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Date published: 26 Feb 16

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The Hollies Bed and BreakfastThis draw is now closed.

This month we are offering a lucky reviewer the chance to visit The Hollies Bed and Breakfast in Snettisham, Norfolk and write for us.

The Hollies is a wonderful Grade II listed building that has been transformed by the designer, Shaun Clarkson, into a lavishly decorated house that oozes style, each room being totally original. Choose the Hollywood Room, the Red Room or perhaps the Versace Room for a utterly special experience. With custom made carpets and wall paper, marvellous, unique furniture and great attention to detail, this is a really spectacular place to stay! A bed and breakfast in a class of its own.  

Breakfast, as befits such a superb establishment, is fresh, with a full English option available, served in the attractive dining room.

The Hollies Bed and Breakfast

Our guest blogger and partner will stay for two nights on a B&B basis and sample all that this area of Norfolk has to offer. We are looking for someone to write two articles, each of 5/600 words with 3 or 4 photos, one on The Hollies and one on the area.    

Our guest bloggers visit hotels, generally in the UK, to review on our behalf.

What are you waiting for?

To enter simply post on this page in the Comments section, or go to the thread on our Forum and say why you feel that you would be the best Guest Blogger to review The Hollies for Silver Travel Advisor. You may have a link with Norfolk or a real wish to visit this area, or you may like the idea of travel writing, exploring this beautiful area and enjoying the designer accommodation. Draw closes 31 March 2016.

Terms & Conditions

Reservations made subject to availability. Offer does not include alcohol.

The Hollies Bed and Breakfast

28 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 14 Comment(s)

