Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel

Date published: 19 Nov 19

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Afternoon tea at Bournemouth West Cliff HotelWe arrived on a glorious sunny day and easily found the Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel in a quiet residential spot on the Durley Chine Road. The staff were very attentive and welcoming when we checked in, and informed us to register our car within 20 minutes of parking it by the hotel, which we did immediately. The hotel felt very modern having recently had a new addition incorporating the check- in desk, indoor swimming pool and gym, restaurant, bar and conservatory area by the private garden. I noticed the date 1891 on one side of the hotel, and there was some lovely Victorian decorated glass by the staircase.

I was just in time to enjoy a delicious full afternoon tea in the restaurant, with a lovely warm scone, with jam and cream. My choice of sandwiches was egg and cress, ham with mustard, and tuna. A glass of Prosecco comes with the spa afternoon tea. Andrew needed to help me out by eating the cheesecake after I had devoured the carrot cake slice and fantastic Victoria sandwich bun!

Bournemouth West Cliff HotelWe were delighted with our spacious well-appointed bedroom on the 3rd floor, with an elegantly tiled bathroom with a separate bath and shower. The hotel is quite large with over 80 rooms and we could choose between the staircase and lift according to how energetic we felt. Our window overlooked a local church and street, and every morning we could see the sun rise over Bournemouth. We could also watch the TV in comfy chairs after dinner.

Andrew found the bar food delicious that evening (I was still too full of afternoon tea!) and he selected a healthy thyme-roasted butternut squash, kale and pomegranate salad with generous chicken addition, with a lovely choice of puddings from fresh fruit salad, salted caramel sundae, profiteroles with Chantilly cream and treacle tart. There was a very quick and efficient service and the entire restaurant and bar staff spent time talking to guests about their day, and what they might do tomorrow, as well as checking everything was fine with the food and drink. I have never seen a happier team, and they made you feel part of the Boundless group who own the hotel now.

Bournemouth West Cliff HotelAfter a good night’s sleep in our comfy bed we went downstairs past the inviting swimming pool with some guests already swimming their lengths. We helped ourselves from the extensive breakfast selection, with fruit juices (including my favourite cranberry), cereals, croissants and the full cooked breakfast selection including mushrooms, eggs, bacon, beans etc, plus I could request my choice of skimmed milk or soya. I do prefer this buffet style self service breakfast so you can select your hot drink and make it how you like it, and eat as much or as little as you can manage. I noticed that on a Sunday lunch time they offer a buffet style brunch which includes a glass of fizz or milk shake for children.

We walked from the hotel and within 5 minutes we were in the renowned Upper Gardens with the lovely tropical ferns and flowers, past shops to the pier and award winning sandy beach, stretching out to Hengistbury Head, so we worked up a good appetite for our salmon dinner and cheesecake in the restaurant. The great thing about this hotel was that you could select from either the bar or restaurant menus so you had plenty of choice.

Bournemouth West Cliff HotelThe next morning after breakfast, and after talking to Tim Payne the General Manager who was around early as usual, I felt like trying out the recently upgraded spa. So I was soon enjoying a wonderful warm Jacuzzi before trying out the aromatherapy cave, followed by a sauna (hot!), steam room and finally a spell in the relaxation lounge. I felt with our walking, and finishing the break in the relaxing environment of the spa, our couple of days in the Bournemouth West Cliff hotel had lived up to the reputation of  being thoroughly spoilt in a super health resort. We will definitely be back, maybe to try out those various spa treatments!

Louise Hammond visited Bournemouth as a guest blogger and guest of the Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel and Spa. 

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300 people found this feature helpful

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  • LH
    11 months ago
    Bournemouth is currently Tier 2 so a great place for other Tier 2 visitors so I hope you can enjoy it.
  • GypsyWanderer
    11 months ago
    I love Bournemouth so really good to hear about a lovely place to stay and a spa is always a plus.
    Thank you Louise.