The Silver Traveller First Edition 2019

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We are pleased to bring you the more recent edition of our magazine, full of interesting articles about holidays you might enjoy in the UK, Europe and further afield. We take a look at holidays in the UK, trips in Europe and beyond, as well as ocean cruising on ships of all sizes and river cruises in Europe and Asia.

The Silver Traveller MagazineFind out more about

  • Pet friendly holidays in Europe
  • Rail journeys around the world, including the UK
  • John Suchet is keen to river cruise
  • Solo traveller trips – without the supplement
  • Meet Nick Wilkinson who runs Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Visit Mediterranean islands in the sun

Our useful Travel Directory comes with the magazine, with contact details for all the travel companies and cruise lines we partner with, as we're confident they provide a good service for mature travellers. We also give information on accessible and care assisted holidays, with adapted transport too, so you can get to your destination in comfort.

To request a free printed copy of The Silver Traveller and/or one of our range of helpful mini-guides, please click here.

Alaska Railroad Goldstar Viewing Platform
Poppy out and about in France
Africat Reserve Namibia

13 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Southwinds
    3 months ago
    A good read....I wonder if UK holidays are gaining popularity now due to the dreaded "B " uncertainty.?
    The exchange rate itsmt doing us any favours now when overseas.
  • Jeannies
    4 months ago
    Glad that you can still receive a printed copy.