Have fun camping with the grandchildren

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So, you’ve decided to give your kids a week off and have agreed to take the grandchildren camping for a week. The only trouble is, you’ve never been camping before and you don’t know where to start.

Well, not to worry, we’ve put together a list of essential camping tips to help make the whole experience a little easier.

Choose wisely
When looking for a camp site to stay at you should look into the type of camp site it is. Whilst some cater specifically for families, others cater for young groups and are very popular with stag and hen nights looking for cheap accommodation.

There are many family orientated campsites, which will have all the amenities you could wish for. Add to this the friendly security, bingo and rides galore and you will have a camp site that is both ideal for young children and pensioners alike, as well as a safe place where the teenagers can go off and play. To find a wide range of sites to visit in Europe, check out keycamp.co.uk.

Check out the local amenities
There is nothing worse than fed up grandchildren and whilst we had to make do with the open air, this generation are a little less patient. The best thing to do is to ensure that there is plenty to keep your grandchildren occupied, or they could find themselves getting bored.

These days, the word ‘camping’ doesn’t mean that you have to rough it in a tent, mobile homes and chalets are often just as luxurious as home. Modern amenities such as cookers, microwaves and televisions are generally included and often, if you pay a little more, you can find yourself staying in accommodation that is even better than home!

Check out reviews before you book to see what the standard is like at each park, as they tend to vary even when they are labelled the same (gold, silver, standard etc.) Let’s face it, gone are the days when you’re happy to trudge through muddy fields to get a shower at a shared block of a morning, so make sure your trips includes everything you need.

Go fully equipped
From chairs to cooking equipment, make a list of everything that you need and go prepared. Remember that the kids may have to be kept occupied when you haven’t planned any activities for the day and ensure that you have things suitable for their age for them to do.

It’s also a good idea to buy sunscreen, hats, swimwear and beach goods before you go as these can be very expensive on site.

Have fun
All that remains is to enjoy your camping trip with the grandchildren and to sufficiently spoil them, as is your job as a grandparent.

94 people found this feature helpful

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