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Singles holidays

Here at Silver Travel Advisor, one of the questions which we are most frequently asked is about holidays for single travellers.

Whether you are single by intention or by circumstance, whether it’s a status that you enjoy or one that you had never envisaged yourself embracing, there’s no doubt that embarking upon a holiday for one can be a big challenge.

Many of our members are solo travellers – in fact, some wouldn’t have it any other way! We have many articles on our site for single travellers to inspire and interest you, to give you confidence to try it alone and above all to have fun. You could start by reading our Top Tips for single travellers.

  • Our Advisor Dinah Holland is a veteran solo traveller and has written many articles for us, including this one about the advantages and pitfalls of travelling alone

Here’s some further information about our partner companies and single holidays

461 people found this feature helpful

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