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Date published: 02 Aug 17

The Feathers, WoodstockThis prize draw is now closed.

This month our guest blogger will have the opportunity to stay for two nights midweek at AA 4 Star The Feathers in the centre of Woodstock. Situated in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds and within walking distance of magnificent Blenheim Palace, this is a wonderful hotel in a small, bustling country town. Woodstock High Street is full of interesting, unique galleries and shops, along with many teashops and specialist eateries. And the town has an exciting calendar of events and local museums too.

For foodies - The Feathers has a wonderful kitchen, with AA 2 Rosettes, with menus devised by Dominic Chapman, a Great British Menu regular who is loved for his traditional food with a modern twist. Our reviewer (who may also bring a partner if they wish) will receive a complimentary meal one evening, in order to truly taste and consider the fine fare. The Gin Bar has over 450 gins on offer and there's an 'AA Notable' Wine List, not to be sniffed at!

How to apply

The Feathers, WoodstockPlease add a comment or join the Forum thread below and tell us why you’d like to visit Woodstock and the Cotswolds. Maybe this is a new area you’ve wanted to visit for a while or an old favourite, with treasured memories. Is there a walk you’ve always wanted to do near here? Let us know why this guest blogger assignment is for you!

Applications close on 31 August, and we’ll advise who the lucky reviewer is early in September.

You will need to write two articles, within 2 weeks of your visit, each about 6/700 words long, with 4 or 5 accompanying images. One article will be about The Feathers, the other about Woodstock and the surrounding area. 

Terms & Conditions

The guest reviewer, on their own or with partner will stay at The Feathers for 2 nights midweek on a B&B basis, with dinner provided one night. All extras, including drinks, to be paid for by the reviewer. The date of the stay will be after 1st October 2017, and is subject to availability and the GM’s discretion.

The Feathers, Woodstock

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Signpost has been recommending the UK's top privately owned hotels since 1935. All Signpost members including The Feathers are visited every year, to make sure top standards are maintained. Most are near areas of outstanding beauty with plenty to do or see in the area; many are hidden gems, all have award winning cuisine. For more details and to receive news about great hotel offers visit

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Other Members' Thoughts - 21 Comment(s)

