The Douro - Portugal’s River of Gold with Viking Cruises: Day 8


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Cockburns wineryFriday morning (Day 8) we commenced our return journey down the Douro:  Vega de Terron being the furthest point along the Douro that we would travel.

We arrived at Pinhao just before midday and almost immediately transferred to the waiting coaches for the long scenic climb to the plateau and Alto region of the Douro and in particular, Enoteca Quinta da Avessada.

Situated in the demarcated Douro Region, in the vineyard town of Favaios, this region has long produced one of the richest wines of the Douro region. Indeed, the venue where we had an excellent lunch and copious quantities of very good Moscatel, is better viewed in this video I found on YouTube.


Douro riverFollowing lunch we toured the village of Favaios, its traditional bakery and the museum to the regions wine making before returning to Pinhao. 

Prior to returning on board I took the opportunity to visit Pinhao's railway station which dates back to 1880. The station's main building is revered for its twenty-five tile panels that depict scenes, landscapes, and customs of the Douro Region. The panels offer visitors an excellent visual representation of Douro culture, livelihoods, and history.

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