Silver Travel Cook Club - July 2021

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Silver Travel Cook ClubCelebrity CruisesThis month’s Silver Travel Cook Club features a recipe for Cod Basquaise inspired by sponsor Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises serve this delicious dish at Luminae, the dedicated restaurant for the cruise line’s Suite Class.

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Recipe: Cod Basquaise

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes


  • 1 pan-seared cod fish (7 oz/200gr skin on)
  • 1 cup/8oz/226gr piperrade with Iberico ham
  • 5 crispy chunky potatoes
  • 3 confit cherry tomatoes
  • 5 clams
  • 1 garlic clove, thin slices
  • 2 tbs/30gr extra virgin olive oil 
  • 3 tbs/30gr parsley, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup/2oz/56gr white wine
  • ¼ cup/2oz/56gr fish fumet or fish stock
  • 3 parsley leaves


Heat a sauté pan to smoking point, add extra virgin olive oil and garlic, cooked until the garlic starts to become lightly golden coloured.

Add clams and stir, add white wine and cover with the lid until it starts to steam and the clams open.

Cod BasquaiseRemove clams from the pan and set aside.

Add to the same pan the confit tomatoes, fish fumet and piperrade, stir well and warm up.

Place back the clams, add the chopped parsley and stir well.

Start plating by putting one large spoon of piperrade in the centre of the plate.

Add the seared cod fish on top.

Then add rest of piperrade, confit tomatoes and clams around the fish.

Add crispy chunky potatoes around too.

Garnish with parsley leaves.

Daniel: My French CuisineHow to win a copy of 'Daniel: My French Cuisine' by Daniel Boulud

Luminae, the restaurant for suite guests on board Celebrity Beyond offers an exceptional dining experience.  

Simply add a comment at the end of this page to tell us about your favourite fish dish ever.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 12 Comment(s)

  • DRSask
    about 2 months ago
    I have many favourites when it comes to fish, not the least is fish and chips from the Swan in Southport! However, the best fish I've ever had was at the Westmark Whitehorse Inn in the Yukon. It was a trio of beer battered fish - halibut, Artic Char and shrimp. The Artic Char was fabulous and a fish I will always now buy when I can find it in the shops.
  • you
    about 2 months ago
    I do not have a favourite dish... Varity is, after all, the spice of life.
  • Kay9
    about 2 months ago
    In Chile we had the most amazing seafood including sea anemone and eel,but clam chowder was outstanding on Xmas day in Vina del mar
  • Ken-Baines
    about 2 months ago
    My first ever fish dish at Oistins in Barbados, such a wonderful atmosphere and delicious food!
  • GypsyWanderer
    2 months ago
    How many times have I decided on spaghetti alle vongole during my sixteen years of living in Italy and eating in trattorias surrounded by Italians. This dish has to be my favourite being so light, easy, clean, and packed with flavour. Back in England now I am missing it. So simple to make. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Easyliving
    2 months ago
    I have been making this fish dish for over 40 years which I found in a Danish inspired cookbook.
    It's named Salmon Louise (no idea who Louise was but she certainly deserves our thanks!)
    Salmon fillets (Scottish or Norwegian are our preference) lightly roasted in the oven and served with a warm cherry tomato, sliced spring onion and red pepper salsa... creme fraiche with chopped capers on the side - coupled with jersey royal potatoes and fresh asparagus....
  • Lottie
    2 months ago
    A few years ago for a celebratory birthday we enjoyed a stay on Saint Martin in the Caribbean. It was a fabulous holiday and although we stayed on the dutch side we enjoyed many sailing and boat trips around the island. One of these trips was a boat trip to the french side of the island for dinner. We were served drinks of our choice on the boat and the scene was set for an exciting ride not least as we saw a very official boat speedily approaching us and after a brief exchange with the crew uniformed police officers climbed aboard glancing around at everyone. You could almost hear all thinking and looking for who was most likely to be the criminal among us. Alas the excitement of a possible criminal aboard ended soon after as papers were checked and a cursory glance around the cabin was made before the very handsome officers climbed back to their own boat and sped away. Seemingly, spot checks are carried out as drug smuggling had been prominent at that time.

    At the start of our boat trip to the french side we had been given a few choices of menu in order that dishes could be prepared. I decided to go with the dish of the day of which I had no idea what it was but I like to try different things on holiday so was happy to taste whatever local dish this may have been. Also as the boat trip had not been very expensive I was not expecting much. On arrival to the french side we were taken to a lovely restaurant, introduced to the lovely female french chef who told us the dish of the day was Turbot which she would prepare in a light orange and shallot sauce and giving anyone the chance to change their order if they wished. Wow, when this dish arrived I was blown away. I have never had a better fish dish anywhere. It was absolutely delicious. We had starters, sweets and accompaniments but I can only remember the fish as it was superbly prepared and didn't need any supporting acts to entice the taste buds.

    To be honest I don't think we could buy a piece of Turbot here for the price of the boat trip and meal at at time as the exchange rate was so good for us. We did tip very well though.
  • ESW
    2 months ago
    The family burst out laughing when I asked about favourite fish dishes. They have more memories of my disasters than successes. There was the shark bought from Hull Market, to find out what it was like (rubber) or the fish in cider casserole dish which sounded wonderful when I read the recipe. As soon as I smelt it cooking, I knew it was going to be a disaster. I never lived that one down. I won’t mention the whale eaten in Greenland...

    On a more positive note, one of the best fish dishes was Cullen Skink and eating it in Cullen just added to the whole experience. It was a cold and wet day and the big bowl of steaming soup came out with home made oatcakes. It tasted wonderful. Attempts to repeat the dish at home have never quite been the same.

    I also remember the fish chowder in Newfoundland too - again a similar recipe and again eaten on a cold and wet day. It was filled with all sorts of different types of fish too.
  • you
    2 months ago
    I do not eat cooked food very often but this book would be a nice gift for my teenage Grandchildren who do like to cook.
  • philatel
    2 months ago
    Mine is probably too boring to be included - but cod mornay in a beautiful cheesy sauce is my favourite dish.
  • Lauralollipop
    2 months ago
    My favourite fish dish what I came across in Marbella Spain a wonderful restaurant can't remember the name of the dish but it was cod done in a cheese sauce with spinach with toasted breadcrumbs in a huge bowl omg it was delicious ! Even the thought of it is amazing loved x think it was called cod mornay something like that x
  • yorkshirecat
    3 months ago
    My favourite fish dish ever has to be the thick and creamy clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl that I enjoyed at Brophy Bros. in Santa Barbara, California where my eldest son lives. We had a table overlooking the harbour with the sun setting over the Pacific. This soup was so filling I barely had space for the main meal of equally delicious fish, fries and slaw - maybe you're not supposed to eat the 'bowl'?