    11 months ago
    I would love to enter this competition to be a guest blogger as this is an area of the UK that my husband and I have never visited before. It would be amazing to stay in the centre of a beautiful old town like Woodstock and be able to wander around some of the local antique shops and frequent a teashop or two! An added bonus would be the opportunity to take a walk to the wonderful Blenheim Palace and spend some time there enjoying its history. (My husband thinks that the "added bonus" would be sampling the Gin Bar at The Feathers, but we won't say anymore about that!)
  • DavidT
    11 months ago
    The competition to be this guest blogger is obviously hotting up! Without trying to apply any new adjectives and without ignoring grammatical etiquette, I would simply like to be the guest blogger as it would allow my wife and I to retrace the steps of our honeymoon in 1985, when we stayed in nearby Burford and visited Blenheim Palace. It would certainly be wonderful to go back 32 years later! We also visited Woodstock but not The Feathers, where it seems the blogger will be in for a real treat! My blog list is itself expanding all the time...!
  • pink
    11 months ago
    thank you kindly for your encouraging words, dear schroedie.
    and to all fellow would-be woodstock bloggers ~ the heat is on and good luck to all!
  • schroedie
    11 months ago
    I am humbled on reading the mighty Pink's plea for guest blogger status. Such a wealth of wordsmithery, to conjure up so tempting an image of tearoom travail, wondrous walks and singular singing. I shall look forward to your review, dear Pink, should you beat me to the top spot. Good luck with the comp :)
  • pink
    11 months ago
    in applying to be sta’s guest blogger for august, i do not for one moment underestimate the task in hand. to review the feathers, woodstock, and surrounding area will surely be a mighty mission: so many options; choices to make. the splendour of blenheim palace and gardens, the air base at raf brize norton, the classic spires (dreaming or otherwise) of oxford, walks around any number of cotswold villages, ... but more importantly (and this is the element i fear most) how many teas can be fitted around a two-night stay at the feathers? it seems to me slightly cruel to send your correspondent to an area quite so replete with pretty little tearooms, and say “go test, explore, revel, and report”. however, i am more than willing to make a fist of it. to do my best. to swirl my tealeaves for advice on which tearooms to favour.
    which leaves only the feathers’ policy on singing. for can anyone of our generation hear the name woodstock without hearing in their mind the dulcet tones of joni mitchell? and singing a few bars?
    either way, we are at the 48th anniversary of that wondrous event, and halfway through time to beg the powers-at-silver-towers for the honour of guest-blogging the wondrous feathers hotel and its beautiful surrounding area. so, if i promise not to sing, will you please choose me?
  • Pebblesmum
    11 months ago
    I have never been to this part of the Country and as I am getting older I am starting to enplore our beautiful Country more and more. I have decided to relocate next year and am looking for a destination to relocate too. This would be wonderful for me to be able to see a place and give an unbias view on it.
  • schroedie
    11 months ago
    Pendle125 - love the idea of the 'portable' radio and the wipers that obeyed the Special Theory of Relativity! Good luck with the competition :)
  • chrisagain
    12 months ago
    I won a trip to the Cotswolds by writing a short article on Burgundy for the Telegraph. I would love to go again - and I don't think my literary skills on travel can be in doubt!
  • Chitra-Adjoodah
    12 months ago
    Woodstock was a place I used to spend some of my leisure times when I lived in Oxford. I have been in Blenheim palace and the grounds. Like all historic place it an awesome place and the grounds are famous for picnics for locals and for film makers and summer events.
    I have been to the Cotsworld too.
    But, I have not been or stayed in the Feathers. I would love to visit and comment on my experience there.
  • schroedie
    12 months ago
    Last year's Countryfile Live show is the closest I've got to Blenheim Palace so far, so I'd love the chance to come back and explore. I live in the Cotswolds but 50 miles west, which is very different terrain, so it would be great to discover this new area. I've written several reviews for STA and was a guest blogger last year so would welcome the chance to report on the hotel and the area, the wildlife, the walks and the other attractions, to take photos . . . and to toast the health of Silver Travellers everywhere.
  • SilverTravelUser
    12 months ago
    Woodstock is one of those places you drive through often and comment on how picturesque it is! Never stayed there but obviously as fans of good food and wine - and gin of course - this would be a great opportunity to enjoy the comforts of a super hotel while walking the river paths in the area. Might be topic for my next Walking book!
  • sandra_42
    12 months ago
    The Cotswold area is so beautiful and although I've visited several times I've never been to Woodstock. We don't have a car so it seems ideal as there's plenty to do on foot.
    I enjoy writing and provide an article for my home exchange web site every three months.
  • PennyC
    12 months ago
    I had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Feathers on my way back from holiday with friends many years ago. They catered for all the different food requirements for our party with ease. Woodstock is a wonderful town and you can walk into Blenheim palace at the end of the street so easy to visit this wonderful house and parkland. There is also a small Roman villa hidden away just a few miles from Woodstock - we missed it the first time passed but on our return we found it and we were almost on our own there.
  • Nieceysays
    12 months ago
    I would love to visit this area. The Cotswolds is an area I have not stayed but driven through lots of times and is a beautiful area. I also have been wishing to visit Blenheim palace. I have just atrarted a new job after 3 years of working in a stressful job and this sounds like the break I need with good food a comfortable room and the Cohan will to explore new pastures
  • PamGriff
    12 months ago
    My husband and I would love to visit Woodstock as we have never explored the Cotswolds. We retired a year ago and kicked off our retirement with a four month round the world trip. During our travels we updated our travel blog every day and included photos so we considered ourselves as experienced bloggers.
  • Cruising
    12 months ago
    for an operation on the 15 aug and this would be an ideal break after the op to have a bit of r+r
  • B-Chioccon
    12 months ago
    I volunteer at Chartwell so would love to visit Blenheim and Woodstock to see Churchill's ancestral home and discover more about his family.
  • Hunter
    12 months ago
    Stopped here briefly earlier in the year and would love to go back and see more, especially as it is near Blenheim Palace.
  • Pendle125
    12 months ago
    Like some other members, my husband and I used to visit Woodstock on a regular basis. We would drive out there for a drink and if we were very lucky we got to borrow his father's Triumph Herald. The joy of that car was that it had an onboard radio, which negated the need to use our old banger with an old "portable" radio that only worked with the lid up. If we came to a stop, the lid fell down and that was the end of the music.
    The funniest car ever, the faster you went the slower the wipers worked.....but that is another story.
    We would love to visit the Woodstock area again if we were lucky enough to become the Guest Blogger for August.
  • Pttic
    12 months ago
    I have visited Woodstock twice in previous years and have "popped" my head into the Feathers in admiration thinking how much I would love to stay there. I used to have family living in the area but sadly no longer which has reduced my visits to the Cotswolds. How I would just love to be your blogger and make another trip to take in the delights of this beautiful area.It is our silver wedding anniversary in October and this would be such a lovely place to celebrate !
  • DRSask
    12 months ago
    The Feathers had me at "over 400 gins!" It looks like a wonderful place to stay and is so well situated in Woodstock to explore the town's galleries and museums and to venture into Blenheim as well. I have been to the palace a couple of times over the years but it would be nice to have more time there to explore the extensive grounds. A visit to the Cotswolds would be an amazing treat.