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The Plough Inn Cold Aston

Applications for a guest blogger now closed.

This month we have a super getaway for our guest blogger and partner to enjoy – 2 nights B&B, with dinner one evening, at a wonderful Gloucestershire inn.

Nestled in the small Cotswolds Village of Cold Aston between Cheltenham and Bourton-on-the-water is The Plough Inn, a true country pub. With its old Cotswold flagstones, original beams and a roaring fire you can lose yourself in the history of this 17th Century Inn.

The Plough Inn is proud to support local farmers and have an ever changing, seasonal menu always using the freshest and best ingredients. They aim to do classic pub food as well as interesting premium dishes - with a charcoal fired Bertha oven in the kitchen to add incredible flavour to meat and fish dishes.

The Plough Inn also has three letting bedrooms above the pub. The rooms have been renovated and decorated sympathetically to preserve the character of this grade II listed building. Each room has an exceptionally comfortable bed with crisp fresh white linen, feather pillows, fluffy white towels, ensuite bathroom, the list goes on.

All-in-all a visit to The Plough Inn will truly impress you from the moment you walk in the door. The warmth of hospitality, quality of food and the interesting drinks make this a true hidden gem right in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The Plough Inn at Cold Aston
The Plough Inn at Cold Aston
The Plough Inn at Cold Aston

How to apply for this writing assignment

Please tell us why you would like to visit the Cotswolds and what you would enjoy doing there in the comments box below. The lucky blogger will be chosen and advised in early February.

Our chosen guest blogger will be required to write two articles of 600/700 words and provide three images for each article. One should be a piece about The Plough Inn, the other is to be about the local area.

Terms and Conditions: The stay at The Plough Inn is subject to availability and the General Manager’s discretion. Drinks and any extras are to be paid for by the guest blogger.

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60 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 25 Comment(s)