  • pink
    almost 4 years ago
    I’m struggling here, looking for something to convince you that I’m the best would-be Guest Blogger for The Hollies B&B. Perhaps I can dazzle you with my research skills? And my innovativeness? I began by hunting for signs of a holly bush on their site photo, but either my eyesight’s going or there isn’t one. Nor was the interior designer, Shaun Clarkson, their inspiration. Is it too spurious to mention the Bus Stop a few yards along the road, or the upcoming Hollies concert in nearby King’s Lynn? For anyone who grew up with The Hollies playing in the soundtrack to their formative years, it would take Just One Look to find a gig somewhere closer to home.
    Meanwhile this area of Norfolk clearly warrants far more than just one look. Whether birdwatching floats your boat, or the promise of warm weather to wander the Water Gardens at Gooderstone, you’ll be glad of the ample breakfast on offer at The Hollies. And glad again, at the end of the day, to soak up the luxury of their unique bedrooms, and the promise of a perfect night’s sleep in readiness for another day exploring the plentiful nearby attractions on offer.
    So please, if you’ll let me, I’ll be Your Blogger Today (yes, I know that’s a Bob Dylan song, but the Hollies covered it in 1969).
    PS: I promise not to mention the group in my article!
  • pink
    almost 4 years ago
    You said you’re going to want two articles from your chosen Guest Blogger, which I’m taking as an invitation to write two protestations of greatest claim to the title for March 2016.
  • pink
    almost 4 years ago
    My closest link with Norfolk is a childhood holiday on The Broads; very happy memories but not strong enough after all these years to hang my hopes of Guest Blogger on. Perhaps a more compelling argument is that I’d like to go back again, see the county from this side of the age divide, and fulfil a long-held dream to write a travel article. And the Hollies B&B looks so gloriously luxurious and quirky, it would surely be the perfect “base camp” for exploration. Its website certainly paints it as the ideal stay for the discriminating traveller. And my research tells me that north Norfolk has a truly fantastic range of activities to choose from and fodder for my camera lens.
    So please let me be the one to go and try it out. I promise I’ll give an honest view of the place and its surrounding area. I’ll aim for “interesting and amusing”. And while my old English teacher may be screaming at all these sentences begun with a preposition, I can get my apostrophes in the right place and I know the difference between an over-complimentary review and a complementary chocolate on the pillow.
    Norfolk and The Hollies here I come. [With a (quite a) little luck and a following wind!]
    Here’s hoping!
  • granh
    almost 4 years ago
    Hundreds of wading birds, huddled together as the tide rises. The piping calls of the oyster catchers as they wheel through the sky, black and white with flashes of coral. I have fond memories of Snettisham RSPB, which I visited years ago. I also remember that, like all the reserves along the Norfolk coast, it was rather wild with lengthy walks to find the birds – and no toilets and coffee shops! My husband has problems with long walks on uneven surfaces due to a stroke, so if I visit Norfolk with him, I would go to Pensthorpe Natural Park. This has a restaurant, shop, and toilets, as well as smooth paths. Some birds are in enclosures, so there is always something to see. (excellent photographic opportunities too). There are meadows and reed beds, which will be alive with warblers, insects and flowers in the summer.
    It would be interesting to explore the small coastal villages near to Snettisham , or the town of Fakenham – the area is steeped in ancient history. (I recently admired a gold torc from the Snettisham hoard in the British museum)
    The Hollies bed and breakfast looks interesting, with original and colourful rooms. We are in the process of buying a grade 2 listed flat. It has a bland décor of fawn and cream and we need inspiration to use colour. This B&B would inspire us!
    I would love to be your Guest Blogger!
  • tiggers
    almost 4 years ago
    How strange... I recently read an article about "The Hollies" in Snettisham and was intrigued by the descriptions of the various rooms available, all individually decorated - a really interesting-sounding place to stay. I know Norfolk well and would love to have the opportunity to write a couple of articles and take photos of The Hollies and the surrounding area to share my love of this county. Fingers crossed.
  • boats12
    almost 4 years ago
    I went to Hunstanton many years ago with my Mum and always promised to take my huband back there and have yet to do so. It was such an amazing place with the sunsets, the beaches, the Lavender fields and of course Sandringham. Being a guest blogger would give me the shove to make this happen again. A romantic break away would be just what the doctor ordered :)
  • Taffeta
    almost 4 years ago
    I would love to be the guest blogger for a stay at the Hollies! For a start, the Hollies were one of my favourite bands when I was a youngster. 'All I need is the air that I breathe' and to blog for you!
    Another bonus is this would be my first visit to Norfolk, so I could bring a fresh and unbiased opinion of both the b & b and the local area to your readers.
    And finally, as I already blog for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, I could visit a local nature reserve and blog on that at the same time - 'killing two birds with one stone' so to speak!
    SORRY I'll stop now :)
  • DevonJennie
    almost 4 years ago
    Wow! This place looks amazing. I would love to be a Guest Blogger if I got the chance to stay at The Hollies B & B with my husband. We both love travelling abroad and in the UK and we crave adventure and staying in different places. Norfolk is a beautiful county and we used to go once a year with our three children to visit a very old aunt aunt who lived in a cottage with an outside loo. Unfortunately, she died many years ago and the children now have their own children and don't need mum and dad to take them on holidays. We also live in Devon and it is a long journey but it would be worth it to stay in The Hollies. I love writing and photography and we both enjoy walking so we could combine all of our hobbies and visit a special place too.
  • Varda
    almost 4 years ago
    I have been travelling quite a lot since the family left home and I have had the time. I have always traveled with one company and I have done reviews for them when asked. They liked them and the photos which I took. My camera goes everywhere with me. I would enjoy a visit to this hotel as it would also give me a preview of my next holiday which I am taking in August, travelling around Norfolk
  • exdancer
    almost 4 years ago
    I've never been to Norfolk, it's always seems out of the way, and difficult to access, although why I should say that I don't know - just by looking at the map I suppose. I come from Cumbria and am used to big hills and deep valleys so a vista of skies and endless horizons seems novel to me.
    I love luxury but can seldom afford it, especially in this country. A fit, active seventy-seven year old, and also a coeliac I can judge the competance of the kitchen in providing meals for different diets. My only problem is that I don't have a partner to take with me.
  • WalkingJune
    almost 4 years ago
    I believe I would make an ideal Guest Blogger to review The Hollies Bed and Breakfast. I have spent a considerable amount of time over the years checking out hotels and bed and breakfast establishments in the course of my work. And my clients have always loved my choices, frequently asking how I manage to find such lovely places to stay. I write reviews regularly for Trip Advisor and for my own website. I always aim for a balanced discussion and focus on what I know from experience is important to discerning travellers. The Hollies sound intriguing; I do not recall encountering custom made carpets or wallpaper before!

    I do not know Norfolk, unlike Suffolk where I have organised a number of guided walking holidays in the past. It's a county I have always wanted to visit, particularly as it's designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as a Special Area of Conservation. I would relish the opportunity to explore the diversity of its landscapes, architecture and history with the aim of enthusing others to do the same.
  • schroedie
    almost 4 years ago
    I’d love the chance to be Guest Blogger for the Hollies. I don’t know Norfolk but would relish the chance to explore somewhere new, especially as the Hollies sounds to be a very superior B&B.
    As a former film critic, I’d prefer to stay in the Hollywood Room – mostly because I’m sure my partner and I would spend A Night To Remember, followed by a Full Monty breakfast then a few Days of Heaven exploring. There’s sure to be A Room With A View in this Grand Hotel, and we’d be happy to while away the hours Sitting Pretty, but I’d also look forward to being Spellbound by the delights of the county while we go Walkabout.
    That’s all, folks!
  • Hunter
    almost 4 years ago
    Looks an interesting place to stay. Used to frequent Norfolk often many yearsago and where i first experienced 'a ghostly encounter!'
    Snettisham figures in the Domesday Book and this is also the area where the 'Snettisham Hoard' was discovered with it's Iron Age precious metal, gold torques a great place to write about. How exciting!
  • DRSask
    almost 4 years ago
    Looks lovely with lots to do in the area. Though I haven't been to this area of Norfolk, I have spent time in Norwich and thoroughly enjoyed it.