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Date published: 13 Jan 21

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Boom Radio

When Phil Riley and David Lloyd stepped down from senior roles in the radio industry five years ago, they rather thought their exciting journey in the media world was largely over.

But then came the realisation that a generation was being left behind.  Which radio station now plays a blend of bright music which recognises the greats – the music from the ‘60s and ‘70s, alongside the pivotal tracks from the 50s alongside music from the ‘80s and the best of more recent tracks?  Which radio station has presenters who remember this hugely influential music – and who can chat about the things that we, rather than our lovely grandchildren, relate to?

Boom Radio - Graham DeneA plan was hatched to build a new station: Boom Radio – taking its name from the baby boomers – the original tastemakers. With backing from family, friends and old colleagues the station comes on air on Valentine’s Day.

Presenters recruited include David Hamilton, who entertained the nation on the BBC through the ‘70s and ‘80s, plus other names such as Graham Dene, Nicky Horne, Roger Day and Les Ross who became well-known to their listeners from their days in pirate and early commercial radio.

Try Boom Radio – online across the UK on your smart speaker, tablet or phone – and, in some areas such as London, on your DAB radio too.  And – of course – you’ll also hear regular features on-air from Silver Travel Advisor – a monthly podcast and in the future, The Silver Travel Show!

Listen to the first Silver Travel Podcast, featuring Michelle Laverick of HF Holidays, Peter Shanks from Silversea, John Warr of Wendy Wu Tours, Richard Villar and our own Debbie Marshall.

This second Silver Travel podcast, focussing on the UK, takes you to Scotland with Julie Dubois Marshall of St Hilda Sea Adventures, around the UK on a coach tour from the Coach Tourism Association’s chair, Robert Shaw, on activity short breaks, coast and country, organised by Radek Nowak of Intrepid Travel and finally, to Cumbria and the Lake District with Kim Brough from Sally’s Cottages.

Find out more at – and let them know your ideas.

88 people found this feature helpful

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