  • GypsyWanderer
    4 months ago
    An area of outstanding natural beauty, how can a country lover resist. We love staying in inns and The Plough sounds cosy and comfortable with great food and atmosphere. Perfect in fact. We would love to hear the story of Old Harry but would prefer not to encounter him.
    And what to do, so much but first a wander round Cold Aston itself, taking in the Norman Church then a walk to Bourton on the Water. There is so much to do there, Bird Land and the Model Village and Railway but I would love to explore Kit William's Dragonfly Maze, trying to solve the clues and finding it's secret.
    Walking part of the Fosse Way or Heart of England Way would be wonderful, exploring beautiful Cotswold villages along the way and enjoying the flora and fauna.
    I love writing and taking photos and would be able to indulge myself with both of these in this beautiful and individual part of England and this delightful historic inn.
  • LizzyP
    4 months ago
    As a keen walkers my husband and I would love to tackle the rolling hills and countryside of the Cotswolds, an area some distance from where we live in Scotland. We marked my 60 birthday milestone by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro last autumn. Much of our training took place on a selection of beautiful, if sometimes challenging Munros, experiencing variously, fabulous sunshine and clear skies in 21 degree heat, incessant rain and wind, and mist and fog resulting in zero views once the flog to the summit was over.
    Walking in the Cotswolds would be a fabulous contrast, taking in parts of the Cleveland Way, pretty villages and a landscape completely different to that we have recently experienced. We would love to report back about the history and wildlife encountered on our walks, hopefully taking in a hill fort or stone circle during our travels. The Plough Inn looks like a great place to stay after a day's walking, with good food and a comfortable bed to lay our heads and rest those aching limbs.
  • HeatherandSteve
    4 months ago
    My hubby and I love to travel to different places across the world enjoying most activities from roller coasts to caves, dolphin watching to smelling prefer orchids, tasting regional 5⭐️ cuisine to eating street food on the go at the end of the day posting reviews and tips for other travellers. Have to admit I am the main writer, but Steve dies like to add a few points from the mans point of view. We both love a challenge And make the most of all situations our recent being quite hair raising in Northern Cyprus where we initially thought we were under attack with mortar shells hitting the roof of our bungalow and having to run for our life’s at 2.00 am only to end up trapped beside large gas tanks and taking command to get many people to safety on the beach. Eventually we found out that the arm base across from our hotel had accidentally set there arsenal alight, we along with the rest of the hotel residents and staff spent several hours on the beach sheltering from stray billets and bombs, then watching the sun rise over the bay bring in a new day and showing the devastated main hotel block with many windows And doors blown out; an experience we will never forget, but thankfully lived to see another day.
  • chrismse
    5 months ago
    This looks a lovely place to be based while exploring the surrounding area.
  • cathwarbur
    5 months ago
    My husband & I would love this assignment to do together. We love our cosy nights and staying in a pub, well what can I say? Sounds like my cup of tea, or shall I say glass of wine! We love local foods and always buy local when we can. It's just so good for the environment. We enjoy the local quirks and views of the local area and always try to find that little place that is just too good to miss, but a little off the beaten track.Of course meeting the locals is a sure way of making the most out of your trip whether it be abroad or in the UK. So I shall hope we will be given the chance. Thank you.
  • peterandjane18
    5 months ago
    We are keen travellers, one in their mid 50s and one in their early 60s. We like walking and cycling holidays/ short breaks in the kinder months and longer overseas tours in the Winter months. We are happy to stay in swanky 5-star hotels through to cosy inns, boutique hotels and self catering cottages. We are very into our food and drink and exploring the local area independently as well as travelling in larger groups. Like our local odd job man, no job is too small or too big - give us a try!
  • oldlangelei
    5 months ago
    A homely welcome in this particular part of the world, which we have never had the opportunity, or reason, to visit previously, with good food and a comfortable ambience, is such a chance to not to pass up. While the above review has practically written itself already we're sure there must be so much more to be added. It's just being there to discover it!
  • LizinFinchley
    5 months ago
    We are over retirement age, but both still working - albeit with more flexibility (unlike our bodies!)
    To keep moving, we enjoy long weekends - especially in lovely old pubs which we can use to explore on foot the surrounding countryside.
    We have old friends living near Cheltenham bur, strange as it may be, have seen more of their large garden and envy-inducing views, than we have of The Cotswolds.
    This weekend could be just what will prove to be that inspiration to tackle The Cotswold Way!
    We are at heart naturally curious and love getting into the curious and quirky tales one can unearth in our countryside, so we will prepare by researching throughly from a variety of on- and off-line sources, before reporting back to our fellow Silver Adventurers - given half the chance! Who know, we may never make it through to Cheltenham again!
  • Rowsie
    5 months ago
    This Christmas I was not well and I missed the usual joys of the season (i.e the big lunch, the boxing day walks). However I was at my sons house and his partner did all the cooking and also made sure I was warm and comfortable. I felt bad that I couldn't help and it made me realise how hard she works, not only at a full time job but looking after the family. She rarely gets a break and this trip sounds like a very tempting chance to thank her and for us to enjoy a nice break in a cosy little country pub. I don't think she has been to the Cotswolds before so that would be a real bonus.
  • Ozdevon
    5 months ago
    Although I love the Regency period, Cheltenham with its fine Regency architecture is not an area I know well. I'm thinking a day in Cheltenham and a day rediscovering the rural areas near to Cold Aston. That seems a lot to cover in a short time but staying overnight at The Plough Inn would rejuvenate me & I would be ready for the next day, next adventure.
  • LH
    5 months ago
    This looks a cosy inn which is open all day, with old beams and warm fires - a wonderful place to stay and write about, and great for taking Cotswold walks from the door, and the Cotswold Way is nearby I believe. Should the weather be damp, local museums and attractions in nearby Northleach, Bourton-on-the-Water or Cheltenham would be ideal. There are some gardens or National Trust nearby such as Lodge Park or Chedworth Roman Villa which can be combined with walking so you can have a nice afternoon tea or cake! Sounds a great break.
  • AlanEadie
    5 months ago
    I love writing and I love the Cotswolds so what a brilliant opportunity to combine two of my passions.

