Silver Travel Book Club - November 2020

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Silver Travel Book Club

Each month, we'll find out what Andrew is reading about a different destination, and two lucky Silver Travel Book Club readers can win a free copy of the month's book.

HF HolidaysThis month the Silver Travel Book Club – proudly sponsored by
HF Holidays – is reading Between the Orange Groves by Nadia Marks.

In a small village, set among the wild mountains of Cyprus, two families of different faiths share a seemingly unbreakable friendship based on mutual respect and deep affection. Mothers and daughters share their daily secrets, fathers and sons support each other as they live their lives between the fragrant pine trees and orange groves. It’s here that two boys, Lambros and Orhan, grow up side by side, as close as brothers. Their lives are inextricably linked, but as their fortunes shift and time passes, an unforgivable act of betrayal takes place, setting in motion a chain of events that tears the two friends and their entire families apart.

Many decades later and now an old man living in London, Lambros decides to share his painful memories with his daughter Stella; transporting her back to an island brimming with passion and at its heart a scandal that still haunts those involved. Is it too late for forgiveness? Or can the next generation embark on a journey of their own to help mend the damage done all those years ago?

Our sponsor HF Holidays is hoping we can escape to some safe destinations for some winter sun in the coming months. Let’s take a look at this one in beautiful Cyprus, with details of others below.


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HF Holidays - Cyprus
HF Holidays - Cyprus

Between the Orange Groves by Nadia MarksHow to win a copy of 'Between the Orange Groves' by Nadia Marks

We know that travelling this winter is going to be very different for many of you with the current uncertainties. Imagining a world without Covid-19, where would you like to escape to for a week or more? Would it be sun or snow? Europe or far away?

Simply add a comment at the end of this page to tell us where you dream of spending a winter holiday and the best two entries will win a copy of this book.

Read more about all of our Silver Travel Book Club books.

40 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 36 Comment(s)

  • KimMurray
    5 days ago
    Love snow, pray every year we are going to get some especially at Christmas but here in the UK it's very hit and miss so Aspen in Colorado would be amazing x
  • Londonwidow
    7 days ago
    I would like to travel as much as I can for as long as I can . Another world cruise would be nice !!
  • ak152
    10 days ago
    I would love to go camping in Alaska - ok we have done it many times with a VW camper when we were lucky enough to live there but now I would love to go back and rent a a camper van with facilities - if you know what i mean! Drive north from Anchorage - stopover at Denali - onto Fairbanks then drive back down to Valdez, Ferry over Prince William Sound to Whittier then drive on down to Seward. Prefer Seward to Homer. Then you would turn in the motor home and recover on a 7 night cruise ship voyage back down to the lower 48!
  • Jdv
    11 days ago
    Six years ago my husband and I hired a camper van for 6 weeks in New Zealand in the spring. We could stop where we wanted and ‘free camped’ most of the time only staying in campsites so we catch up on the washing and have a good hot shower. The New Zealander were so friendly and as the tourist season had not started we were able to see all the sites and visit the various tourist attractions without having to queue. The towns, beaches, the beautiful forests and the wonderful friendly New Zealanders will forever be in my hearts. I would go back in a heartbeat if it was not so far.
  • Babz
    12 days ago
    I would like to escape to Cyprus for a week or more, mainly for the sun but also to visit the Trudos mountains where there's snow. My cousin has lived in Paphos in Cyprus for over 10 years so I would love to be able to fly over to see him and his wife.
  • plee
    14 days ago
    I would love to be on the Greek Island of Symi. The visitors have gone and I would share the island with the locals. The festival of panormitis would take place - hawkers from all over Greece come to provide goods and delicious foods. In my downtime I would swim everyday in the Aegean sea and walk amidst the herb strewn mountains. After church the local women still dressed in black would offer me oranges and sweet pastries. Winter on Symi feels like I have returned to a better time.
  • jaxb
    14 days ago
    We should have been in Vietnam this Christmas, not to mention Alaska and Japan earlier in the year. So these must be top of the list. We don't have many years of affordable travel insurance left now, so although travel is a luxury, we do feel time slipping by and opportunities missed.
  • SilverTravelUser_4342
    14 days ago
    It has to be Mauritius for me. We were there for a holiday last December when my husband was taken ill, we spent half the holiday in hospital and the rest at the resort. The views from the hospital room were fabulous but we’d love to go back and see something of this wonderful island.
  • Jeanette-Purvis
    18 days ago
    I would love to visit St Lucia in the Bahamas. It's somewhere an old friend of mine used to go every year with her husband and listening to her experiences made me feel that life was for living no matter what age. It's a place of Sun, lovely beaches, Happiness, and Relaxation. The perfect place during this Covid19. What we could all do with at the moment is a great holiday.
  • carterdunn
    18 days ago
    No contest!
  • Haitch
    21 days ago
    I would love to go to Northern Cyprus, the weather is delightful as are the people and in Kyrenia there is an Anglican Church so it s possible to attend Christmas celebrations
  • SilverTravelEditor
    24 days ago
    Thanks for all these wonderfully varied wish-lists of where you'd like to visit this winter in a Covid-free world.
    @doublet - anywhere with a sunny sky, a golden beach and a cold mojito certainly sounds pretty appealing right now!
    And fingers crossed that those who are missing out on planned trips to celebrate big birthdays or other special occasions can reschedule and get there before too much longer.
    Please keep telling us where you dream of spending a winter holiday to be in with a chance of winning a copy of 'Between the Orange Groves', this month's Book Club read set in Cyprus.
  • SuzCG
    25 days ago
    We should have been spending the festive season in Dubai and that so isn't happening now...

