Silver Travel Cook Club - November 2019

Emerald Waterways' Recipe of the Month

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Silver Travel Cook ClubEmerald WaterwaysThis month’s Silver Travel Cook Club features a generous helping of the classic Austrian dessert Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel) courtesy of Emerald Waterways, inspired by their fabulous Danube river cruises through the foothills of the Austrian Alps and between four capital cities, including Vienna - as famous for its cakes and pastries as for its musical heritage.

And you could win an Emerald Waterways goodie bag and a copy of Austrian Desserts: More Than 400 Recipes for Cakes, Pastries, Strudels, Tortes, and Candies.

Emerald Waterways on board chefAboard their cutting-edge ‘Star-Ships’, Emerald Waterways’ experienced chefs take great pride in preparing dishes to the highest standards, and in ensuring that their menus showcase the fantastic regional cuisines of Europe. Four-course dinners each evening feature international and regional specialities, and dessert tables offering collections of fine sweets. Delicious wine is included at lunchtime and dinner on board. 

Their river cruises include inspiring days ashore into the very heart of each town and city, led by knowledgeable and experienced guides whose stories and insights bring the cultural history to life. There’s also the chance to visit the home of a local family to hear about the traditions and folklore of the region over coffee and cake. 

Delights of the Danube

Munich to Budapest river cruising

Emerald WaterwaysEmerald Waterways’ best-selling itinerary Danube Delights offers the perfect introduction to river cruising in Europe. Natural beauty is plentiful as this mighty waterway courses along the foothills of the Austrian Alps to the picturesque Wachau Valley, the cities of Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, and a string of historic towns and cities. Celebrate the ancient as it co-exists with the modern in the Austrian and Hungarian capitals, and join guided walks along the cobblestone streets of Regensburg and Passau in Germany, perhaps also enjoying a performance by a traditional Bavarian band. The extra-special EmeraldPLUS excursions and experiences reach into the heart of local culture giving a deeper understanding of life along the Danube River.  

Departure dates and pricing:

  • 8 days, April-October 2020
  • Prices from £1,495pp including flights, tips, excursion options and wine and beer at lunch and dinner.      

Recipe: Emerald Waterways’ Favourite Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Ingredients (serves 4-6):


Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)Preheat the oven to 190°C / 170°C Fan/Gas 5. Line a baking tray with baking parchment.

Mix the apples with the cinnamon, lemon zest and juice, sugar and raisins. In a small frying pan, melt 20g / ¾oz butter and fry the breadcrumbs until golden brown, then add to the apple mixture.

Melt the remaining butter in a pan. On a clean, dry tea towel lay a sheet of the filo and brush with some of the melted butter. Lay another sheet on top and repeat until you have used all of the filo.

Pile the filling along the length of the pastry along one side about 2-3cm / 1in from the edge and using the tea-towel to help you, roll the pastry up to enclose the filling. Tuck the ends in and roll seam-side down onto the lined baking sheet. Brush with the remaining melted butter.

Bake for 40-45 minutes, until golden-brown. Leave to cool and dust with icing sugar.

Austrian DessertsHow to win an Emerald Waterways goodie bag and a copy of Austrian Desserts full of delicious recipes

Simply tell us in the Comments section below about your favourite dessert. It doesn’t need to be Austrian – it could be a British traditional apple pie, an American cheesecake or a French pastry. We’d love to know, and the best entry will win a super Emerald Waterways goodie bag and copy of this fabulous book.

Read more about all of our Silver Travel Cook Club recipes.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 25 Comment(s)

  • Rowsie
    about 4 hours ago
    Rice Pudding! But not the type you buy in a tin, the type my mother used to make. It was always thick and had that brown skin on it. I have never been able to get it exactly the same.
  • susane
    about 20 hours ago
    I just love and always will Apple Crumble and Custard. Crunchy topping, melt in the mouth gooey apples and hot custard. I Want Some Now. mmm yummy.
  • oldlangelei
    about 20 hours ago
    It can only be the huge fluffy lemon meringue pie, full of flavour and tingling sweetness, that (I definitely believe!) got me through my Domestic Science 'O' level many, many years ago - and I still make it following that original recipe now.
  • oldlangelei
    about 20 hours ago
    Interesting - The old favourites seem to be the outstanding, continuous, lip-smacking yummies!!
  • Ozdevon
    2 days ago
    anything with a hot climate!
  • ZoshJosh
    3 days ago
    I like Polish babka -a light yeasty chocolate-y Bundt with chocolate icing.
  • Marpau
    3 days ago
    Tiramisu is my favourite
  • SheilaD
    4 days ago
    A favourite , particularly for my husband and dad, is bread and butter pudding made using brioche, and with the custard made using eggs and cream with a dash of rum. Alternative favourite it mixed berry brûlée,
  • Leah50
    5 days ago
    Sacher torte for me, rich dark chocolate cake & apricot jam is the most wonderful dessert ingredients pairing I know...just add cream.
  • seashelly
    5 days ago
    I love baked apples with cinamon in the autumn
  • SilverTravelEditor
    5 days ago
    I'm sitting at home on a cold English afternoon, drooling at the thought of eating one of happytraveller's panna cottas - with berries - at a tiny trattoria in the back streets of Bologna. But more realistically right now, an apple and berry crumble, so well described by Traveller10, could find its way to our Sunday lunch this weekend. But with custard, rather than yoghurt.