    Alan Eadie, MA, FSA Scot
  • Hunter
    5 months ago
    A beautiful area - would love to write for you!
  • Mattsmum
    5 months ago
    We visited the Cotswolds years ago staying in a caravan when our children were young and enjoying the beautiful villages and great outdoors. Now we are " silver travellers" we prefer the comforts of charming hotels where we can relax and experience good food and service. A visit to The Plough Inn looks like a superb way to rekindle our love of this beautiful area of the English countryside. So yes, I would very much enjoy sharing my experience with others and revisiting Stratford upon Avon and Warwick Castle which we enjoyed so much all those years ago, and better still, this time without the children saying " Are we there yet? "
  • Hardyplant
    5 months ago
    Like most people my husband and I enjoy an annual holiday abroad but we also like to have 2 or 3 short breaks in the UK, preferably staying in characterful properties and eating locally produced food. My personal knowledge of The Cotswolds is based solely on a short coach tour of gardens; although it was lovely being driven through picturesque villages of the cliched `honey-coloured stone` cottages I longed to be able to stop and explore the bits we couldn't see from the main road, look inside churches, amble along byways and tracks, stop at a pub for a drink, sketch an interesting building or view. If lucky enough to stay at The Plough we'd take a circular walk that starts there, then goes through neighbouring villages and unspoiled countryside, hoping to see wildflowers and butterflies and distant views of Uffington White Horse on the Ridgeway, before returning to The Plough for a drink while choosing our meal from the imaginative menu. Early next morning, as Bourton-on-the-Water is so close, I'd like to see for myself if there is more to it than the over-used stock photos depict, and then take some myself. We both love social history, maps, geology, art and architecture, wildlife and botany and I have an interest in photography and design so I'm sure there'll be plenty in the area to feed our passions: Regency Cheltenham, Highgrove, Painswick Rococo Garden, Snowshill Manor, Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens are all on my bucketlist. Too much to fit in - we'll just have to pre-book an extra night or two.
  • KeithK
    5 months ago
    I should know the Cotswolds better. They aren’t really that far away from where I live, and I’ve often passed through on my way north. From the car, or the bus, I’ve often admired the golden stone cottages, the gardens and the green fields, and thought ‘I must spend longer here, sometime’
    For one reason and another, ‘sometime’ never came … but, I do have vague memories of a long-ago trip to Bourton on the Water. We saw the miniature Bourton in the pub garden, with its miniature pub, in the miniature garden of which was a miniature miniature village … and so on, ad inf! Just across the road (if I remember correctly) was Birdland, a place where I could happily spend a whole day. Sadly, the people I was with wanted to be off and doing,
    I was delighted to discover on the Internet that these places still exist, and I’d love to visit again, and hopefully relive some rather vague memories.
  • drewlin
    5 months ago
    My husband, Drew, and I love blogging and writing reviews. He’s the photographer and loves taking many photos whilst I mainly do the writing although it is a joint venture. I have only visited the Cotswolds once on route to Southampton for a cruise and would love to go back for longer and see more. If we were lucky enough to be chosen, I would immediately be on-line doing a detailed investigation to make the most of our time there. On our hit list so far the Slaughters, Cotswold distillery (after all Drew is Scottish and would definitely like to taste the opposition) and any Milton village as that’s our name plus the immediate surrounding area. The Plough looks and sounds an idyllic place to relax after a busy day sightseeing.
  • FlyingFlish
    5 months ago
    When you start thinking about the Cotswolds you immediately picture beautiful rolling countryside scattered with pretty villages built in the local stone and well presented small towns where you wander around antique and trendy souvenir shops. However, it can be so much more. Yes, the AONB designation is really deserved, it is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but you can get "up and close" if you want to. If you look on you can find 84 self guided walks, some deep in the countryside and others passing through towns. Of course if you have retired the walking boots, there are plenty of gastropubs you sit quietly and have a great meal accompanied by a pint of locally brewed beer or a nice glass of local white. If you can do, plan the visits to the towns to avoid peak tourist time but they are all worth a little "selfie dodging". Finally, if I was to be spending a couple of days in Cold Aston I might slip away for a quick visit to the Cotswold Reclamation Company yard five miles due west where there is a great selection of well worn in building materials which could help me finish the "Cotswold Look" in my garden.
