  Alan Fairfax - Fred Olsen Cruise, Norway
Liz Stopani

"... a guest in someone else’s country."
Lesley Beasant

"... you are simply having the time of your life and loving the adventure."
Janice Bray

"... you are a visitor with open eyes, open minds and open hearts to delight and wonder in other peoples cultures and the wondrous things to see in this beautiful earth we inhabit."
Diane Galli

"... you’re a world citizen exploring your territory."
Phil Thompson

Steven Aldridge - Reims"... you are a friend."
Pauline Armstrong
Jean Marsden

"... You are an honoured guest with a free spirit and an open mind."
Ruth Pearson

"... you are an intrepid explorer, an adventurer of the highest calibre."
Diane Belcher

"... you are a silver adventurer!"
Jen Holmes

"... you are a temporary local who is sure to return."
Anne Turner

Kathryn McNicoll - McArthur's Seat, Victoria, Australia"... you are a modern world explorer!"
Maureen Modica

"... you are a collector of memories."
Judith Vale

"... you are experiencing life in another culture,gathering memories."
Jacky Meyers

"... you are an adventurer, an explorer, a conservationist, but most of all a person who appreciates the locality."
Su Lake

"... you are there to immerse yourself in the life, food and customs of other cultures."
Doreen Tayler

"... you are 'a privileged guest who respects customs and ways of life."
Janet Simon

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    A great collection of contributions - well done all.