    But actually, more than anything right now, I'd just like to be able to go and visit my very aging parents in the North West - who we haven't been able to visit in months now. A shuffle round the local wetland centre with a warming drink & cake in a cafe afterwards is all I dream of for now!
  • GypsyWanderer
    26 days ago
    A world without Covid 19. How wonderful.
    My bucket list would be revisited. I want to do the North West passage, snow, ice, sunshine, walrus, polar bears, Inuits and their life style, their culture their country.
    Then there is that trip to Tristan da Cunha which can only be visited from Cape Town so taking in a safari and exploring Cape Town before leaving on the five day crossing, ten day visit and five day return journey.
    Oh, but what about India? I have never been and............

  • sefalleyne
    26 days ago
    I would love to visit New Zealand and Australia to see relatives and travel to parts I missed out on the first time round
  • AlisonM
    26 days ago
    My niece is a student mental health nurse, and in 2019 went on a placement to St George's on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. She bought me back some nutmegs, and after seeing her photos and hearing about her experiences, I would love to visit to smell the nutmeg and vanilla on the island's spice plantations for myself.
  • Hardyplant
    27 days ago
    Possibly Marrakech as I'd like to see Le Jardin Majorelle and I love Moroccan design; staying in a tranquil riad would be perfect.
  • doublet
    27 days ago
    Where there is a sunny sky, a golden beach and a cold mojito just within reach!
  • menina
    27 days ago
    I always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands and was planning on carrying on my saving towards this . However that is well on the back burner now but would love to go to Maderia again. I lived in Portugal for two years and so speak portuguese and am keen on gardening. So I had a marvellous time in a hotel well away from Funchal and spent time going on the levadas and looking at gardens and it would be lovely to go there again. But for the moment I would just be glad to go either to Tresco or any Scilly Isles or totally opposite would like to go up to aberdeenshire and just feel free to go where I pleased.
  • philatel
    27 days ago
    At the moment, I would be pleased to go anywhere - I would love to go on another safari and also to return to Egypt, I am passing my time in lockdown reading books about other countries - very interesting way to pass the time.
  • Slackdad1
    28 days ago
    Greece of course!
  • Jules123
    28 days ago
    I wanted to go to Hawaii for my 60th but had to spend it at home in lockdown so that is where I want to go.
  • Ozdevon
    28 days ago
    Somewhere far away taking plenty of reading material with me. A return to Chile is on my wish list so I should start reading more literature from that enticing country.
  • Deli
    28 days ago
    Escaping into a book is the best we can do at the moment! But in real life my favourite winter holiday is to a lovely ski resort, where I can speak another language and try different food and drink! Oh and ski! Heaven!
  • you
    28 days ago
    CYPRUS is a lovely island.....If only we could visit it.....