The Silver Traveller Magazine 2017 Issue 1

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Date published: 12 Dec 16

The Silver Traveller 2017 Issue 1Our new edition of The Silver Traveller 2017 Issue 1

We are delighted to bring you the latest edition of The Silver Traveller. As ever, it’s full of interesting travel articles about holidays in the UK and overseas, many of them written by people just like you!   

Our cover girl, Angela Rippon will be well known to many of you, and her article on Bhutan shares insights on page 9 into this almost mythical country. We found her 2016 TV series, How to Stay Young, fascinating.

Joanna LumleyDavid Blunkett is an inspiration to us all: have guide dog, will travel is his motto. And what’s even more admirable is his desire to make life easier for other travellers who need assistance too. Read more on page 19.

Glamourous Jan Leeming and Joanna Lumley both make appearances on page 8. Whoever said that being 70, as Joanna now is, meant taking a back seat and sitting quietly at home? These women are still globetrotting and adventuring!

Jan LeemingYou can also find out about Celia Sandys’ travels with her grandfather, Winston Churchill, in the 1960s and what she’s up to now. 

This year we have added the Travel Directory as an insert, so you can find it easily and use the contact details simply. 

To order your free copy, visit this page now.  

If you’ve received a copy of previous editions of The Silver Traveller through the post, please wait until mid-January before ordering – you should be sent one automatically!

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