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St Stephano, CorfuHow to create a happy, laid back family holiday for 7 people aged from lively 19 year old twins to a sprightly 88 year grandmother? A challenge indeed, however after much discussion and some thought, the option of a self-catering villa with pool in Corfu with CV Villas presented itself. Sun, sea and relaxation, with the traditional, friendly Greek hospitality, what could be better? Thankfully, everyone pretty quickly agreed.

Francis and his wife, mother in law, three children and son’s girlfriend had a truly wonderful time. For several years before she married, Francis’ wife had worked in Corfu, where her mother had visited her, so they had great fun introducing other members of the family to old friends and reminiscing about her very different life BC (before children!). A villa holiday works so well as there is a fixed base for everyone, along with the freedom and choice to explore altogether or in smaller groups. Francis gives the example of a day when he and his wife took a cultural trip to Albania (it’s actually remarkably close and full of unspoilt Roman remains), a brave grandma took her granddaughters girly shopping, while his son and girlfriend lounged by the pool. They then met up for dinner in a local, favourite taverna, and regaled each other with tales of the various interesting outings and loungings. 

Kaminaki, CorfuIt sounded as if this leisurely family meal every evening was a lynch pin of the holiday, an opportunity to catch up, swop anecdotes and plan the next day’s activities. The discussions at one such meal resulted in a fabulous day out on a luxurious motor boat for everyone, visiting the beautiful, deserted coves the island is so famous for, with stops for those under 30 to dive and swim. A lazy, chilled out day for the entire family, in perfect surroundings.

The holiday was such a roaring success, that Francis and his family will be repeating it this year, with one minor, very useful improvement, the villa will be a bit closer to a village so they can walk to the tavernas for that lovely drink and dinner. Now that sounds like an excellent plan! 

Silver Travel Advisor recommends CV Villas for villa holidays in the Greek Islands and a range of other destinations.

56 people found this feature helpful

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  • pier54
    about 1 year ago
    Bellissimo fare il tour "le ville della famiglia Durrell" a Corfu' da non perdere assolutamente per i fan della serie e per il libro che io adoro. Al borgo di Kalami qui infatti proprio sul mare sorge una grande casa bianca dove visse la famiglia Durrell negli anni 30. oggi la White House ospita appartamenti vacanze e un ristorante. Nel negozio di fronte vendono libri dei Durrell, videocassette o t-shirt come souvenirs da non perdere!
  • TS_1
    about 6 years ago
    Wonderful place to be in the summer!
  • JulieNic
    about 6 years ago
    Was drawn to this blog by the title as I loved the book.
    Sounds like a great extended family holiday in a lovely country.
    Sun, sea and relaxation - ideal.
    Agree that a villa nearer in walking distance to the taverna is a good choice.