    Keep these sweet comments coming....
  • Sararose
    6 days ago
    I love bread and butter pudding if I make it myself. I make marmalade sandwiches and add sultanas or dried apricots drenched in an egg custard and liberally sprinkled with demerara sugar. I haven't made it for ages so perhaps it is time I did!! It is so much better than the pudding we had at school!!
  • ChristineT
    6 days ago
    I love all desserts! But a favourite has to be a creamy lemon tart with a serving of fresh raspberries on the side. Lovely.
  • Traveller10
    6 days ago
    The best dessert ever and one which always pleases everyone is apple and berry crumble. I add frozen berries to 2 Bramley apples with added cinnamon, and top the fruit with nuts and seeds mixed in with flour, dark brown sugar and butter. It's very healthy and very simple to make. A real winner every time, especially when served with organic ginger yoghurt!
  • happytraveller
    6 days ago
    Has to be Panna Cotta served with fresh berries, eaten on a warm summer evening in the garden.
  • Tiberius
    6 days ago
    My favourite dessert is Sachertorte served with a large dollop of double cream while sipping a melange coffee at Café Central on Herrengasse
  • SilverTravelEditor
    7 days ago
    My wife Gill's homemade vanilla cheesecake has to be up there. With a crushed gingernut biscuit base, and a creamy, cheesy topping that sticks to the tongue and teeth for a good few hours after you've licked the last spoonful, I'm struggling to think of a more yummy dessert.
  • lionpops
    8 days ago
    My favourite desert comes from childhood and is just a simple treat that evokes memories from that time.
    Bananas and custard. Just slice a ripe banana into a dish. Top with homemade Birds Custard(to which I add a small can of Carnation evaporated milk) Sprinkle with desiccated coconut. Top with a glacé cherry. Serve chilled from fridge.
  • Honee
    9 days ago
    My favourite dessert has to be fresh profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce poured over them and filled with fresh cream. Nothing beats this - it's even worth the calories!
  • ESW
    9 days ago
    Christmas pudding, dark and rich, with lots of fruit and rum sauce (made with plenty of rum!)
  • Deborahp
    9 days ago
    My favourite dessert has to be trifle , a thin layer of finger sponges soaked in sherry ( let’s stick to the original version) a generous layer of creamy custard topped with beautifully whipped cream ( feel free to add sprinkles or fresh fruit on the top ) and enjoy with family and friends, perfect . Xx
  • Lauralollipop
    10 days ago
    I love strawberry cheesecake any type of cheesecake really xxx
  • DesiMontyRS
    10 days ago
    My favourite dessert has got to be Tiramisu. Love the mixture of chocolate and rum. (I used to hate rum!)
  • Lee-and-Kay
    11 days ago
    Without doubt, my favourite dessert is the humble crepe, or pancake - with lemon & caster sugar, apricot jam or orange sauce (the legendary 'Crepe Suzette' dubiously attributed to Henri Charpentier, a young Monte Carlo waiter at the end of the 19th century).
    The problem is that my wife hates making them, always says 'they are a disaster' despite them being perfectly delicious, and we don't live anywhere near a Creperie!!
    That apart, we had some delicious warm local Apfelstrudel with a coffee in Rudesheim on Tuesday afternoon, so cannot wait to try the recipe above - thank you for that!
  • Juliacat
    11 days ago
    It has to be the legendary Sachertorte that I tasted in Vienna. It was invented by a 16 year old pastry chef Frank Sacher and the Hotel Sacher in Vienna still serves the most authentic sachertorte with a chocolate trademark on each slice! It’s really worth visiting just to taste this wonderful creation.