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Silver Travel RadioFor a number of years, The Silver Travel Show was a fixture on The Wireless from Age UK, now sadly off-air. Presented by Jennie Carr from Silver Travel Advisor featuring destinations experts who shared their real experiences from around the world as well as some well-known names from the world of entertainment and travel writing.

Happily, the Silver Travel podcast has been created for Boom Radio, where Jennie is once again broadcasting on a station with two of her favourite DJs, David Hamilton and Graham Dene. Their holiday tales below are hilarious.

Below are just a few of our favourite interviews for you to listen to and enjoy:

David ‘Diddy’ Hamilton talked to the Silver Travel Show holidays of his lifetime, working on British Forces radio in Germany, trips to South Africa and houses in Turkey.

The Silver Travel Show was delighted to talk to Graham Dene about California, Austria and Sir Cliff Richard.

Jennie talked to Bill Bryson about his ‘One Summer, America 1927’

Kiki Dee tells the Silver Travel Show all about the Holidays of her lifetime.

Cheryl Baker, Eurovision winner, singer and broadcaster shared tales of her holidays and travels with Jennie on the Silver Travel Show in July 2014.

The late John Honeywell discusses the state and art of cruising in 2016.

Jennie talked to the late travel writer, blogger and journalist Captain Greybeard aka John Honeywell about the joys of cruising and if it is a holiday suited to absolutely everyone.  Listen to Parts 1 & 2.

Find out about Yolanda Zappaterra’s book Escape London.

Yolanda Zappaterra and Jan Fuscoe talk about their book, Skylines.


370 people found this feature helpful

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  • Silver-Travel-Advisor
    almost 7 years ago
    Hello, the show goes out on DAB, so the way to find The Wireless is under the alphabetic list, either T or W. Or you can listen online, click on the highlight in paragraph 1. And a new way is via digital TV, the 700+ numbers are radio and you should find The Wireless there. The station doesn't have an FM frequency.
  • exjuju
    almost 7 years ago
    Radio wavelength would be very useful
  • coolonespa
    over 7 years ago
    Loved the interview with Kiki Dee, although a little disappointed it didn't end with a Kiki / Jennie duet.
  • coolonespa
    over 7 years ago
    An excellent interview (Parts 1 & 2) with Captain Greybeard. I'm thinking Jonathan Ross must be nervously looking over his shoulder wondering if he'll be replaced by the Jennie show.
  • bee82
    over 8 years ago
    Brilliant show last week - loved the Kiki Dee interview