Top Travel Destinations for Over-50s

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Getting away for some winter sun is something everyone enjoys, however mature travellers often have greater freedom to jump on a plane to visit sunnier climes. There are plenty of excellent destinations for the over-50s; relaxed, more tranquil locations, often child-free, affording visitors a comparatively calm experience. If you want to find some sunshine soon, perhaps one of the suggestions below will entice you to buy a plane ticket and take a break!


The country is a wonderful choice of destination for over 50s, in part due to the enormous variety of holiday possibilities on offer; there is literally something for everyone here. For nature lovers, turtle watching on Heron Island, Queensland might be a good choice, and across the nearby Coral Sea, the southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef stretches out for hundreds of miles- an excellent place for those that want to try scuba diving!  The buzz of a city like Sydney is marvelous for a few days, whilst Adelaide and Melbourne have much to offer as well. 

Abu Dhabi
This kingdom in the UAE may not have traditionally been considered to be the most travel-friendly location, but in recent years the destination has blossomed, providing an excellent experience for visitors who enjoy a stimulating, interesting experience. The accommodation is world class and frequently, Abu Dhabi has a lot on offer in the way of shopping, eating out and culture. Stroll down the enormous promenade, The Corniche, which is four miles long and packed with things to do and see. For those that love art, Saadiyat Island, located near the city centre, is a hub of creativity; the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and The Louvre Abu Dhabi are set to open there in 2015, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a magnificent sight to behold. Abu Dhabi is the home of many sporting events, with motor racing, tennis, golf and horse racing.  Find out more about the sports and their odds by clicking here, as there are so many fantastic events to pick from.

For a more sedate Mediterranean experience, Menorca has it all; small, picturesque harbours, a delightfully warm and comfortable climate, and beautiful beaches. Menorca has even more than the usual tourist trappings and there is a wealth of history packed into this small island. Bronze Age and Roman settlements can be found across the island, many of which are open to the public throughout the year. For adventurous souls, there are also plenty of exciting activities to take part in. Kayaking is a popular pastime, allowing visitors to access the caves, inlets and rock formations that pepper the island’s periphery, really showing the area in a different light.

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  • daydreamer
    about 5 years ago
    Any Gulf country would be similar and the best thing is the dry heat that will magic away arthritis and rheumatism as you step down from the plane! Thins of cultural interest are not automatically promoted to tourists In fact its more fun seeking them out for yourself. I spent six years commuting to Kuwait several times per year and discovered may things of interest such as the House of The Martyrs - a house where a group of resistance fighters holed up right at the end of the Iraqi Invasion - and were blasted into oblivion by Iraqui forces using cannon/missile type attack at point blank range. The house has been left exactly as it was. There is a fascinating display next door covering the histories of the martyrs and many Iraqi war documents. Sadly these men died only a day or so before liberation.
  • LJH
    about 5 years ago
    What I like most about your suggestions is the understanding that not all over 50s wear beige and just want a cup of tea and a scone in a Cotswolds tea shop (though that's good too!). There's a real sense of adventure and life just beginning in the range of suggested activities like scuba diving, nature watching, archaeology, motor sports and history. Not only does Melbourne have much to offer - it's one of the best places I've travelled to with it's quirky art work, free historic trams and great walks around the city.
  • wallers
    about 5 years ago
    I like your top travel destinations for the over 50's. Menorca sounds just up our street with the Kayaking a strong temptation.

    Abu Dhabi sounds better than Dubai. I had no idea it had so many things to see & do. So thanks for all that information.