  • Gizmo711
    5 months ago
    I would thoroughly enjoy being a guest blogger. I like to go away as many weekends as possible to as may different places as possible. I usually go with my husband but he works away often so sometimes go with friends. I have a soft spot for the Cotswolds as one of the first places I went on holiday without my parents and have been back several times.
    I lived in Perth, Australia for 4 years and since returning to the UK in 2028 with an Irish/AUSTRALIAN husband, have appreciated more the beauty, history, community and food of the UK as I have shown it off to my husband and truly noticed it for the first time myself ... despite owning a pub in Devon for 18 months, some 20 years ago.
    Perhaps it’s my age but I now I appreciate and notice iOS quality and customer service wherever I go these dats (or lack of). Make it me and I’m sure I can be an asset to you
  • janash1959
    5 months ago
    We have visited the Cotswold many times, and have always enjoyed our visits.
    A particular draw are the beautiful villages and scenery in general. We love being able to look around the local shops, and visiting the wonderful tea rooms that always offer warm hospitality and delicious food.
    I love the fact that the Plough uses locally sourced produce, and would look forward to tasting the dishes on their delicious sounding menu.
    As someone who has some mobility issues, I am always aware of the importance of noting facilities for people with disabilities (I run a support group and pass on information to our members about how to manage and get around in various places we have visited). So often things could be so much easier for people with disabilities if only the difficulties they face were shared business owners, in a polite and careful way.
  • dylanleigh
    5 months ago
    Astonishing countryside, a gastronomic delight with a mouth watering range of eateries.
    The Cotswolds once visited forever etched with a smile.
  • GBG
    5 months ago
    The Cotswolds make an ideal staycation with beautiful towns and villages full of history and interesting buildings. There are plenty of wonderful waymarked walks and always an old pub or two on the routes to provide local food and ale. The Plough sounds like it has just what is needed for a short break. My husband would be in heaven sampling local real ales they serve there. Where, as for me, a break from cooking and a chance to try some of the locally produced food would be the highlight. During the stay we would definitely spend a day in Bourton on the Water which is full of artisan and specialist shops, including The Cotswold Distillery where my husband, as a whisky fan, is sure to try the Cotswold Malt Whisky. Another stop in the town would be the Cotswold Motor Museum which is stuffed full of old vehicles and motoring memorabilia. After all that activity we will have to treat ourselves to a cream tea in one of the cafes overlooking the river before returning to Cold Aston for a relaxing evening in the pub.
  • Labretti
    5 months ago
    I would love to return to this beautiful part of the country now that my husband and I have just retired and The Plough Inn sounds wonderful. I love to blog even at my age so all in all a win win for me.
  • siang
    5 months ago
    The Cotswold area is so beautiful all year round and to have the opportunity to stay there would be fantastic. I would treat my husband to the trip and he could carry my bags whilst I photograph everything. We love short breaks and always manage to get out into the countryside for a walk followed by a hearty pub lunch or dinner. A roaring fire and flag stoned floor sounds exactly our kind of place. The Plough sounds like a perfect bolthole. We are avid foodies and would love to taste and review the local food and drinks. I am sure I could write a great blog to help other readers get the best from a stay in Gloucestershire.
  • Jolie58
    5 months ago
    It would be so exciting to have the opportunity to write a guest blog !
    The Cotswolds holds a very special place in our hearts, we have enjoyed wonderful family times there over the years and now as a couple still love to stay in the quintessential English villages and explore the wealth of events and activities on offer within the area.
    The different seasons showcase such a variety of scenery in the Cotswolds but our favourite is Winter when we enjoy wrapping up warm and having a good walk and we are never happier than relaxing against a log fire in a Cotswold pub enjoying a nightcap after a good evening meal.

    We have travelled extensively throughout Europe with Italy with its huge variety of stunning coastal areas and historical cities being one of our favourite areas.
    We have also twice arranged and guided our own tours of North America including driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco and Carmel and the other tour staying on a working cattle ranch then driving through Wyoming and South Dakota experiencing stunning scenery.
    We have a fantastic trip to New Zealand and Australia this November to celebrate our big birthdays - always our dream.