A Viking Maiden on the Horizon


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Viking StarImagine my excitement when the all new Viking Ocean Cruises brochure landed on my doorstep recently.

Over the past few years the cruising community has been getting used to a number of new ships coming on stream with the more established ocean cruise lines. So imagine the excitement when an enthusiastic  cruise blogger has an opportunity to experience not just a new ship but a whole new ground breaking cruise adventure -  plus the opportunity to sail in the maiden season with a whole new  innovative and ground breaking cruise line.

Viking cruises have long been established as the market leader of River Cruising and their successful formula is world renowned. Imagine that formula being transposed to ocean cruising.

Explorers Lounge - Viking StarWell that is what has happened and the introduction of a Viking Ocean cruise ship was not only recently announced but the launch brochure has already landed on the doorsteps of past customers.

The sound bites are impressive. Viking plan to offer the ultimate kind of cruise: one focussed on destinations in a ship that is genuinely human in scale and with a ship that is built to enhance your destination, not to be the destination.

Viking Ocean Cruises plan to continue their successful philosophy of an inclusive package with complimentary excursions, Wi-Fi, self service laundry and wine, beer and soft drinks included at lunch and dinner. This will be above and beyond their legendary world class service and commitment to cultural enrichment.

Aqavi Terrace - Viking StarViking Star will be the first cruise ship in the fleet of Viking Ocean Cruises. The vessel is set to be delivered in 2015, while the second vessel is set to be delivered a year later. The company plans to add four more additional cruise liners to its fleet after the delivery of the first two vessels.

The maiden itineraries for Viking Star are concentrated in and around the Mediterranean and Northern Europe with a vibrant mix of traditional as well as less visited destinations.

Exciting times  when there is something new to discover and I am very much looking  forward to sampling the Viking experience in the Star's maiden season on my forthcoming cruise from Barcelona to Rome.

Silver Travel Advisor recommends Viking River Cruises

51 people found this feature helpful

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  • kazbeth67
    almost 5 years ago
    This is something I've always wanted to do, sounds like a luxury trip!