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The AzoresMany clients ask how we decide what destinations to feature. I believe they think we conduct extensive market research before we feature a report or country. For specialist, independent companies like Sunvil, it does not work like that.

I was at a Portuguese tourism workshop in 1990 and met Albano Cymbron, who has been, since then, our Azores agent. I liked the man, I felt he was serious and the incoming agency was a family business of which he was the head. I liked the sound of the Azores and felt it fitted the Sunvil profile, so I took my whole family out there (four children of which two were under four years old). It was love at first sight and we have featured the islands ever since. A specialist operator has to be in love with the destinations featured. We could never work with resorts like Dubai and the Egyptian Riviera because we do not care for large, mass-market hotels, especially if the properties are all-inclusive.

The nine islands of the Azores are set in the Gulf Stream, in the middle of the Atlantic. They are magical, with steaming fumaroles, dark volcanic cliffs plunging into the sea, lake filled volcanic craters, hedgerows of azaleas hydrangeas and lush, green vegetation.

The AzoresThe Azores are a ‘homely’ destination, not slick and professional like Madeira. It is important that you visit more than one island because they are all different and each has its own charm. The accommodation is comfortable but not luxury and is made up of small hotels and quintas. If you love walking amongst stunning nature then this is the place for you.

Starting from the 30th March there is a weekly flight from Gatwick to Ponta Delgada, on the main island of Sao Miguel, which runs till the end of October. The islands are connected by domestic flights and some, in the central region, by ferry.

June is the best time for flowers, especially the hydrangeas and April for Azaleas.  The temperature never falls below 15 degrees and in July and August is around 22 degrees. But expect rain as well – that’s why the islands are always so beautiful!

For tailormade holidays in the Azores and the heart of other captivating parts of Europe, Silver Travel Advisor recommends Sunvil Discovery

148 people found this feature helpful

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  • pipsqueak48
    almost 6 years ago
    We visited the Azores on our Canaries cruise aboard RCI Explorer of the Seas last September. We chose the itinerary as we very much wanted to visit the islands and weren't disappointed.
    We took a coach tour up to the Twin Lakes, one Green, one Blue next door to one another. The journey from the dock at Sao Miguel was briefly through a built area but soon lush green vistas appeared. We passed the local airport and were told that there is now a good connection with Gatwick via easyJet. As the road climbed towards the higher part of the island it got very misty and there was concern that the Lakes may be concealed in the cloud. It was a little too late for all the hydrangeas which by all accounts are wonderful all summer along the roadsides. We were very lucky with the weather and got some lovely photos of the Lakes albeit with the mist drifting in and out, but mostly had good views. Back down into town it was hot and sunny. Lovely seafront with our ship anchored nearby, We loved the little shops, green spaces and delightful harbour.
    We'll be back !
  • ESW
    over 8 years ago
    The Azores sound really good - any chance of a prize there?