Lockdown Greek island hopping with Glynis

Date published: 05 May 20

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Glynis imagines her Sunvil holiday… from home

Glynis at home
Glynis in Santorini

The olive trees are in bud, the bougainvillea is blooming, the wine and the Retsina is calling me – you don't need to guess where I am as Greece is on my mind, but sadly I am here safely isolated with my world map sitting on my knee looking at all the places I have had the good luck and pleasure to visit and Greece is where I want to be right now.

"Ti kanis" means "how are you" in Greek, well, we are fine and longing to travel but, in this strange time we are living in, we have to relax sit back and think about going to the Greek Islands and perhaps learn a little more of the Greek language.

Our adventure this May was to go island hopping with Sunvil Holidays to Lefkas and Meganissi, two Greek Islands that we haven't visited before. I wanted to relive my youth and just sail away and visit as many islands as I could but time was pressing (well it used to be!) and we chose these two beautiful islands to 'hop' around during our limited time.

My fond memories of going to Greece fill me with the sunshine that Greece is famous for. Our trips to Corfu, Paxos, Kos, Santorini to name but a few keep drawing us back to experience the ambience and beauty of this part of the world.

There are over 200 inhabited islands in Greece and over 6,000 isles of varying sizes all together. The islands have their own character, from the white-washed cave homes of the Cyclades to the Dodecanese capped with Crusader castles.

Greece has wonderful tavernas where you can sit and watch amazing sunsets and eat food that only tastes 'that' good in this setting.

The Greek people want you to be happy and to relax with food and wine and grow into your surroundings. Enjoy beautiful scenery, the sparkling warm sea, shimmering sun and maybe the tinkling of goat bells in the distance then you know you are in the land of the Ancient Greek Gods.

Staying at home and dreaming is all we can do at the moment as we stay in lockdown, looking at brochures, or checking out the web sites and planning for our next trip to Greece.

Our Sunvil Holiday will be postponed until later this year or maybe next year but the warm welcome we remember will be there waiting for us as we eat our olives, look at the beautiful bourgenvillia and watch the sunset drinking our Retsina as we say we are "poli kala" - we are very well, at last.

Silver Travel Advisor recommends Sunvil.

61 people found this feature helpful

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