Silver Travel Cook Club - November 2020

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Silver Travel Cook Club

This month’s Silver Travel Cook Club features a recipe for easy-to-make 3-ingredient scones from our friends at MindforYou. 

And you could win a voucher for free 'Joy Inside' sessions and a copy of The Healthy Mind Cookbook by Rebecca Katz, with big-flavour recipes from the top 20 brain-boosting foods!

MindforYou are passionate about opening up the world of holidays to everyone on their dementia journey. They bring joy by providing unique, life-enhancing, year-round specialist holidays in Scotland, Wales and England to people living with dementia, to their family and their friends. 

With a high staff to guest ratio MindForYou work to support everyone throughout the holiday to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for people living with dementia, for their relatives and for carers.

Sadly, traditional holidays have been curtailed by the Covid-19 crisis, but MindforYou have been working hard to transport holiday experiences into the home environment. Their new service, The Joy Inside, provides creativity, smiles, joy and laughter at home through poetry, art, board games, birdwatching, cooking and much more.

MindForYou Monthly Activity packSign up here to receive these regular monthly activity packs from MindforYou direct to your doorstep. 

In the kitchen, The Joy Inside includes food riddles, tips on food deliveries and how to keep your food fresher for longer, as well as some of the much-loved recipes from their holidays. Just click on the image of the food-themed activity pack on the right-hand side to see a digital version of all this mouth-watering information, including an amazingly easy scone recipe.

This recipe originally came from a 95-year-old lady living in Australia, and is easy so that everyone can get involved in the baking fun.

Recipe: 3-ingredient Scones

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Total time: 35 minutes
Serves: 4


  • 525g / 3½ self-raising flour (plus some for dusting)
  • 250ml / 1 cup heavy cream
  • 250ml / 1 cup lemonade (yes you read that right)


SconesPreheat oven to 200°C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until the flour is combined. Try not to over mix as it will make the scones dense! 

Turn out onto a floured surface and knead gently 4/5 times, then gently pat the mixture out until it is around 2.5 cm / 1 inch thick (don’t use a rolling pin!) 

Use a round cutter or tumbler to cut your scones from the mixture, press straight up and down, don’t twist. 

Place on your baking tray leaving enough space, so they don’t touch each other, and lightly brush the tops with some milk (if you have some in your fridge, if not don’t worry this isn’t essential). 

Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown! 

Take out and leave to cool, before enjoying with copious amounts of cream and home-made jam.

How to win a voucher for free 'Joy Inside' sessions from MindForYou and a copy of The Healthy Mind Cookbook by Rebecca Katz

The Healthy Mind Cookbook

What is your first food memory? MindForYou voucher for Joy Inside SessionsNibbling away on a Farley's rusk? A slice of dodgy cheese pie at primary school? That exotic pasta adventure on a family holiday in Italy?

Tell us about your first food memory and the best entry will win the 'Joy Inside' voucher and a copy of The Healthy Mind Cookbook.

Read more about all of our Silver Travel Cook Club recipes.


189 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 12 Comment(s)

  • plee
    10 months ago
    My first food memory was at a Christmas party held in Essex for all the children of parents that worked at the Clarke's shoe factory. We were on the top floor of the factory and Father Christmas came with his team of elves to give presents to all of us. We ate strawberry jelly and tiny butterfly chocolate cakes with butter cream and studded with chocolate buttons. I will never forget the excitement mixed with the taste of chocolate.
  • PropertyInvestor
    10 months ago
    Oh boo hoo
  • carterdunn
    10 months ago
    My first food memory?
    My mum churning out various cakes, flans and pancakes on one of her "baking days".
    Mind you, they were quite frequent, as my and my dad demolished everything produced.
  • ESW
    10 months ago
    Most of my memories come from school dinners... Gypsy tart, butterscotch pudding, jelly with swirls of 'shaving soap ' cream and cheesy potatoes....

    Mum did try making cheesy potatoes at home, but they just weren't the same!

    Do you remember Cremola? This was a treat for Sunday tea but disappeared from the shelves years and years ago. There was also another packet mix which separated into three layers I think it was called honeycomb mould...
  • SilverTravelEditor
    11 months ago
    Some wonderful early food memories coming in. Thanks everyone for digging back into your memory banks, and if you haven't already read it I can highly recommend 'Toast' by Nigel Slater. It's the story about his childhood, told with a 'food soundtrack'. Both nostalgic and poignant.

    One of my own first food memories is probably Mum's lemon meringue pie. She wasn't a brilliant cook, to be honest, but the pie - made with a packet of Royal lemon meringue pie mix - after a Sunday roast was the highlight of my culinary childhood. Until we discovered exotic spag bol.....
  • sefalleyne
    11 months ago
    My Mum used to make a trifle, topped with a layer of tinned Nestles cream, we thought it was a real treat in the 1950's!
  • Hardyplant
    11 months ago
    When I was around two I remember something that in our family we called `MOF`; I don't know what it really was but M.O.F was the initial letters from Ministry of Food, that was printed on the packet. It was made into a milk pudding - similar to flaked rice or semolina - and I guess it was made available by the government just after WW2 to provide nutrition to babies and toddlers. I loved it and can picture myself sitting at the kitchen table in our little house in Boscombe polishing off a bowlful. I also enjoyed a daily spoonful of lovely treacly cod liver oil and malt and a strange tasting orange juice that probably also had vitamins added. Happy days.
  • doublet
    11 months ago
    Going outside with a baking bowl in order to lick it clean and being told not to drop it. You can guess the next part!
  • menina
    11 months ago
    Mint. I have always been very aware of the smell of things and the connection with taste that is so important. As a very small girl I loved being in my granny cooks garden especially in the herb area. I loved pressing the leaves of lemon balm and chives etc but the strong smell of both peppermint and ordinary mint and that lovely sitting in the sun and pressing the leaves and then eating a leaf. I have only to chop up mint for sauce today and the smell takes me back to that lovely memory, Smells reawaken appetites and encourage you to try new things. If you have a heavy cold and can not smell much well you will find how that really affects your ability to eat well
  • Ozdevon
    11 months ago
    My first food memory is eating mandarins straight off the tree at my grandparents' house. You guessed it, not in the UK! The tree was heavy with fruit & they were so easy to peel.
  • Woofles
    11 months ago
    My first food memory is as a little girl, going to my great aunt’s for tea. She was a fabulous cook who made the most amazing cakes - so light and fluffy. The one I remember is her Victoria Sponge, it stood so high on the plate and was full of jam and buttercream with a dusting of icing sugar on top. I remember that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bite from top to bottom in one go, although I had a lot of fun trying!
  • you
    11 months ago
    I have chosen NOT to recall food memories from the dim and distant past.....
    The nicest [ and most welcome] item of food I have been given was an iceberg lettuce , given to me when my husband visited me in hospital ....I really do not like food cooked or mixed up, so this was the ideal 'get well gift' for me.....[I still cook 'normal' food for other people though]